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Excellent Twitter client, very pleased. Definitely worth a purchase.

Thanks for the feedback !

Just found a bug on this. When clicking reply on a tweet it opens up a jQuery modal to reply to the Twitter user but its got a # symbol in front of the Twitter username rather than the @ sign.

Oh right, thanks for letting me know, we’ll fix that very soon :)


Should be done, an update has just been submitted and should be available within few hours

Just wanted to suggest something that would be really handy to have in this app. At the moment links in tweets are not clickable and are just plain text, the ability for this app to convert these into clickable url links would be awesome.

Thanks for the great suggestion. We have added that to our demo and should be available in the coming update (few hours) ;)

Very good product!

Would be awesome if we could see who retwited our posts.


Thanks for the suggestion. From the retweet link it’s possible to view all the user tweets that has been retweeted by other users, with a count saying how many times a status has been retweeted.

We may add in the future a link to that count, when clicked showing the users who have retweeted that status ;)

Exactly what I want. We are waiting :) Best regards

Got this error: There was an error: Desktop applications only support the oauth_callback value ‘oob’ /oauth/request_token



Thanks for your purchase ! Please send me a link to your app and eventually a temporary FTP access and will be glad to check it out for you, thanks !

Hi I would like to know if this can be used so that users can authorize our site to schedule or send out tweets automatically for them?

With some customization yes

So I will be able to modify it and the core function exist to modify code?

That depends on your PHP knowledge, cannot judge it.

Will this allow me to place a twitter list with the twitter users listed showing their profiles, pics, descriptions, no tweets just the listed profiles?

Sorry it’s not supporting Twitter lists currently


Quick question, can this be combined with your Social Publisher script so that I can connect multiple Twitter accounts or is their a way that once I connect my first account I can connect additional accounts?


It would need some customization to be combined. It’s not supported as it is currently sorry

Hi, great job! I have a question, automatic synchronization of the tweets of my time line, possible? Thank you very much!

Oh as the page is open? That’s not supported but could be added as a customization

Great, I say, I like this role and have the search option. Tell me how we should do to get these two updates.

Please contact me through the form on my profile page to discuss this further by email, thanks

Hi yougapi, 2 questions before buying please: - Can we connect to multiple Twitter accounts? - How to access to Direct Messages(DM)?

1. Currently only one account is possible 2. That’s not currently supported sorry

Hello, I bought both the Facebook and the Twitter connect scripts. I have so far 1 question about the TW connect script.

What if I dont want to see/get permissions for any of these:

Read Tweets from your timeline.
See who you follow, and follow new people.
Update your profile.
Post Tweets for you.

What do I do? What php files i modify so that user dont get asked for these extra permissions when authorizing the twitter connect?

All I need is the BASIC INFO from the My Twitter account information section which include NAME, URL, TW PROFILE IMAGE, ACCESS TOKEN, SECRET, TW ID, but i dont need anoy of the other permissions.. thank you.

That’s Twitter standard permissions. To my knowledge it’s not as flexible as with the Facebook permissions model ;)


I like to have a twitter app that is just showing the faces of my followers, like here:

(But without the tweets)

Can this be achieved with your app?

Thanks for letting me know!

This app is not designed to achieve what you described, but can be customized to achieve that. Please contact me through my profile page for a price estimate ! Thanks for your interest !

I want to buy but how come the Twitter login don’t open up in popup window like the Facebook version? Can’t use this with iframe.


I have to get error: There was an error: Failed to validate oauth signature and token, how can I resolve?


Thanks for your purchase ! Please contact me through my profile page with a link and temporary FTP access to your app and will check it out for you, thanks !

I was sended a email including theese information. Also still waiting your action. Thanks for your support.

Will get back to you very soon by email ;)

This is for “reading” tweets and not posting/sending tweets, correct?

Can I search for hash-tags?

Can I get a list of followers of other twitter users?

I need to build an app that will let me get a list of all users who follow an account AND used a specified hash-tag (for example, get a list of all @billcosby users who have tweeted with the hash-tag #jellopudding).

The app has a posting tweets feature, as well as retweet and reply ! You can check a demo of all the supported features here:

What about searching for hash-tags? I see that it doesn’t create links for URLs or hashtags. And it doesn’t appear to embed images.

The app doesn’t have a hash-tags search as seen in the demo :)

Hi, I am also getting this error: “There was an error: Desktop applications only support the oauth_callback value ‘oob’ /oauth/request_token”. Can you please help? I have modified the config file and tried to run the index.php, so I have no code to post.

Thanks in advance.


Please contact me through my profile page with a link and temporary FTP access and will check it out for you. That’s probably related to your Twitter app settings missing something, or a bad config

The demo doesn’t seem to work, I’m trying to sign in via twitter on the demo and it goes to a blank page.

Sorry about that, it just wasn’t working with the ThemeForest frame, I had to remove that.

Ah yes, great then :)

How do I check your scripts?