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Another great plugin!

1 question; won’t this clash with enlarging the image in a lightbox?

The image could still be enlarged if clicked around the tweet button.

It would not cause any issues, the plugin will look to see if the image is wrapped before applying the effect.

If you were handy, you could also make it work with the images in your lightbox pretty easily :)

Now that’s very useful!

Your like the social media super star on CodeCanyon.. impressive work as always!

Thank you I’m glad you like :)

Congratulations! Good luck with sales!

Thank you I’m glad you like :)

Can we use it with auto like plugin?

Yes they all work together :)

Well I bought the facebook hover like plugin, and I am willing to buy this, but you don´t have one with the 3 options {fb, twiiter, pinterest}? are you planning to do one?

Yes one will be released, but it will have limitations such as image size. The image obviously has to be large enough to fit all of the buttons inside it.


not working for me

latest wordpress with twently eleven :(

edit: i needed to add the correct class to the image and it works fine :)


For some reason i can’t access the plugin settings page. it says i don’t have the right permissions… have changed permission to all files in the plugin and still i can’t get in.

which is weird since i am logged in as administrator.

any help ?

Sounds like an install issue, send me an email with your login info and I will check it out.

I like so much this plugin. 2 question: -Somethimes the button did not appear properly but the img shows just the word “tweet”, why? -It doesn’t work in the “Visual Composer” imgs grid. Are there any workaround? What about to add the class directly to thumbnail class, is possible?

Thanks for your feedback.

So what?

So my guess is its an issue with visual composer no way to tell without seeing the issue myself.

Ok, what about insert the image aligned “center” if the class “wphovertweet” is in the code? Is not possible? All my images with class “wphovertweet” are left aligned.

Just another point: why is not possible to have the image aligned “center” if the class “wphovertweet” is in the code?

what about insert the image aligned “center” if the class “wphovertweet” is in the code? Is not possible? All my images with class “wphovertweet” are left aligned.

Hi ! me too ! what class to center ? please !

To center? If you want to create a custom alignment for the plugin you can edit the CSS from the WordPress plugin editor.

Center the image in the article! because it does not work with hover twitter, the image is positioned on the left. How can I insert class ? center + wphovertweet thanks !

The above comment answers your question.

I would like to purchase this item. Is it compatible with WordPress 3.5.1?

Yes there should not be any issues!


I want to add hover tweet to each of the featured images of my blog posts located here:


The code for the featured image is not listed in the text/html of each blog posts- is this a feature I can add to the css? In other words, can I make hover tweet standard throughout all the articles of my blog by just adding a simple code to the stylesheet?


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I really want to buy the facebook hover like plugin, is it released?

Yes it is!

Hi! This is a pre-sale question… Is it possible to custom the url created to share? i mean… i want to make a form, once the user fill the form, it can be share “that he/she fill the form”. But i want to add a auto-generated custom code to the url with the code of the user (example: Hi there! I just fill the xxxx form, you can also fill the form here: http://hajakla.com/CODE) ... is it possible ? thank you

It would be nice if you could choose where you wanted to have this vs. where you might want to hide it. Still supported? Demo not working