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Hey! I have some troubles. I installed the plugin on my Wordpress, but it says offline even if I link it to a random channel or a specific channel that is online. You can find it here:

Do I need to do more than installing it to Wordpress? Is there any installation-instructions? You will get a five-star if we can get it working together :)

I’m am planning to make a new update with shortcode support. I might also look into a way to change the layout. :)

Perfect! It would also be supernice if there was a feature which let you choose that some twitch-channels may be hid during offline, but also if u want you can keep one visible whetever it is online or offline ;)

I’ll see what I can do. :)

I left a five star rating for you now :D I wonder though, is there an easy way to make the links to the channels to pop up in a new tab instead of the one they’re in? I don’t want people leaving my site too much ;)

You can change the target of the links to _blank, this will let them pop-up in another window.


I’ve just installed the Widget and everything works fine when I try to show just one stream. Though, if I insert two streams like “jianji, inaza” it loads forever without showing something.

Am I doing something wrong?

Hi jerodev,

do you have any idea where this is coming from?

Sorry for my late response, I currently have exams. I think I know what the problem is and I will look into it as soon as possible!

No problem – good luck with your exams. I’m looking forward to the solution.

Hello jerodev,

I must say so far i’m really liking your plugin, but i do have a question on styling it because i can’t seem to find what i’m looking for in the css or php files.

So i’ve changed the margins of the streams showing, and i removed the avatars with the option that i can check/uncheck.

But now i would like to remove the “playing: xxxxxx” from the widget to make it a little bit more compact and better looking for my site.

if you need to look at the site it’s

Also Jastend, you need to remove the spaces between the , in order to have multiple streams running. so it would look like:


Hey just bought your widget earlier and just wanted to say you did an absolutely amazing job with it, already greatly in love :)

I have one question tho, is there a way to make it open the links in a new window/tab instead of leaving my site? I couldnt seem to find it in the options, so mayby you could tell me where to alter the code and to what? :)

Mayby make an option for it for the next version! Thumbs up for your great job.


Love your plugin works great and its easy to style! I had a question though, i noticed that the logo/avatar in the plugin seems to not show up in IE or Mozilla? But it works perfectly fine in Chrome? Any ideas?

I purchased the widget, but it shows only a border with the word “logo” in it. I ‘ve read some of the previous comments with the same problem as mine, but i can’t still manage to solve it. Some help would be much appreciated.

Can you provide a link to the blog where you use it?

Sure, here it is

Is it possible for you to take a look? Cause i just can’t find a way to make it work!

I bought the plugin and installed it on my site so that it does not le me. The plugin needs some requirement in any firewall port open?


any updates coming up on this so i an purchase for 3.6

If you have some new ideas, feel free to share them.

The widget works fine in 3.6. :)

ah ok thankyou , purchasing it now :D

I purchased the widget, but it shows only a border with the word “logo” in it. I ‘ve read some of the previous comments with the same problem as mine, but i can’t still manage to solve it. Can you help me please i have it on this side

I am trying to figure out where the script is hanging. :)

Thanks, your plugin helps a lot making the Danish e-sport scene more Popular in Denmark!

Did you fix it? :)

Hello there! Thanks for creating the Twitch plugin. I am experiencing a few issues that I am hoping you can help with. I was wondering if it would be possible to have the twitch feeds display in more of a dynamic way. If online, have the box expand and push any other twitch channels or widgets down(like an accordion)? I am also having an issue with overlap of other widgets. Depending on height of the sidebar installed to, it often will overlap with other widgets on the sidebar. Any help with either or both of these would be greatly appreciated! I can provide more info if needed.

You can edit this yourself in the javascript file. Currently I am not going to update this plugin because I don’t have the time. But when I will, I will consider this idea. ;)

Any plans on making PHP version?

This plugin is made in php. Or do you mean a stand alone version?

I bought the plugin, but it is not working. Put channels, but on my page only shows that is loading and nothing happens. How can I solve?

Thank you.

Can you provide a link to the page where you use the plugin?

Your demo page is not working. Are you still there and do you offer support?

I am trying to get the text to not butte up against the profile image. Is there a way to configure this so that it appears more spread out and fluid in the sidebar as seen here? ( )

Hi there, my website is I’ve just bought your widget but there is problem twitch status is not near the channel photo it’s under of it .Can you fix it ? Screen Shot :

Have you currently added the plugin on any page? This way it is easier for me to find out what is happening.

Hello I have some questions

Do I do I want the people who put them in the show? Km maximum number possible to put? Can I activate the video chat with? Can I put each member in profile, especially in its live broadcast Fund? (Eg visitor enters the page the person and see the live broadcast instead of home page)

We are a team of 16 people interested in twitch and we will work our site and believe that your business Thank you