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does this support pre-moderated chat sessions with your visitors? Like there could be 10 users chatting at the same time where as their messages would not appear in public unless they are approved by the admin.

PRESALE Q: Is it possible to view te chat in a page instead of an tab?

Pre-purchase question

There are hooks for developers or API? I have to extend your plugins, possibly without changing the core.

Specifically the user before being able to chat, must: – Enter name, email and phone, I have to send the data to a third party service for validation. – I check it hasn’t already used the chat before, and only if it is a new user I enable him to speak with the chat operator.


What do you mean by one time fee. This is a pre-purchase question.

It means that there are no running costs involved in the running of the chat plugin – that is, no running cost other than what you already pay for your web-hosting plan.

Hi can i transfer the chat to another agent?

Not per se. The way it works is that any moderator can join-in on any currently active discussion.

does this chat support https?

Yes it does support the HTTPS protocol.

Hi! In Google Chrome v49.0.2623.110 (64-bit) – UberChat is allways “offline”. Users can’t chatting, ‘cuase the UberChat panel show the “Offline mode” and just write a message (not chat). Thank you!

When I do the test by trying to chat with one operator, the operator can’t receive messages from visitor. Can you help me how to solve this? Thanks

HI Brian,

First of all, thanks for purchasing!

I assume you have just updated to WordPress 4.5? An UberChat update has just been submitted to Envato to fix this issue. Once you can see that “Last updated” shows either today’s or tomorrow’s date – please download the new version and overwrite your UberChat plugin.

Best wishes, CE

Hello, I would need the chat just on a specific pages, is it possible to set ?

Yes – using the “opt-in” mode, you can tick “Show UberChat on this page” for individual posts and pages.

Hello, I bought this plugin a long time ago with another account and I am wondering if I could get the Windows Client paying the difference. (I would do it with the account used to buy the plugin). Thanks

Hi there,

Unfortunately, authors don’t really have the tools for such custom requests/transactions.

The only option I can see is going via Envato support. If you explain that you’d like to pay the difference, maybe they will trigger a purchase of the new item and a refund on the other – essentially just charging you the difference.

Maybe you could open a ticket and ask them?

Best wishes, CE

Is there a way to add the emails to a subscriber list like mailchimp?

Hi, your plugin is very well designed, and looks perfect for us!

I have just one presale question: I prefer not to have the chat fluctuating in the website, but I’d rather like the chat window to be opened clicking on a link.

Is this possible?



Is the “Chat” plugin able to…

1) – Keep a transcription of the chat ?

2) – Allow files to be uploaded to the admin ? If yes, can we restrict the file types and sizes ?

3) – Optimized for front-end use on a mobile phones or tablets by the visitor ?

4) – Does it have an audible alert for new chats or visitors?

5) – Does it have an email function if admin is not available?

6) – Can it handle between 40 and 80 “admin operators” ?

7) – Will it alert an operator even if the browser window is closed ?

1) – Yes, chats are logged in the admin back-end. But they can’t be automatically emailed.

2) – No.

3) – Yes, but make sure you’re happy with how the interface responds to smaller devices.

4) – Yes, but only if the browser window doesn’t have focus.

5) – Yes.

6) – No. If you’re looking at 40-80 operators, you’re likely having several thousands of users active at any one time. If that’s really the sort of traffic you’re facing then you should outsource your chat to a SaaS infrastructure.

7) No.

Support: there is no hands-on support but any non-individual issues are fixed via updates.

Make sure you have a proper look at the demo and also with a mobile device.

Hi Guys, Sorry didn’t realise you don’t provide support for this product, otherwise wouldn’t purchase it. I installed plugin but unfortunately its not working, (please see below).

Any ideas how to fix this?


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Hi Zorica,

I’m sorry to hear you had an issue with the plugin.

Please note that the error you’re having is caused by the session directory not being writable by PHP.

This is most likely caused by an open_basedir restriction on your server.

In order to solve the issue, please log-in to your webhost’s configuration panel, select the domain that is affected and then navigate to the PHP settings. If you see an option called “open_basedir” (or similar), please try changing the value (most likely to “none”).

Long story short: the session directory not being writable is likely a configuration issue on the server (potentially due to incorrectly set user permissions) – so it would be great if you could go ahead and try the aforementioned setting first.

Regards, CE

Hi pre-sale question. Upon install does this plugin run through any third party site on your server or does it fully run on the server that the plugin is installed on?

It fully runs on the server it’s installed on – there’s no reliance on any third-party platform or site.

Hi, does this plugin support WP multisite?

UberChat supports WordPress’s network-site feature. But remember that all network sites act like totally separate installations – just like any other network-enabled plugins.

Hi there, is firebase or any other service mandatory to run this plugin? Thanks and greetings

External services such as Firebase are not required.

I need a online chat for my website. Is there any chat plug in that comes with mobile application that allows me to download in My Iphone and be able to receive messages and see when a person Is on my website.. Thanks in advance!


How do I turn on the sound alert when a visitor starts a chat? Currently it is silent and it could be easy to miss a visitor who starts chatting?

Ignore that just realised when you are looking at the admin screen there is no sound

Hi there,

If the screen is up and you’re looking at it, the sounds are automatically suppressed since you’re actively looking at the interface.

If you receive a message while the window is minimised (or out of focus), an audio notification will be played to draw your attention to it.

Best, CE

is it possible to use it also on a non wordpress page.. this means i installed it on wordpress. and i have a normaly backend page in php.. i want to use it in wordpress frontend and on my backend php page…