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Demo looks nice. :-)

How much does this script add to the bandwidth? Could it get loaded only on pages, that have animated text?

I would also love to see more examples of the effects available.

Thanks, Bernhard

Hi, I am currently without access to my computer. I will only be able to make another sample page next week.

Any chance to see that sample page soon?

Hello, sorry for the delay.
I made a page with more examples ( Type Text Effect Examples ). Note that by using the combinations is possible to hundreds of effects and is not possible to show everything on the page. Regards

Nice! It is possible to add a link to the text in order to click it?

Thanks! Can not be added link. I’ll see if it can be possible to add this feature. Regards

Nice effects. Could you use it for Block Quotes? Might pick it up.

Sorry, only put it in the “Dynamic text” field:
blockquote p

How has no ID or class, you need to put the html tag for reference.

That works but I would have preferred automatic insertion. Also, when I added the shortcode, I got a LOT more info than just the block quote which, for some reason, is without any spaces. Here is a sample


Sorry about the delay in the response I was traveling. blockquote and p must have a separating space. Or use only bockquote.

If the blockquote still is not working properly, please send me an email via my user profile, with the Wordpress login details. So I can see what’s wrong. Regards.

hi, is the plugin support RTL?

Hi. Yes, support RTL too.


Is this an easy to use plugin for people without the hard coding skills?? :)

Hello! Yes, it is easy to use and you do not need coding skills. :)

The shortcode is created automatically. Only the options Custom Styles and Custom Javascript, need to have some knowledge of javascript or CSS. But these fields are optional.

PS: I’ll add in the next update some tips for using these two fields more “advanced”, although it is simple also, in my opinion.

Hi, I have installed the plugin but it does not show up on my editor bar… Please assist. Catherine cayotic (at)

The email I sent was returned: “Delivery to the following recipient failed permanently:”

Please send me an email via my user profile ( Email Form ). Send me the url of your page and site login credentials. Regards

Hi, I have emailed you. thanks.

Hi, apparently not conflict with another plugin. Please do the following procedures.

1) Upgrade to the latest version of Wordpress (4.1.1). The structure of the new WP editor (Tinymce) is totally different from the version that is being used. This should solve the problem. Note that in the item description the minimum version required is 4.1. Your WP installation is 3.8.5. After upgrading WP, let me know if solved the problem.

Regards, Srvalle

I bought the Type Text Effect! All I can see: Very nice contact to the developer, qualified help, fast, competent, simply awesome

I am 100% satisfied! Highly recommended Thanks Lew

You’re welcome, Lew! And thank you so much for comment!

How can it be used for Website Name and Subtitle?

To animate the title you should choose the option: Apply effect on > Dynamic text.
Then type in the available field the ID or class of title.

If the title you want to animate does not have an ID or class, try using the H1 or H2 tag. In this case just type H1 or H2. Then insert the shortcode created within the page content (WP Editor).

You can check the ID or class seeing the code in the browser.

If you have any questions to do this, please send me the url of your page in my email via my user profile.

does this plugin support Arabic fonts ?

Yes, supports arabic fonts.

Can you have a set pre-fix like “my company is” and then have words change as the fancy text like “awesome” “honest” “successful” like that similar to ultimate addons plugin?

Ok, you’re welcome.

Question….got this to work but 2 things. 1 how can I change the “size” of the fancy text and I have this inline but can’t center it on the page…I can if I remove the inline and use text-align: center but then I loose the inline and the prefix goes on top of the fancy text. please advise. Almost there :-)

Hello :)

To change the font size, use the effect settings, “Min. Font Size.” And “Max. Font Size”. Is the last option on the settings.

To center, you can create a div element and put the p element within it. As in the example below.

<div style="text-align:center;">
   <p style="display:inline; font-size:18px;"> etc... </p>

Is it possible to create an affect where text fades in then fades out and dissapears until the page is reloaded?

Hi, you can use the optional field called “Callback In”. Add the code below, inside it. After your text animation completes (fade in), this javascript code will be executed.

PS: Replace ”#type-text-effect-12” by the ID of your text.

setTimeout((function() {
     { opacity: 0 },  
        duration: 1000,
        easing: 'swing',
        complete:  function() { $(this).hide(); }
}), 3000);

After 3 seconds, your text will fade out and disappear. You can also use other css properties in addition to “opacity”, separated by comma. The properties: duration, easing, and complete are optional. Search for jQuery animate for more information. Any doubt let me know. Regards.