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if you change the English notation part in the program source Does it affect programmer’s behavior?

Hi no it doesn’t. We are working to see how we can work multi language into our products. Currently it is a feature/update that does not have the highest priority since many new feature requests are coming in :-)

Thank you

I expect it.

Hello, your script still works?

i want to buy, but before i want to know if it works or not. Then can you fix the demo page, so i can test? Thanks in advance

HI, yes the script works fine

And this script allow multi-acccounts? So users can signup? If not, can you implement it? Thanks

Hi that feature is unfortunately not part of the script. That would require a huge amount of work to ensure different IP’s were used so that Twitter does not look at all the activity and block it. This is currently not in the feature plan but at some point we will certainly develop an enterprise version.

ok thanks for the reply. Can you link me a demo?

only one account per install??

Hi, yes you can only setup one twitter account er install.

script looks good my stats are not there in chrome or firefox how long b4 it shows? im running cron every 15 mins is that ok? 5 mins is low as i can go

guess you fixed it! thank you kindly

HI sorry I had not gotten to it yet. I guess it was just waiting until enough data was collected to show the stats :-).

yeah i kinda thought it was the 24 hr thing. great script!

some small request can you fix the home page function? i click it nothing happens. does not go to admin home. also when logging in can you have it display what twiitter account? right now it just shows a blank page

also can you please add something to delete the logs? LOL i don’t want to have to go into the database to do that

Hi and thanks for the great feedback. We will work it into the development cycle and get the update submitted ASAP.

this software is getting my account locked. any info on email not here would be great!

resent titled—> user: irdogg from codecanyon

still waiting for a reply

Hi and sorry for the delay. We have been monitoring the script and made so far one change. You originally had the unfollow time frame as 1 day which is too low. We usually wait 3 days before unfollowing a person who does not follow us back.

Hi is this working? And how it is differ from your twitter autoreply? I messaged you over there too. Please tell me you are updating it!

Hi, this is working yes. It is different than the auto reply in that this script takes keywords/hashtags and/or competitor twitter ID’s and performs a follow/unfollow process to gain your twitter account more followers.

Feature request: following feature

ignore users that have default profile image and user that lock tweets.

Hi and thanks for your valuable feedback. We will enter these into the pipeline for review and do our best to implement them into one of the upcoming builds.

Hello interested in buying this script but i have seen above someone commented that twitter account was blocked due to this script. Is that so? As i need to use this on my very old twitter account. Let me know.

Hi and thanks for your question. With regards to the above comment there are some circumstances where people are very aggressive with the script. Meaning they put in all the max settings to gain the max number of followers. This can under certain circumstances lead to getting the script blocked (then you just create a new one) and in rare cases the Twitter account blocked but that is extremely rare. The best thing to do is to start off using the recommended settings in the setup documentation that come with the script. We originally tested the script with hundred of different twitter accounts to find the sweet spot and subsequently created our recommended settings based on those results. I hope i was able t answer your questions. If you have any further questions or issue during installation please email

by the way i did not change my settings higher as a matter a fact i made mine lower than the default settings!

i will contact you monday. you or whoever you work with never did a thing except change the un follow days. cron was off the whole time you guys have not sent one email back. if i don’t see any real changes i want my money back. your support is a joke!

That is correct. We changed the unfollow settings since that was an issue. We have monitored your script from the first time you requested support and looked at the scripts cron url debug functionality. If you do not set up a cron to call the script cron url then it wont work. That is clearly described in the documentation that comes with the script. The script works as advertised if you set it up correctly. We will honor your refund request.

it was locked in less that 12 hrs. even lowered to the most. the script will be removed by the end of the day.

I WANT A REFUND! filed for my refund


Pebz625 Purchased

Do you think you can troubleshoot my tool because I can’t seem to get it to work after installing. Thank you so much.


please email the scripts url and the login details to so we can debug it for you.


Pebz625 Purchased

Thank you so much, I sent the email. Great software by the way and support!!

if i use it for twitter account will twitter suspend my account ?? please clear me. i am ready to buy but worried about it

Hi and thanks for your message. We have thousands of customers that use this plugin through codecanyon purchases as well as direct purchases from us. The only way to get suspended is if you abuse it or if a twitter account is talking about illegal issues. That is why we have developed (through many tests) standards to follow during installation. If you folllow our recommended settings you should be able to use this plugin for many years without issues. If you have any doubts during setup you can email and we will help you configure it to be safe for you.

Is it working now? I’m ready to purchase.

Hi, yes it is working.

hi admin demo ?

its not working , no pictures , and the support didnt respond

Who say that the script is work from 2016 ? It didn’t work for just one day And you didn’t response me Do , I rate it with 1 star , and if I found zero star I was choose zero No support no updates , just lose some money and time

And now you can reply to the rate review and can’t reply for my comment or my email , lol

In App Config: Update successfully and Login success with your twitter Account… Cron job Successful 200 OK

But nothing happen, Following and unfollow not increasing at all.

In cron job details, it says: Couldn’t connect to twitter app , please check again config settings

Whats wrong?

Hi and thanks for your support request. Please email the login details for your website to so that we can further help you solve this issue. We might also need access to your twitter account to check the settings of the twitter app you created. Regards, Geshu Support

I have sent an email and am now waiting for a response :-|

it’s been 4 months with no respone, this application is useless

The application does not work, after the installation it does not look good graphically. You can help?

Hi, please email your website and login information to so that we can see what might be happening with your install.