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Hello first to bought :-)

Popup does not work! sorry to say, followed the instructions, perhaps i doing someting wrong.

btw is it possible to put html code in the message.

kind regards Matthijs

I tested it in 5+ browsers before uploading with no problems, what is the url to the site you are trying it on?

The plugin is not enabled… I dont see any references to the facebook sdk, the traffic pop js, or the DOM structure.


Thanks for helping, but the plugin is enabled, can you mail me your mailadres then i can send you a screendump, but what do you mean with the facebook sdk, it’s an twitter api?

Kind regards Matthijs

Sorry wrong version of the plugin, have you updated to the latest version? I also do not see any JS calls to the Twitter @anywhere API for that matter.

BTW comments can be threaded ;)

Hi there, it would be really good if you could put the individual blog page as the link, instead of just a pre-set URL . If they’re on a blog article, can it have a link to that page, instead of the pre-set URL ?

Cheers Alex

Also – I’m having trouble getting it working. Any advice?

I’m now having a problem when I try to test the tweet function, and I get an error with OAuth. Just a generic error message. Could you please take a look?

This is the error message:

Something is technically wrong. Thanks for noticing—we’re going to fix it up and have things back to normal soon.

That means your API key is not valid or you are testing from a local server.

To use the Twitter’s @anywhere API you have to be on a live domain name / server with a valid API key.

I am sure. It is both activated and turned on, with a API Key. Are there common plugins that block or disable TwitPop?

Ah I’m experiencing problems too.

Trying to activate the plugin but it says “the header is missing” and doesn’t appear in the installed plugin directory.

The plugin is not working at all can i just get the Js files and add it that way?

Strange the plugin worked fine when I tested it in all the major browsers.

The jquery plugin is included in the zip.

I did not get the jquery.js file….. just twitpop.js and twitpop.css and WP php file thats it…..

jQuery 1.1.4 can be found anywhere online?

go to this link and tak a look at my code

Are you sure you have it enabled? I see no trace of it in your source… Even if it was not working correctly the files should still be included, and there should still be HTML from the popup.

Double check your settings and let me know.

I need help installing this into my wordpress! Help please?

Sure thing send me an email via my profile page and I’ll get you up and runinng as soon as I’m back at my desk.

Ok. Just sent the email! Thanks!

Hey, know when you could possibly help me install it into my Wordpress? I emailed you the info already. Thanks!

Sent you an Email detailing my problem. Have you had a chance to take a look?


come on dude…

A little information would help?

I posted the info, you removed it and asked that I send you an Email, I sent you an Email and have not heard back.

At this point, I’ll just move on- sorry to have bothered you.

Whatever floats your boat, any email received was replied to.

Do I have the option to display to Twitter Pop-Up only on selected pages?

Sorry, not currently a feature.

You example/demo of this plugin failed. Tried on Firefox, IE, and Chrome, on multiple computers in different countries (Local/Remote Desktop to server).