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Hi, I recently purchased your Twitter Feed plugin. I’m getting this error:

Error: SSL certificate problem: unable to get local issuer certificate

How can I fix this?

Thank you,

William Hodge

Hey there, You need to point cURL at your CA Certificate. See

Hi there. I have just installed the update with a couple of install errors along the way. I had to delete the old one first on my wordpress website. Now installed the update and it is now not working. All I get is Error: Twitter API returned 0 results for your query. There is no way to know if this is working or not other than seeing the twitter feed appear. Access and API tokens are as exactly as the twitter app. Still didnt work. Created a new twitter and still didnt work again. I have recently changed my twitter username which is the only thing I can think of, but again it doesnt affect the details you ask for. Need some help as currently looks like this in the footer page….

Hey there. Can you paste your shortcode here? Or if you are using a widget, let me know what query/username you are using.

Hi there. thanks got it sorted. thanks for the quick reply. shortcode retained the old username. should have checked.



I have the tweets showing up. I have it set to scroll. But, it is only showing one tweet at a time on the screen. I want to show 3 at once and then it scrolls. How do I set that up?


William Hodge

Hey there, you can’t show more than one tweet at a time, unless you have multiple shortcodes one after the other (in which case they must have different queries to show different tweets).

We are working on celebrity website where we are looking to show latest twists from that respective celebrity. Means one page for one celebrity and on that page, we would like to show the most recent feed from Twitter from that celebrity. Is it possible using this plugin?

Neither of them appear to have a twitter account, so you won’t have any tweets to show…

but if anyone have twitter account then how can i show thier twitter on my website their page.Is it possible to share document so that i will get idea.

It’s very simple, all the documents are included when you purchase the plugin. You also have additional docs online at


SamJaq Purchased

Hi Askupa,

I’ve downloaded the “full version” for 17$. Where can i upload the license key to activate the version?

Hi, You need to unzip the downloaded package and then upload which will be located inside that unzipped folder. You need to delete the demo version of Twitter Feed before you do that.

Hello, I recently purchased this plugin and it works well on a few of my sites but on others using a particular theme it always displays the following error when I try to activate the plugin:

Fatal Error: Class ‘static_tweets_tf_’ not found in home/caabuniverse/public_html_wp-content/plugins/designthemes-core-features/page-builder/pagebuilder.php on line 141

which is very unusual as I have no Idea why your plugin would need to access the website page builder in order to activate itself or be looking into that page for a class from the plugin which obviously would not be there

I have tried installing it through ftp; wordpress zip and wordpress plugin installer all to receive the same error. Any idea what’s up there?

Hey there, It looks like it might be conflicting with some other plugin, or a certain feature within that theme, since there is no static_tweets_tf_ class in Twitter Feed, and the page that’s throwing the error belongs to the page builder. Perhaps the page builder has a built-in twitter feed that is conflicting? I can’t tell without looking at the actual code.

I am getting “Error: Twitter API returned 0 results for your query.”

I can paste the Twitter address on a page and see a timeline. However, I want it in a homepage widget.

Have tried 2 sets of key but still no feed.

The feed is a collection of tweets from other sources but doesn’t include any of my own – does this make a difference.

Website is

I have just tested it and it’s working. Make sure that you select “List” as your resource type, and fill the User Name and List Name inputs properly. Her is an example shortcode:

[statictweets skin="default" resource="list" user="alex_claws" list="latrobevalleynews" query="" id="" count="5" retweets="on" replies="on" ajax="off" show="username,screenname,avatar,time,actions,media"/]

A thousand thank yous! Resource was not set to list! Thanks for the assistance, and thanks also for this outstanding plugin.

You’re welcome! Glad I could help!

Hi, how do i get a refund on this plugin as it does not do what i require it to do. I was expecting to be able to show mutiple tweets one above the other using the slide function but it only let me show one. I can get all this function with a free plugin.

We are sorry that our item did not meet your expectations, and we will be happy to give you a full refund. If you could point us to what screenshots misled you we will investigate and remove them if necessary.

When looking at the demo, I saw this tweet: In your demo only 1 image is being displayed, even though it is a multiple-image tweet with 4 images. Is there a way to show all the 4 images of that tweet individually using your plugin? Thank you

Hi there! Currently, there is no support for multiple media items in a single tweet. If a tweet has more than a single media item, only the first one will be shown.

HI – just bought this – and I can’t find the link to authenticate it. I have no “aiuthenticate” link on the plugins page.

Hey there, thank you for your purchase. To authenticate, you need to follow the instructions on how to create a twitter app here:

I currently have a Twitter feed setup to show recent tweets with a specific hashtag, essentially as a news feed on my homepage, but they seem to be dropping after after 1 weeks time. I anticipate there will be times of inactivity where there won’t be anything new over the time span of 7 days, so there will likely be times where the feed is empty. Is there a way to disable this time cutoff, and just show a set number of the most recent ones?

Hey there, Twitter Feed is actually setup to retrieve the most recent tweets regardless of when they were posted. If there are times when you don’t get any tweets, it’s because of how the Twitter API works internally, and how it caches its data. Unfortunately sometimes the API does not return all the data that we want it to return. You can try to set the “Force Tweet Count” option to ON and that may fix you problem by forcing Twitter to return the accurate number of tweets.

Hi there, i tried to download the content but the download never starts, i was wondering how can i get it

Hi there, thank you for your purchase. What content were you unable to download? This plugin does not need any content to be downloaded.

oh. i got the free version and now decided to purchase the 17$ version, how do I update it on my wordpress now? it isn’t updating

You need to unpack the zip file that you’ve downloaded from CodeCanyon and upload the file named into your WordPress installation. Then simply activate it and deactivate the demo version.

Hi, Trying to install the updated version and I get an error that the folder already exists.

You need to delete the old version and then upload the new version. Previous settings will not be deleted.

I moved my site from one host to another and activating this plugin now causes the site to crash… What do I need to do to get this resolved?

What error message are you getting?

Hi! I’m thinking about buying your plugin. Just one pre sale question: Does your plugin work with visual composer?

Hi there! The plugin works with visual composer, but is doesn’t appear in the visual composer elements list. You will need to create a text/html element and insert the shortcode there.

Regards, Yoav