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Does the module support a file / image upload control ?

Hi. At the moment, upload file and image are not support. I will update later

Exactly what I needed. However, I do have a question regarding “required” fields. How do you make field required and give appropriate message if requirement is not met?

Hi, Thank for your purchased. At the moment the validations are not support. I will upgrade in next release.

Will look forward for next release. Happy Chinese new year.

Thanks, happy new year

Another question. While declaring form inside modal, how do give a name to the form tag?

Hi, there is only way to add name to the form tag.

var id = $.sModal(option);

I will upgrade to add name to the form tag via option in the next release.

I will put this as work around but please make sure in next release it is included as well as adding method and action attributes as well. Thanks for the awesome work thus far.

Ok. I get it


I’m interested to use this plugin for application that will be available on market. Can I use it with Regular Licence?


Hi, I have enabled the Extended Licence. With this license you can use this plugin for the application that for sale

I would like to have my own form in a popup window where it will only popup after 10 seconds and only once per visitor (life time or until cookie is removed). After the user fills out the form I would like the submit button to display a thank you for 3-4 seconds and then close the window. If the click the cancel button after popup then it would never show to that user again.

is this possible with your code?


sorry, It won’t work with your require.

Hi, it’s possible when i show de modal and press enter confirm the alert?

Sorry, it is not possible.

it has a problem, your css file is breaking me other styles, like buttons inputs etc. is it possible to review your css and adjust it with some id or class before, to avoid other class breaks ?

It is plugin of Twitter bootstrap http://getbootstrap.com/2.3.2/ therefore You only use it for Twitter bootstrap theme. Thanks.

do you have a sample that shows how to do post data entered in the modal to a php page on server? I could also use sample of how to pre-populate data and then post changes back to a php script.

I can probably figure all this out but time is so precious and you probably already have something like this to share.

nice script – thanks a lot !

Thank you!

is this compatible with bootstrap 3?

Sorry, It is not.

I would like to buy it for my next project. Why extended licence is not available?


Sorry, I don’t provide extended license.


Just purchased. Is the animate attribute required? When I remove animate from my options the modal fails to close. The backdrop is remove but the modal remains on the screen.

By adding the animate setting back to the modal it closes properly.

Is this a known issue? Can it be fixed?

There is a bug, example 4 if you click and then keep clicking the button “space” it will open endless modal window

is this compatible bootstrap 3

do you have a sample that shows how to do post data entered in the modal to a php page on server?