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Hello, is it easy to include my header and footer ? Also, if i want translate the game in other language its ok ?

is there a easy way to translate this game in other language? also, can you include ad-mob?

Yes! Using cordova

I just tested your app for mobile compatibility but it didn’t work. Have you tried to test it on any mobile browser?

You have to convert then only it will support!

hello how the game is over? whether we will continue to play even though we had made a mistake repeatedly

This have two category 1. Time based 2. Move based

how to select category?

Where to change how the game is over?

I have a problem with the characters of Æ, Ø, Å ?

how to change the color of words bubbles ?

Does the game end if you stop typing? I played until level 6 with good score but stopped typing to test it and see what happens. It just kept on going forever…

If I buy this game, how can I install it in my host ?

Sure i can do it.

Are you still responding to comments for this thread? I would like to know how to get the game to end once the visitor stops typing.

Yes Please, let me know