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i bought and installed your script on my domain, but every time i set the cron job my twitter account get blocked, how can i fix it?

also there is a problem with the app config, if i set Frequency UnFollow / per cronjob or Frequency Follow / per cronjob to any frequency it changes back automaticcly to 1


bkascripts Author Team

hm , i think you set hight Frequency for follow or unfollow and Frequency Cronjob min 10 -> 15 minutes , only set that again and your issue will be fixed


after changing, saving and reopening the page it resets the frequency automaticcly back to 5 -> 10 min and frequency from 1 to 1.

Hi, please email your site url along with log in details to so that we can get to the bottom of this for you.

hello, i set Frequency UnFollow / per cronjob or Frequency Follow / per cronjob to any frequency it changes back automaticcly to 1

Hi, we have tested and retested the hashtags you sent and they work fine. Please email your websites url, and log in details to so that we can debug it directly in your environment.

please send me script to my email

Hello. Does this script allow multiple users and/or multiple twitter accounts?

Hi, sorry this script is designed for only one twitter account. Most clients purchase multiple licenses and install it multiple times so they can control multiple accounts (one per install). for example install it on, …...

So if I buy i can install on for me and for my partner and for my second partner?

script its not support arabic, 10 days ago send email to author but no answer every reply from author “I dont see any email from you” :(

I think we already communicated vi EMAIL. You even sent me hashtags in arabic which we checked and in our environment they worked fine. i then replied that without gaining access to your admin section we cannot debug further.


DimaP Purchased

Hi, I just bought the script with thanks. So, I set up everything incl. setting the 1 x Cronjob as into my webserver (as the PHP type run every 15 mins.)... I read from the documentation you have a few more Cronjobs need to be installed, “Now set up crons for the unfollow and tweet scripts”,- but I didn’t find those URLs nowhere…

So, my questions are: 1) Seems like my main Cronjob doesn’t work, as I don’t see one statistics in the “Stats Cronjob” – is it possible in general to set up the Cronjobs directly in my webserver instead of using some 3-rd party Cronjob server as recommended?

2) Which are the exact URLs for all the Cronjobs need to be installed, their type (PHP, Curl, WGET)... ?

I sent you the E-mail – please check… Thank you.

Hmm it seems that you have an old version of the documentation. There is currently only one cronjob url it should be http://url-to-the-script/cronjob.php . This cronjob url performs both the follow and unfollow. The different urls you are referring to were for version 1.X. You should have version 3.x. The type of cronjob is specific to how you set it up. wget, curl or php can work if you use the respective cron settings. You can also test if the cron is working by actually copying the cron url and pasting it into your browser. take note of any errors it may throw and feel free to send them through to

As for setting up the cronjobs in your local server that is absolutely a possibility. Due to the fact that there are thousands of different server configurations/flavors we cannot document each and every method for adding cron jobs on the server itself but you can certainly set that up. Just make sure to keep the frequency in sync with the frequency you entered in the script settings when entering the twitter info, keywords, userids…

I saw your email come through so if you wan tot continue troubeshooting via email let me know.


DimaP Purchased

Hmmm… This documentation exactly is that I got from the package I bought just today… ))))))))))))) And yes, I used to setup exactly the mentioned Cronjob (as PHP) in my webserver, which seems doesn’t work, also at the external which seems to be running but with some strange errors.

So, I sent through the E-mail most of the details, let’s start to tune the APP then… )

This software support multiuser?

HI, this script can only be used with one twitter account for each install. You can setup multi instances of the script. So, .../install2 …


What is the requirement for the installation?

Thanks in advance

HI, thanks for your question. For the standalone script you need to have a php web host with a mysql database. You also need to create a twitter app under so the script can work. Inside the zipped file you download after purchase is a complete documentation for setting this up


i use this script for a few months now but my twitter account gets blocked every day. How to fix this?

it’s set to 10 – 20 minutes follow 1 – 8 people

its not to much is it?

