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is my twitter code here correct: twtter is saying that they enountered an area.

<?php $f1 = new Twitter_widgets_class(); $display = $f1?>get_tweet_button(array('type'=>'3', 'url'=>get_permalink(), 'text'=>get_the_title(),'via'=>'richjrs','related'=>'richjrs')); echo $display; ?>

Sorry I don’t understand your question. Which errors are your getting?

it working now, seems that there was really a problem with twitter at the time

Okey cool.

how long it will take the tweet counter to update?

No idea.

twiitter working. i am tweeting ok, but my twitter counter does not increase?

That’s dependent on Twitter, maybe need to wait some time before Twitter refresh it :)

Hi I have bought your Facebook and Twitter Widget, the Facebook Witged works fine but the Twitter don’t work..

I become this error:

Warning: include_once(class/Twitter_plugins_class.php) [function.include-once]: failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /homepages/0/d374638363/htdocs/flash/index.php on line 4
Warning: include_once() [function.include]: Failed opening 'class/Twitter_plugins_class.php' for inclusion (include_path='.:/usr/lib/php5') in /homepages/0/d374638363/htdocs/flash/index.php on line 4

Would be nice you can helping me! Thanks!

You are probably not including the class correctly. If you do this

from an “index.php” file for example, the file “Twitter_plugins_class.php” should be located in the same level than the index file ;)
I have this on first line in my index.php
&lt;?php include_once('class/Facebook_plugins_class.php'); ?&gt;

And this:

    <?php echo '<h?><a href="#">Twitter Tweet buttons</a>';
$display = $f1->get_tweet_button(array('type'=>'2', 'url'=>'', 'text'=>'MySQL database Auto Framework'));
echo $display.'<hr />';

Nice twitter widget! But can I remove the Join the conversation or thranslate it? I do not see it in the code. Thanks Milian

I don’t thing that’s possible to remove the “Join the conversation” and Twitter widgets seems to support only English for now.

Hi last night made ??the purchase of this widget. and put this code in the index.php code: <? php include_once (‘class / Twitter_plugins_class.php’);?> File Back up Twitter_widgets_class.php to the same level as index.php

now how do I put this code in the widget HOME area, which is where I can put it to appear on the home page. $ display = $ f1- > get_profile_widget (array (‘username’ => ‘yougapi’, ‘rpg’ => ‘10 ’,’ colorscheme ’=>’ gray ‘)); echo $ display;

Which widget? Please note this is not a WordPress plugin. For any help on integration into your pages or customization please contact me through my profile page.

I tried to upload this as a plugin in Wordpress, but it says no plugin detected. I’m confused and cannot install this. Any help?


This is not a WP plugin. You can check this item that is a WP plugin and contains most of the Twitter widgets.

I’m relatively new to website design work and this is the first time I’m installing something like this.

Please thread your comments using the reply button at the bottom of your first posted comment. Check the other answer ;)

Can I imtegrate this PHP plugin into an HTML website and if yes what is the best way. Maybe in a folder and a iFrame on the html-pages?

An iframe would be a solution, but I never like or advice using iframe. Width should be fine since you can define your own width for most widgets, and German is supported.

German is not Dutch yougapi ;-). Is Dutch also supported? Otherwise I have to translate from English to Dutch. Is that easy possible?

Oh sorry about the confusion, Dutch is not supported.

Regarding the twitter widget, I would like to place it on my page. Right now, I have the Twitter widget offered directly from Twitter, but it limits to 100 page views an hour. If I go over 100 page views, the widget will not load anymore until an hour expires. Does this happen with your widget as well, or is it unlimited page views per hour?

These limits are usually per IP address, so that shouldn’t matter having 1000 visitors per hours, since it would be a limit of 1000×100, and not only 100 ;) the same limits apply since they are defined by Twitter.