uAnnounce - Premium Announcements for WordPress

uAnnounce - Premium Announcements for WordPress

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uAnnounce is a Premium Announcement plugin for WordPress. The announcements are thin colored stripes that contain a message and appear at the top of the page. uAnnounce allows you to schedule announcements to appear on your blog, you can use this to draw your visitors’ attention to an important message you may have. It supports a wide range of conditions that influence on which pages, blog posts and/or to users with which particular browsers the announcement should be displayed. It also features multiple skins to cover the basic announcement types, such as Alert, Error, Warning, Info.

Examples: You can use uAnnounce to let users of IE 8 and below know that their browser is old.

You can use uAnnounce to inform user about scheduled maintenance of your web.

You can hook into uAnnounce programatically from other plugins, or themes and display announcements this way.


  • Add Multiple announcements
  • Set various conditions on an announcement:
    • Set a start and an end date
    • Make it only visible to users with a particular web browser
    • Make it visible only on some pages/posts/categories/etc.
  • These conditions can be chained using logical AND and OR
  • Multiple skins for your announcements (including: Warning, Alert, Success, Info)
  • Customizable font and background color
  • Customizable appear and disappear animation
  • Automatically disappear after some time
  • API for creating your own announcements
  • Easy to setup and use

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Version 1.0.1 (24. Feb 2012):

  • Fix: some other minor issues