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Any update on the Instagram version? Looks very promising.

Hi I am sorry to say that we have not found a reliable method that will work long term for performing this action on instagram. We will continue to monitor the api for instagram and should things change we will be the first to have the plugin ;-)

Thanks for the heads up.

Hi, getting following error after installing plugin:

Can not require lib TwitterOAuth and Twitter_Api

Thanks. I have been unable to sleep all night bcos I was dreaming of how many followers I would have had by now if this was working since install :(

How long will this take?

HI, sorry for the delay. the standard fixes are not working on your instance. We are investigating other possibilities and hope to have this taken care of for you by tomorrow morning

Hey, im getting a 404 error on the cron job URL. It was working but has suddenly stopped. Any ideas?

Hi, please email your cron job url to so that we may debug it for you.

What could be causing the Callback URL to show blank page even when you have setup everything including the twitter app.

Can you re-check the callback url to make sure it is properly formatted? Also please re-enable the account you created for us so we can check it.

How do I set this up to use my cpanel cron jobs? I do not want to use that third party site. The plugin gives me a url to use, and if I go to in manually, or use with that third party site, it works as intended. But if I set the url in cpanel cron jobs at every minute, it simply does not work. What must I add to the url in the cron settings, to get it to work?

URL Example:

Hi, what email address did you send it from? We replied ot every email we received. Thanks

Well, I did as you suggested (/usr/bin/wget) and it worked correctly, so no worries anymore. I don’t know why the email didn’t go through, it was my work gmail. I love this plugin and will be recommending it to all that I can, I hope you make lots of sales and keep it updated for years to come! :)

Hi, thanks for the great feedback. We do our best to make great products for wonderful clients like yourself and I hope that you enjoy our products for many years to come :-).


Does it works for multisite? And does it require SSL?


HI, this is a single instance so multisite will not work. It can use http or https. https is not required.

Can I install in wordpress multisite?

HI, sorry for the delayed response. This is not designed for multisite

Sorry for being a killjoy, but how does this plugin follow and unfollow, via dm? Does it abide by Twitter rules? I’m concerned about the rules and losing my account.

Hi buy the plugin, install it, follow the instructions and does not follow anyone. How can i solve this problem. Greetings.

install, follow each step, but the plugin does nothing, not follow or stop following. I await your response as soon as possible, Greetings

HI, please email your website url and login details to so that we can see what may be happening. 9 times out of 10 it is due to not setting up a cron job. Did you set one up? Inside the zipped folder there is a folder called documentation. Please double click on the index.html file and scroll down to view the install instructions.

What does error code 261 mean? And what does error code 326 mean? I get them both and it keeps the plugin from running.

I found out what the issues were, one was failure to verify the email and the other was my api was revoked. It would be nice if you could create an error code sheet for clients, so that we can know what to do when something goes wrong. Just an idea, hopefully you will implement it.

Does this plugin still work or no longer supported?

HI, the plugin works great.

can I manage 30 accounts? multiple twitter accounts supported?

HI, the script can only manage one account currently. Thanks for your interest

Hi! It works great, thanks. But every 1 or 2 days I have to regenerate my twitter access token (and today it was invalid in 10 minutes). It just stops working. I’ve already reduced the number of follows and unfollows to 500, but that’s not the problem. Are you familiar with this problem?

hmm that is strange. We have not run into that issue. Can you email your website login details to so we can check and see if we can track down what may be happening?

Hi there, I have just purchased your plugin. Unfortunately when I try to install the file it gives me this error. Could you please correct the zip file so I can download it again? Many thanks.


“Installing Plugin from uploaded file: Unpacking the package…

Installing the plugin…

The package could not be installed. No valid plugins were found.

Plugin install failed.

Return to Plugin Installer”

HI sorry for the delayed reply. Can you send me your websites login so we can check out why it is not installing? please email with your websites login details

I am terribly sorry but I cannot share my website details. Its been now 5 days and since I had no response from you, I have requested a refund back to the original payment source.

Paid for support then tried to register on support forum, but captcha is invisible and no other way to contact you.

HI, sorry for the delayed reply. Somehow this message was missed by us all :-(. we did however activate all users who registered on our website for support. If you have any ongoing issues please email It is stated in our documentation and throughout our product details. While I admit that we missed this message I can assure you that we will do everything we can to help you get up and running with our product and support you in an ongoing manner.

any black friday , cyber monday discount ? others discount 50% to 70% .


TXTFox Purchased

We are getting a Cron error

/bin/bash: No such file or directory

We munged out our site. Do you have support for this? We have tried twice to sign up via support link to no avail. We have 20 days support left. We need to get this working. Can you send your email? Please help

HI, please email your websites info including login details to so that we can help you with this.

HI, did you send the site details to I am not sure if our technical team has seen it.


TXTFox Purchased

Yes we sent again. Thanks

Works really well, but why no check box to not unfollow those who follow you ? i know you can add them to a white list but when you talking about 10,000+ followers you dont want to unfollow getting the twitter id and adding it to a list is just not possible.

this plugin is no longer updated and still has annoying bugs like the counters going dead at 000 time each day. Also, unfollowing is not working correctly. When are you going to update? It has been long overdue…