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Hi, I have a couple of pre-purchase questions.

1. Can this app be used for multiple Twitter accounts?

2. What kind of increments does the Tweet scheduling work for? (setup by the minute, hour, etc.)

3. Can this send auto DM’s to new followers only if I want? (Send a welcome message with a link only when they 1st follow me)

4. Is there any branding on the Tweets or DM’s? (Developer name attached, etc.)

Any information will be appreciated.


Yes It can do all this

“Invalid Twitter ID specified. Unable to set options” how to fix it?

ok i fix it

I just purchased this script, installed it but there is a problem: https://youtu.be/QC_7pXtC2EI

What is the schedule to set for the cron jobs?

Hello, can this autotweet new followers? And can it unfollow accounts that do not follow back?

Thats great! Does it unfollow people that do not follow back?

yes it does


Hello, the Demo looks nice, but its only 1 User (not Twitter Acc) Account ? There is no Admintool or any ? It means is this Tool usable for more as 1 User ?

It can be used by more than one I am working on this. but can be customized for you

ok, inform me please when its finish to get more as 1 User Account.

And important is a Picture Upload to Twitter, so you can schedule Postings with Pictures.

If you have this…. i am sure i buy it.

I have your script installed here…


As you can see, it’s not working…which is even more surprising considering I had this working on an old Server just last week. Now that I’ve moved it to a new AWS Server (same domain name), it doesn’t even come up!

Please help.

hello. PM me via support tab


xjokker Purchased

The script does not allow many accounts, when I add a bunch of accounts it stops working. How many accounts does it stop working at? What is the maximum amount of accounts I can add?

Pm me via support tab.

it should work


leen12 Purchased

i need help with cronjob setup for cpanel not sure what the correct command is?


leen12 Purchased

ok i sorted it thanks anyways


leen12 Purchased

actually no i didnt im getting this now MySQL Error 1146: Table ‘u733204481_tshed.mymarket_fw_756312307811151872’ doesn’t exist Attempting to reconnect to MySQL… MySQL Error 1146: Table ‘u733204481_tshed.mymarket_fw_756312307811151872’ doesn’t exist Reconnection failed; please check your MySQL server settings! MySQL Error 1146: Table

when i go to the cron url

have replied to mail


leen12 Purchased

how do i setup a cron to run every X minutes or whatever and search people via hashtags and keywords to add?

or do i have to do it manually?

pm via support


leen12 Purchased

i already did you said to send you the script i did and you havent replied….


leen12 Purchased

have been getting this message for months NB

It’s important you don’t stop the cron jobs while they are running as logs will then be lost for that pass and other unexpected issues can occur. If you do for some unavoidable reason stop a cron job while it is processing, the system will think the cron is still running and you will not be able to run the cron again (you will receive a “cron already running” error). You can reset the cron running status below if this happens.

there is nothing below it

and yes my cron says that

First of all, I could like to complement you for nice Front end.

The script appeared to be exactly same as open source implementation “twando” with exactly same features and app flow. Is there any relation between your script and twando?

The reason I am asking is because I am getting some issues with twando for sending Auto DM, so in case it is having same backend then I will not purchase as it will be copyright violation.

I am wondering why you have deleted my earlier post. Do not delete this post otherwise I may have to raise a complaint to Envato.

We do only provide support via email Pm using support tab


leen12 Purchased

please add a new function to auto follow selected users followers via cron so you can follow a load of selected accounts followers niche related thanks!!

Will surely do This Just ping me via support


leen12 Purchased

any update for why my script does not auto unfollow? thanks

did you ping via support tab

I need a token access for each account


xjokker Purchased

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StarkDM Purchased

The multiuser settings cannot be accessed. Please advise. The /multi.php file is not there.

Pm via support tab

Hello there, pre-purchasse questions: Does this suppport multi accounts? Is the theme can be modified? Can we setup a delay between each operation? Are you willing to update it with auto comment/like and to post pictures and videos?

PM via support tab. All can be done

Can I add other users (multi users) with separately accounts in the software (saas) ?

Pm via support tab

Pm via support tab

Please put up a working demo!

Replied to the previous comment

Please put up a working demo! Or is it not working, bein updatted?

It is working. I am checking now at the demo

I want to buy, any demo?

Yes. Demo available

i couldn’t install your script with your tutorial ,help me set it up,i sent you an email with this address “ayeremascot@gmail.com” pls reply me

I replied your email

seen ,thanks ,you are super fast, i replied you to

Reply to The mail