Hi, Every day? I am pretty sure that if your account has been blocked every day for the past few months they would completely ban your account. 1-8 people every 10-20 minutes is not too much. We have it set even more aggressive and we have not been blocked at all for any of our accounts. And we test different ranges and aggressive evels regularly to see exactly how aggressive we can be. Are you using any other script to manage your twitter? Sometimes if you have other scripts running to autoreply or auto post, then it can cause issues. Also is this script the only one using the twitter app keys? If you have multiple apps using the same keys and making calls to twitter they might consider it overuse of their network. Please email your websit elogin details and twitter account to so that we can take a look and see how we can optimize your setup.

Have you put in Multi-User functionality yet?

Hi, the plugin will not support multiple accounts

hi sorry but our plugin does not support multiple twitter accounts

the css not work.. it’s confused

Hi, I am not sure what you mean. Please email the url to the script along with login details to so we can take a look.

i sent an email for you,


DimaP Purchased

Hi There, the App is working as a charm; some question/suggestion for the future updates – do you plan to introduce the multiple Twitter accounts usage in one App if this is possible of course? Thanks!

Hi Thanks for the great feedback. We developed the app to ensure the best quality and longest lifespan within the Twitter Terms and Conditions. This means we needed to use the apps Authentication keys which do not allow multiple accounts using the same key in the same system. We are testing other possibilities to allow multiple accounts within the same script but this development is taking some time.

Any update on this script? I’m interested.

Hi, we are working on longer term updates but they will take some time before any production update is available. Thanks again for your feedback

So its working ok right now even if twitter does many changes?

Hi sorry not sure why but I never got this message in my inbox. We follow Twitter very closely to ensure long term the script works

I would like to have it if there is also a way to make money from it by being able to create accounts for others and then pay me to use my module.Please work on that too

Hi, you are referring to an Enterprise version which currently is not possible due to dev time. It would require a very complicated system that uses proxies to ensure the same IP doe s not get used for all the calls to Twitter. At some point we will tackle this project but right now we have a few other irons in the fire we are working on new great products to help customers get the most out of their Systems.


SUGGI01 Purchased

Hi. Any plans on allowing control over the length of time someone has last tweeted / recent activity? The script follows too many accounts that have not tweeted in years and not many recent tweeters. It would be good if this can be implemented or let me know how to achieve this in the script. Something where we have control over setting recent activity of someone to follow to the last day, last 2 days etc… last week, last month. Thanks.

HI, thank you very much for your feedback. We are indeed looking into ways to improve the script and will see how we can work this into one of our upcoming updates.

How could I set up billing and users for this?

Hi, currently this is not a SAS product. But what you could do is purchase multiple licenses of the standalone version, and install a new instance for each client and charge them individually.

Hi, nice script. The documentation talks about “Tweet Your Content”, but I don’t see any function in the script to be able to do that. Am I missing something? I would like to be able to tweet my content

Hi and thanks for your feedback. I think you are confusing our Twitter follow manager script with our Social Media autoposter script. This script is designed to help you gain followers on twitter.

no I’m not confusing anything – if you check the documentation for the Standalone Twitter app you will see you have included a section entitled “Tweet Your Content”. Perhaps this was a mistake on your part.

Ah I see what you are referring to. That is a typo in the Title of a section but in the section and nowhere in the actual documentation or product description is there any mention of tweeting any content.

i have pre-sales question. may i know any up coming update for this php? if yes what will it be?

After installing i see blank may be css not loading

Can you help

Hi, please email with your website url and username/password so that we can see what is going on

does this application check whether or not the person is following you before it unfollows them? if so, how does it do that?

yeah understood. ok thanks a lot great program :)

no problem. We are also trying to understand the reasoning so that we can be the best help possible :). The whitelist is intended to allow you to enter peoples id’s who you want to follow and it does not matter if they follow you back. For example if you wanted to follow Bill Gates. chances are he will not follow you (or me) back :). So the whitelist is there so that you can add his name to ensure the script does not unfollow him at any time in the future. otherwise during the cron jobs run the script takes all the people you followed and (according to the unfollow time setting. For example after 3 days) first checks to see if the people have followed you back. If the person has not followed you back then it unfollows said person. I hope this helps you undersatnd the methodology we use.

yes very much so. thank you