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From your previous answer: can i force them to follow some one ?

Without forcing even, that can be done through the API but need to be done as a customization.

It means when user authorize the app will auto Follow the account set without other actions as click Follow?


Have already answered to your email :)

Please keep the communication by email and avoid duplicate requests here to avoid delays in the support you can get, thanks

My mistake :)

I like your products and services have ordered most of them, Don’t want to spam the comments here

No problem, thanks for your support :)

Hello , ? why i cant got email ? no email show in admin ?


The Twitter API doesn’t return users emails. To get users emails, the users needs to specify themselves their email address from their account settings page

what about access token twitter & facebook ? how can i use it ? can i use it to follow ?

Yes sure, but need some customization for it.

Does this script still work? Really interested in this script.

Yes sure it still works !

I purchased your item and it is not working. Sent you the live url in email. Please do check and get back to me ASAP.

Please contact me through the form on my profile page with a description of your issue, a link and temporary FTP access and will help you with it, thanks !

Sent you details using your profile page. Waiting for update.


I want this to unlock pages of wordpress, do you think you can do it?

Ok i solve the error but now its dont work when i click on accept in twitter, its freeze on:

Ok the freze its now working, the only thing now its the admin area, how i can secure it

The best would be to add an htaccess protection, there is a lot of tutorials about it on the net. You can also rename the admin folder to a name that would be hard to guess ;)

At first I used the script to promote some items like ... and the script works perfectly, just need to know how to handle and need to know to do well … there is only one thing I’d add to the script, how can we make RT a tweet with twitter API?


Please contact me through my profile page and I should be able to help you with that, thanks

can i force them to follow some one or retweet?

Yo can do that? What is the price whit the customization?

Please contact me through my profile page for that, thanks!

Still working?

Sure ! There was an error: Could not authenticate you. What is this ? ( i followed all that you write in documentation )

Please send me a link and temporary FTP access through my profile page and will check it out for you

Hello, im about to buy, i have a question please :

-Will the app be banned in few days after using it? Im afraid to have 100+ people and then losing them all.

Thanks !

I have several hundreds users in my own app and never been banned. Just need to make sure you don’t spam your users all the time and you should be good

uses the latest API, Twitter?

Yes sure!

Callback URL???

What do we set as the callback URL?

You can set the full app URL !

Full app URL as in???? ? or is there specific path? WHY ARE YOU BEING SO VAGUE? WTF Dude?

Please be more respectful in your requests. The full app URL means the URL you type in your browser to open your app.

I sent a message through support

hi i purchesed the app but i get this error when i try to Authorize the app the error is There was an error: Invalid request token.

i sent message with FTP details

i think the problem were in my host , the script working now thank you

Great !

The last update for this item was on 11 June 13. Why don’t you add new features and design? We purchase items on codecanyon because authors keep improving their items. What is your future plan for this item? Thanks in advance.

We make sure all our items are working and update them whenever needed. We don’t have plan on adding new features for now.

We have several other items that have been enriched with new features, but items on codecanyon are priced based on their existing features (any additional features are a bonus and not an obligation) ;)

hi , is this still working today?

I bought this. But script doesnt work. Can you help?

Support is done by email. Please reach us with your issue and link to your app and will assist, thanks

Is it still work?