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What can this plugin do?

This plugin will allow you to let two authors debate on a common subject, making it easy for your readers to follow.

You can have topics, author avatars and a voting system for your debates.

How do I select the two authors for my post?

Please go to the edit post admin panel in the backend, and in the right sidebar you will see a new options box that will allow you to select the two authors.

The authors must be users that have a minimum role capability of “Editor”.

How do I setup the debate to show on my theme?

The two authors will show up automatically once you have assigned the authors to a subject. You don’t need to change or adjust anything, the design of the plugin should adjust itself to your existing theme.

If you wish to change the template file, you can find it by it’s name: “post_template.php”.

Can I have multiple topics for a subject?

Yes! And it is encouraged to do so. Here are the benefits of using topics for a subject:
  • Helps your authors to follow a general direction of the debate, that you all agree on.
  • Helps your audience keep track of the discussions and follow each debate more easily.

Can I assign avatars for authors? What happens if I don’t wish to use them?

Yes, you can use avatar for your authors. The plugin is built in such a way that will respect any standard method of managing users avatar. So if you are using Gravatar, Wordpress generated avatars, or custom plugins that assign avatars, it will enable you to show each author’s avatar in the debate.

If you wish to disable the authors avatar, you can disable this option under the “Options” page of the plugin.

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