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I really did not get the point. Is your product something to be used by my Twitter account only or a service that I can provide to any Twitter members? Please let me know. Thanks.

hey mate ! this is just only for your twitter members !

How does the auto post feature work? What does it do?

its just post a content to a user twitter who have logged in first time!

Your analytics graphs stats isn’t showing up?

heloo pinki its working fine !!

I get a Internal Server Error from your demo website. This script still working? thx

I like to customize the app to be used on my site as part of my social media marketing. I need users of the tool to be able to see this kind of analytic for their followers individual, and not limiting the tool to me using it only to get insight on my twitter registered users. So the idea is for them to import their twitter friends and they can get access to their friends individual followers, etc just has in graph. Same also for your facebook version of this tool. ////// social login buttons////////// I already have a facebook and twitter registered user button, I need to include your features into this two and also have analysis for my most used login features….and adding the yahoo login option as well. please visit (apps are under development) you can skype me via the site. Thanks

The demo is nos working dude.

please can i get to customize it for admin use and for users to also use that is admin===>get info on users and their friends while users get info on their friends Thanks

I think u should consider a multi user access the admin version and the users version

Please how can I contact you for custom work for both twitter and facebook analytics? drop email so I can reach you…thanks

This author is dead. :v

Demo not working!!

I can’t research your script. May be It’s wrong! So how can i check it?

Demo doesn’t work!