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Can you give demo account details to test the script – Username & password? :)

Happy holidays! :)

You can register there than login with the creds you registered with. It wont currently send out a text to control cost.

Nice, good luck with sales! :)

What SMS service does it use?


I Don’t find the SQL_Structure.sql or i dont see the SQL Statements, that i need to Set up my MYSQL Database.

Shot me an email. I can email you the sql structure.

What are the login details to test the script ? You can register there than login with the creds you registered with. It wont currently send out a text to control cost.

Thats correct you can register there It wont currently send out a text to control cost and than login here

Hi. I have just purchased this script. Like mark217q I also don’t see and SQL data in among the files.

Shot me an email I can email you the sql data structure.

Alex, thank you this is working great!!

Unfortunately I am not a php developer, but I want to use this for my personal site to protect pages. My question is what can I add in a page header for any page to protected? The success_view.php is just plain php. and how can I add logout button to kill the session?

Thanks. ~HE

I made some changes to login_view.php I emailed you the fix. Let me know if you got it ok.

Thanks again. nicely done :)

you are welcome.


Is this script supports sms provider ?

currently I only have support for twilio. However, it may be easy to integrate other text messaging service.

Hi, could pass me the demo link?

thank you .

Ok, could you tell me if this system would work normally in Brazil and for different cities, and how the form of levying sending text works?

Best regards

How difficult is it to edit the script to work with e-mail instead of sms? If it isn’t that hard to change it I’ll probably buy it :-)

I dont think it would be that hard. I think if you know a little bit of programming just modify the function that sends out the text to send out an email instead. I can help if need by.

Hello Alex, I purchased this script yesterday. I did not get a copy of the database code with the rest of the script I downloaded. I see others have had the same problem. It looks very interesting. I would like to get this working Please help! Thanks, Corey

Just sent you the sql structure.

Sql structure must be within the download pack, but it wasn’t. I get an error that says; invalid csfr code. Don’t know why. :(

Im also interested in the solution from unixtime. because a login script without protection of the pages behind, is not the right way to protect something.

The idea is great, i hope its gonna werk for me! Great job in advance!

Hi sent you an email regarding the SQL data, can you please email it to me. Thank you

Need sql data as well

Send me an email so I can provide the SQL file.

Hi, how can i protect or read the session data in success_view.php? It makes no sense that the dashboard is free for all to view with or without a valid session?

You can use the following code or something similar. To add the login check to other pages.

on success_view.php you can do the following

<?php session_start();

if (isset($_SESSION[‘logged_in’])){ //You are successfully logged in echo “You have passed the login steps”; } else{ //Any code here that says you are not logged in or a redirect of some kind echo “Unathorized”; //Session destroy will destoy any user sessions escentially logging the user out //session_destroy(); }


Also, make sure to add this line to login_view.php at line 22

//If successful login redirect to whatever page we want $_SESSION[‘logged_in’] = true;

Also, if you call the function session_destroy(); that will log a user out.

To pull user information you have to store the user information in the session to store user information in the session you can do the following $_SESSION[‘user_id’] once you store that you can then do a query to the database to pull all other user data that is in their. You can add as much information to the user data in the mysql table.

Okay, great! Thank you

Running the script on a PHP7 server returns in an error: crypt(): Supplied salt is not valid for DES. Possible bug in provided salt format. (8192) Do you have a fix?

Can anyone e-mail me db_structure.sql please? mavipatik (at) hotmail com

HI, are you able to update your code to remove the issue with crypt() and php 7 as outlined above. I want to start implementing this, but if its going to have errors when we move to php 7 I will need to find another solution. Thank you.

I’ll take a look at that one on Monday or Tuesday.

Status, its been 3 months…

Can you send me the SQL file?

Does sending sms have to pay?