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Hello, Have you stop any support for you plugin?

Hi Steve,

Just some friendly advice: 1. Turn off automatic polling to ajax.php as default. Users have to find out the hard way when server providers limit accounts with a 503 because of excessive CPU usage due to repeat polling. 2. If a customer asks for a customisation, why not implement this in your next update if it’s a feature that is needed? 3. Instead of helping customers on an individual basis via private email, why not do this on the forum so that you’re not repeatedly dealing with the same queries? Most of us prefer to find solutions ourselves before emailing you directly.

I think that your plugin has a lot of potential, but the way that you serve your customers is inefficient, and you’re making unnecessary work for yourself. A bit more clarity about what your plugin can and cannot achieve would help your customers and yourself in the long run.


Thanks for the suggestions.Really appreciated.Will note the suggestions for sure.

Thanks again

are you providing support? its urgent.

Please email me whats it about


Hi, your plugin stop to work. I have nothing , its blank… Its not the first time ,i have this problem. I sent you many mails but until now you’re never do anything or response me :(.

No joy using your product. Tried lots of variations, but the results are always blank. Another Twitter tool is working fine right off the bat, so I don’t think the problem is my mistake.

Can you please email me with link where you face issue so i can check


That question was from two weeks ago. The money is already gone. I’m not going to waste any more time with this.

Sorry,Had missed the comment.


hi, i sent an email a few days ago – are you still supporting this plugin?

Sorry missed the email,cant find in inbox too.Can you please resend

Found it, just replied


I purchased the plugin last week – can you please provide the details on reducing the automatic polling. As the site which will use the plugin is on a shared server.

Thanks David

you can increase the timer value.It will reduce the polling Thanks

Just bought this, I want to use the widget in the sidebar and show tweets from multiple people. I set it up and it is not pulling any tweets. I tried just one person, I tried putting multiple people. Is this working or…?

I got to work, but one thing that does not work is in the Widget the “Count” that allows you to select how many posts get displayed. The default is 10, but it will not show more then 10. I edited default to be 30 in the code and won’t work. Is there a limit that Twitter sets?

Will check and will let you know.Can you please email me meanwhile


I have sent you multiple messages and you have not replied this is extremely poor service.


Sorry but I had replied to your email,not sure you received it.Here is a screenshot


I have sent you a total of 3 emails regarding this plugin. 2 different issues and you have only replied the once to the 1st issue..

And you call this support – eg your response “I can still see it working there Please let me know”. I did let you know and I followed up again.

It was only once I left you a 1 star rating did you come back to me in the comments area.

The problem remains and the plugin continues to stop receiving a feed from Twitter every second day as previously stated.


I have searched my email for your email.I could see two emails from you. Unfortunately I didn’t get any reply yet for the email (screenshot i sent),so i thought everything was fine.I could see one more email from you asking about shortcode issue, but when i checked your website it was all fine, i apologize for not replying to that email.

Please let me know if you want help in getting a refund from envato.

Thanks again

Hi Steve, do you have any interest in updating this plugin? July 2013 is really a lot time ago.

Need to think of ideas to add to update :)

Steve, is there a way to change the font color on the twitter plugin? I’m using a dark background.

Please email me with details of what color you want.I can send you a version


Hi Steve, Just sent you an email. If you have time can you reply please as i am very eager to get this going.

Hi Steve, did you get my email?



Yes but would require lot of custom work.I will let you know as I am busy with some other works


Preview / demo page is not working. It shows a default WP install without any widget. Is this code still supported?

Please try now.Thanks

Oh wow I really should have read this before i bought So Lets start with the basic Is this plugin still working? I have tried putting two twitter usernames in and it only gives me one in the stream solution?

can you please email me details with url to your page


We are working on celebrity website where we are looking to show latest twists from that respective celebrity. Means one page for one celebrity and on that page, we would like to show the most recent feed from Twitter from that celebrity. Is it possible using this plugin?

Yes its possible

This still has to be the best twitter WP app. Is there any updates, new features coming.

Hi, I sent you request through support page regarding multi words. Could you please reply to that email or here. We really want to have multi words query but plugin is pulling up wrong results. Example (Social Stream, Auto Industry) result is only from either Social or Stream. Please help!

Is this solution still supported?

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