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Hi, I purchased this application. However, how to prevent the number of friends and followers from displaying only 20? Thanks


Thanks for your purchase,

Please send me your requests for support or customization through my profile page with a link to your app, and will get back to you, thanks

Is it still working system? Because live demo (login via twitter) not work well, now …

Sure it’s still working and have been updated. Make sure you remove the iframe when testing it ;)

Does this plugin support the ability for me to send tweets without having to enter the twitter password; where all I needed was to provide was

- Consumer key - Consumer secret - Access token - Access token secret

Something like how the “WP to Twitter” plugin is doing?

Sure, no Twitter password is required. The posting of tweets as on the demo for ex, is done with a token. You can check the source code and Twitter function to see how that’s used

hmm… what i meant was that i do not even need to click on the “Connect with my Twitter account” link each time I visit the page. I can just store the four values somewhere and the app will just do the magic. Say for example I want to run a cron job to auto tweet something for me every 90 minutes.

Yes sure, that’s possible if you store the required values

Is it easy to modify the script so I can schedule the twitter tweets?

That would mostly depend on your programming skills, the code of this script is pretty well structured.

HI i put all the variables in config.php my consumer key and my consumer secret and also my aplication have read and write access.

I get me this error in account/twt_connect.php:

There was an error:

No error message.


Please send me a link to your script through my profile page and will get a look, thanks

Will this allow us to auto post an update to a users account at a later date once authorized?

No, but this app gives you the ability to post updates on your users timeline at a later date:

How can I tweet a picture from local file in Server already? I tried, but I can’t make one.. Failed all the time. Plz help. I also send u an email through ur profile.

Will get back to you by email with an estimate, thanks

Bro, the twitter login is not working in the demo!

Should be all fixed by now, thanks for letting me know anyways ;)

I am getting following error while using this on my server

There was an error: Failed to validate oauth signature and token.

Any Suggestion, what I am doing wrong??

Can you send me your request through my profile page with a link to your app and will help you by email, thanks

How i make the update from previous script?

Twitter Post:

Turkish character problem?


For support please contact me through my profile page with a link to your script and temporary FTP access, thanks

I have my portal and want my twitter followers to login using their twitter account. if they are my followers they get a free package otherwise new twitter users have to follow me and than get the free package. so is this possible for me have them login using their twitter account and me to see if they are in follower list? does this code support this option?

The script has the functions enabling to connect and to get the followers list, but what you need need some logic developed and integrated to be working within your website. Therefore you would need some customization done to get it working as you have described ;)

Thank you for your reply the customization that you mentioned can you provide that as well?

Yes sure, you just need to contact me privately through my profile page with your website link and more details, and can get back with an estimate

Demo is not working… I am looking for a “connect with twitter” script and wanting to purchase this, but your demo is not working. So I will not purchase this.


Did you test it on this direct link? – I just checked it out and seems working fine. Please let me know if you have the same issue

Hi, How can I tweet with photo ?

I would like to use put a slide with last 4 twists, for example. Is it possible?

Yes, you can use the script as a base for it. We are also available for all kind of customizations, you can reach us through our profile page !

is possible fetch all photos of my following ONLY tagged WITH SOME LOCATION? please advise i need do this customization, thanks!

following or contacts is the same

Sorry I don’t know any way to do that with the Twitter API

hi, im interested buying this code but is it still working because the demo is not working. thanks


Yes sure it’s still working. I just checked it out and seems working fine for me. Try using this direct link: – Thanks !

Great API, thanks for your time. But why you assume we save access_token on $_SESSION ? I already have users access token .. I would like to set access_token from database not from SESSION ..

So, please can you update your amazing library to set all variables as variables not as $_SESSION?

Thanks again,

You were asking for a way to store the users information in a database. As specified previously this script is only providing the methods to connect through the Twitter API and to display users’s information, not to store that information in a database.

I’m totally know that .. but I said when I tried to use your API your process is depending on SESSIONS .. why I can not retrieve data and use whatever I want from calling any function to get my things done.

After I purchase your code .. I figure out that it’s useless for me. I was looking for API integration library to serve my needs but yours is not helped me at all. Sorry, but I still think you have to mention that the API processes is totally depending on SESSIONS.

The sessions are needed and are used to keep the data between pages, and to not have to call the Twitter API to fetch the user information on each page reload since the Twitter API is rate limited and cannot be called as many time as you want.

Would this work to let me create an “app” on my server to send scheduled tweets via CRON? I need to tweet a weather update to our account every 4 hours and when there are severe weather alerts.

This script can be used as a base for it

hello i would like to know how to add my wall to my content, could you help me? thank you in advance

otherwise, excellent job, plugin very nice