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ugur125 Purchased

hello I only want to know how to add more repost options? (didn’t want change… I want to add more option)


I sent an email

Change it with

<select class="form-control" name="repeat_time">
    <option value="0"><?=l('No')?></option>
    <?php for ($i = 1; $i <= 23; $i++) {
        <option value="<?=$i*60*60?>"><?=$i." ".l('hours')?></option>
    <?php } ?>
    <?php for ($i = 1; $i <= 365; $i++) {
        <option value="<?=$i*86400?>"><?=$i." ".l('days')?></option>
    <?php } ?>

ugur125 Purchased

Thank you :) It helped me a lot

Is this beauty working? Supported? Will it post auto reply based upon keywork, hash, user, etc. I’d pay extra to have that functionality. How are you getting around twitter banning?

And guess what peeps? Demos is deadsville! Can you get it up?

Script support a lot of feature to avoid banning. Contact me via skype tienpham1606 if you have any question.

Can you answer my questions? I’m interested in knowing if I’m wasting my $19 on a script not working or is it working. I’m sure others are too, as we don’t get refunds

hi, is that possible run it without cron job as it runs out usage and cause hosting down all the time.

Oh Need cronjob to script working :)


Unable to connect to your database server using the provided settings.

Filename: third_party/MX/Base.php

Line Number: 55

when i add twitter account, i get this notif “Could not connect to Twitter. Refresh the page or try again later.”

hello please go to your Twitter app and add callback url is: http://yourdomain.com/ to fixed it

It’s work! thank you :)

Hello Friend,

You can add the option to follow and stop following, also retweet?

This Twitter Script would be the best one if you had those options :)

Yes, I also have this plan

When will this plan be available?


ugur125 Purchased

How can we change the character limit (280 instead of 140)? and do you have a any eta for auto follow, auto retweet,Auto DM and auto unfollow script for twitter

hi Pinterest Auto Post Multi Accounts I don’t download

mate you don’t sent pinterest auto post

Hello, is there any update to more than 140 character?

The program failed The author does not respond to any query Or any question

How can we help you? please check it your email.

Thank you!

I bought the program And you install it as instructed But unfortunately does not work with me I sent you several times and did not solve my problem Enter yourself and try

لقد اشتريت البرنامج وقمت بعمل كل الخطوات المطلوبة في تثبيت البرنامج ولكن للأسف لا يعمل البرنامج أرسلت مليوووووووون رسالة وما في رد كل مرة ترد علي ما المشكلة خبرتك بالمشكلة ، وترد علي وقول لي ما المشكلة كيف أساعدك أرسلت لكم تفاصيل الموقع واليوزر نيم والباسوورد .... برنامج فاشل أنصح ما في أحد يشتري شيء من المؤلف هذا كل أعماله خربانه يا أخي اتقوا الله فينا ما تأخذوا فلوس حرام وتضحكوا على الناس


We need Know more what’s your issue, to quickly please contact us at Skype: info.vtcreators@gmail.com

Thank you!

The program failed The author does not respond to any query Or any question

The program failed The author does not respond to any query Or any question

Hi! Please check it your email.

Thank you!

I installed the script and posted, but the status does not change as “Processing”. cronjob is set up. Do you know what caused the problem?

The phenomenon that the status does not change from “being processed” has been resolved. However, the status is “Failure”, which means that you can not post. Help me.

That’s mean your posts cannot posted, please try with other accounts to check it out Sir.

Thank you!


Mirajcse Purchased

Hello I Follow All Rules But I am not added Any Account When I Click That time message show Could not connect to Twitter. Refresh the page or try again later.

Hi brother, Thank you for purchasing Have you ever checked Consumer key and Consumer secret on Settings ( Config Twitter App) yet? You must make sure add these strings corretly. Beside, If you have any question please contact with us via skype and email: info.vtcreators@gmail.com to get more informations Thanks


ayako666 Purchased

The user’s avatar is not displayed. How do I register an avatar?

Hi brother Can you contact with us via skype or email: info.vtcreators@gmail.com to get more informations. Please confirm it again.thanks