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nice script I like it

is it supporting posting tweets on behalf of other or any registrant users or not ?

if it is not, is it possible to add this feature ?

after enabling this features for sure I will buy it. thanks

the suggestion is as the following. the feature is by having the acceptance of the end user to enable this feature where the script will post a Public Tweets on behalf of the users. also with supporting public tweets.

good luck keep up.



ugur125 Purchased

i love this script like your others ;) but i wonder is there any update soon like tiger post and graham (i like their interface)? Because i can’t send some videos and when i try to send a gif, it fails if it is a big file

Can you assign users to deal only on certain accounts. Also does the report feature shows stats for specific accounts?

hello, please respond?

This is simple script. Only support post on twitter. You has demo it before buy it.

hey… you not respond on Skype sir… The twitter script cron job is stacking up and not completing… It is slowing down my server because its pulling a lot of load! Why cron job not completing… something wrong with the code…. Host said to check with developer because of cron issue

so i need to get more RAM? And what you mean not using video??

why no respond?????

I can’t support you for your hosting. Have a lot of customer using it and it’s working normal. When you using post with Big video maybe your hosting can’t handle it. Because it very big to can handle with your hosting. But i think you should empty all schedule on TWpost. And then check each acccount.

Note: When you contact you need waiting response and can up to 2 days

Hi, i receive the error ” Could not connect to Twitter. Refresh the page or try again later.” . I installed the scripts in subdomain. Website and Callback URL are http://login.autotwitterposter.com is it correct?


You need add Callback URL is: http://login.autotwitterposter.com on Twitter app to fixed this problem

Hello, The accounts plus schedule list keeps deleting, please help, why is this?

Hi you not check delete post when complete.

I’m having trouble with posting. When I schedule a post it just remains as processing past the schedule time. Can you please help?

Hi I need to move site to new domain, pls help, has sent you ticket, Skype but no any reply~

sent you email already, pls check . thanks


You need upgrade php version 5.5+

Hi, it is php 7. Does not it support the newest version php? Changed to 5.5, the error code is gone, but it cannot login with twitter to create account. It shows “Could not connect to Twitter. Refresh the page or try again later.” Have tired many times and show the same. pls advise thx .

I hate to keep asking but you haven’t answered my question to a problem I have..please respond.

Pls contact me via skype tienpham1606.

After changing my server, the script start to send scheduled posts two times, when i schedule a post


ugur125 Purchased

Hello,i renewed licence support to get support. Meanwhile, i didn’t figure out how to fix this problem :(

Hi, Make sure you don’t duplicate cronjob.


ugur125 Purchased

Thank you, for your help. I fixed the problem :) Last thing, how can i increase the sending file size? i can’t send any video and gif file over 4 mb to twitter

hi Does the program support Arabic Can Add Hachtag Do you need to host or server

waiting for your reply :)

Could not connect to Twitter. Refresh the page or try again later. I followed the instructions but the order did not work

I sent you the information

Could not connect to Twitter. Refresh the page or try again later. I followed the instructions but the order did not work


The script works fine but I have some problems When I place a tabular publication and return to it, I find it without a link even though I put the link

I have suggestions about the script Twitter allows the publication of 140 characters without pictures and videos and in the script 140 characters with pictures and videos

Is that possible just add video url link on video post without uploading video? Thanks

Yes, Try to with type “Text”


ugur125 Purchased

How can i increase post file size? Twitter don’t post, when i post files which are over 4 mb

You can config it on your hosting cpanel.


ugur125 Purchased

Thank you for your reply. But i don’t have any problem with my hosting settings about uploading. I can upload gif or video file without file size problem but when i schedule any file over 4 mb, twitter don’t post

Curently i don’t have solution for this. I will research it.