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one of the best twitter plugin’s I’ve seen, I especially like how you included visual composer module…

good luck with sales, will most likely pick it up later this month.

Thank you for your kind words.

Please let us know if you have any questions.

The plugin looks interesting! We are testing it!! Good luck with sales! :)

Best regards K.

Good job! It is fast and match perfectly to our recent ongoing project! Thank you!

One problem! The widget head is getting on top over others widgets.!!!

Can you describe this a little more? You can use our profile contact to send us a link to view the problem if you don’t want to post it here.

hello from Greece, May i ask you if there is a dark style included? Currently i use the: I am interested about SEO optimized… if your has an advantage comparing with the one i mentioned please let me know to purchase it. Thank you in advance Takis

We do not have a dark style, although the header background color can be set within the shortcode or with a color picker in the widget area. Also the background of the tweet area is transparent. This will allow you to show the site color through our widget. Also you can override the CSS in you theme’s stylesheet.

The main advantage we have over the plugin you listed is that we do NOT pull our content through an iframe or use JavaScript to load our initial content. Our tweets are included in the HTML source. Just “view source” on our examples page and see the tweets in the source code. This is one thing that makes our plugin more SEO friendly. Also we have embedded microdata into the tweets. Just check out this link to Google’s structured data testing tool.

thank you very much for your quick reply…..i will purchase it asap :)

Hey, nice plugin! Pre-Purchase Question:

My sidebar is 220 px wide .. will it fit or is my Sidbar too small?

Thanks for your time.

The plugin will fit any size. The text should wrap accordingly. Our demo sidebar is 280px wide. The only issue I could see is if your twitter username is too long and the follow button drops below you twitter avatar. Anything like that could also be fixed within you theme’s CSS file.

Ok, yea it works … so it recognizes my apllication! Only the styling does not fit! Questions: 1. How do I hide the top avatar so that the logo fits? 2. How do I change the font size? 3. Why is no bar on the right side?


Thanks for your time.

Thank you for your purchase.

1. You can add styles to your theme’s css. To hide the header avatar you can add .TwitterUser a {display:none;} to the style.css

2. This can also be done in the style.css. Just override the styles that you want.

3. If you are referring to the scrollbar, that is browser and OS specific. The area where the tweets are is set to overflow auto. This will let the browser handle the displaying of the scrollbar.

How do you set the width of the widget.

we’re sorry. You cannot set the width of the widget. It defaults to 100%. You can use a shortcode within a text widget if your theme allows the execution of shortcodes in text widgets. Then you would be able set the width within the shortcode.

I just bought this plugin hoping that I could display a feed based on a hashtag rather than a user. It doesn’t appear that I can do that. Is there a workaround?

We’re sorry. There currently isn’t a way to show a feed by hashtag. And there isn’t any easy workaround to get it to work.

one last feature I wish the plugin had:

- option to make photos clickable and open them in lightbox… currently it’s only displaying them in the size of the widget.

would be nice if i could click the thumb then it opened it in a lightbox.

That is a good idea. We will take that into consideration for a future update. Thank you.


Is your plugin responsive ?

Thanks :)

Yes, the plugin has a fully responsive design out of the box.

hi there i am getting this message: “Code 88: Rate limit exceeded.” Noting that it was working before

Twitter was down. Everything works fine now.

Hello—I have installed the module using a shortcode [twitter_feed username=”MarkAdvertising” height=”500px” width=”30%” align=”center” header_color=”#000000”/]

But I have Scroll set in options but instead of scrolling it just loads all teh tweets

hi, does it work with wordpress multisite mode?

Yes, Multisite is supported with our Twitter plugin.

hello, on a private/anonymous navigation on firefox all the images in the widget crashed.


This is due to a feature specific to Firefox that is blocking the widget and images from loading.

There is a feature called “Tracking Protection”, and it is blocking these network requests from being made. Unfortunately there isn’t any way for us to bypass this browser feature for our plugin.

Hello, how can i change the plugin, so it looks like the screenshots?

When i insert the shortcode, the shortcode adapts the css from the website and there is plane text with no box or styling.

Please help, Thanks.


Do you have the plugin settings set in CSS Styling to Load Default CSS? If not, please enable this.

If you do already have them enabled, your site CSS may be overriding our CSS, or otherwise not loading.

Hello, I have a question about loading images from tweets. Our website runs on https, however, the images within Twitter feeds are loaded from a http URL (, although within the Twitter website they are being loaded from https. Is it possible to force the plugin to load them from https instead of http? Thanks in advance for your answer.


Our plugin doesn’t currently offer this feature, but we will look into updating the links to HTTPS.