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Love what you have done with the full screen player but where’s the chat?

The chat box just took up too much screen real estate and was not responsive to I opted out of including it.

Does this plugin have the ability to pull streams if they are online.

We are looking at a way to showcase say 50-100 streamers but only want to show the stream if they are online.

Sorry there is no way for the plugin to tell if a channel is currently streaming. -Nolan

I thought this plugin would display a gallery of different user livestreams via Twitch usernames / ID’s but it only displays one channel’s stream archive. Works fine for only one twitch channel, but 95% of people will want to show multiple channels.

You can return a search gallery of available live streams or display one channels stream and archived videos.

Can you please let us know what is included in the latest update on July 6 and how should we update on top of the previous version? Thanks!

The latest update fixed an issue with setting the amount of archived videos shown. It was only showing the default amount of 10. Now it will show more then 10 archived videos in your channel. To update you can simply uninstall and delete the previous version and then upload, install and activate the new package. All of your shortcodes/settings will remain. -Nolan

Cool! Many thanks.

Hello I have some questions

Do I do I want the people who put them in the show? Km maximum number possible to put? Can I activate the video chat with? Can I put each member in profile, especially in its live broadcast Fund? (Eg visitor enters the page the person and see the live broadcast instead of home page)

Thank you

I am not sure I follow all the questions but there is no settings for allowing only a certain amount people to view the broadcast. You can set the max amount of archived videos from a channel to show. I would say no to the video chat. No to members in profile. Yes the person will see the Live Broadcast with this plugin. Sorry if this does not answer your questions very well. I had a hard time understanding exactly what you are asking. Thanks, -Nolan

Can I set it to show a certain game category or does it have to be only a certain channel?

There is a search feature that displays a search result so you can query a game and it will show all active game streams for that game. Thanks, -Nolan

Any chance of having display option of chat like the other plugins on here have?

Sorry, I do not have plans of adding a chat display at this moment. Thanks, -Nolan

Hi I have an issue with the Twitch Status:Warning: implode(): Invalid arguments passed in /wp-content/plugins/twitch-status/includes/twitch-status-options.php on line 85 can you help?

Twitch Status is not my plugin. If you deactivate my plugin TwitchBox you will see that the “implode” error for the Twitch Status plugin still exists so nor is it experiencing a conflict with my plugin. I would contact the author of the Twitch Status plugin for help. Good luck -Nolan

My apologies Nolan. I confused two plugins. I had an issue with this one as well however did find out that it just does not support https (the live stream keeps timing out). Any idea how to fix it?

That would be a connection to the Twitch server problem. Try flushing your dns –

Is there an auto play option?

All Streams and archived vids autoplay.

You mentioned a year ago that you couldn’t put mulitple profiles. Is this still the case, and if it is is there any plans on being able to put in multiple streamers instead of an archieve?

You can only have one main stream player playing on one page at once. You can load a stream search and show stream results for any search term. They show as gallery items Not video players though. There is no plans on having multiple streaming players at once. Thanks, -Nolan

Hey this is great! I do have a few concerns regarding the fact that there are not a ton of options. I would love to be able to opt out of using sound on roll over and the search bar.

Also, the search bar keeps covering over other pieces of text and the video. Hope you guys can consider some of these things for the next update so I can use this plugin.

I will look into it. Thanks, -Nolan

Server was down – it is back up now. Thanks for alerting me to this.


Is there any way to disable the highlights/past broadcasts section and just have the video player up?



Thank you Nolan! One last thing, what phrase should I look for in the code to change the twitch chat height? It’s still uneven and when I tried to look, almost everything I saw in it was already set to 100%.

Line 239 – .twitch-vid-main .tb-chat

Email me at with the link to your page and I can look at it for you if you need. -Nolan

i think they made it a requirement to include client id or something now…think i read they been slacking about enforcing it, but now they are….idk

I included the javascript SDK and am using my client ID to authorize but it is still not working due to the api calls coming from a non SSL site(my site is http not https). idk what Twitch is doing but I have found others experiencing the same issue. I will let you know if I get this sorted out.

Hi mate, this looks nice, do you have a demo plugin ? i want to see that is fully compatible with our template.

This plugin is currently experiencing issues with displaying both search and archived video api calls. It is currently only working with a single stream with chat. It should be compatible wth any theme. -Nolan

I am wanting to purchase this plugin. However, does this plugin allow me to add as many twitch accounts as I want? Also, is there a way I could remove the search bar?

No you can show the stream from a single channel or allow for a search. Yes the search bar can be hidden via css.

Is there a way to remove the “TWITCH BOX” logo on the player?

The Twitch Box background image? Sure – /wp-content/plugins/wp-twitchbox/css/style.css line 202 remove the background-image property from .twitch-vid-main. -Nolan

You ar welcome. -Nolan

Pre-sales question: In what way can streams be selected? I’m hoping it can be by stream username, and not just by game directory. We need to list specific streams. Please advise.

What display options are there for the page and the widget?

Also, can the sound effects be turned off?


1. Yes, it works by username. 2. The widget option has the same options as the gallery. The amount of videos to display. Username of steam etc. 3.Yes, the sound effects can easily be turned off. Thanks, -Nolan

Pre-sales question: Can you use a php code code? also do I have control of each channel shown below main video? For example: I have 20 people that want to add. Can I do that? Why the low ratings? Seems like a great plugin from demo.?

People expect it to do more than it does for some reason. You do not have control. The main video is the live stream and the videos below are archived videos for that channel. Not sure what you mean about “use a php code” you will have to elaborate on that. Thanks, -Nolan

I have a gaming team. I would like to use this plugin. Here’s what I need it for. Let me know if It can function like this? 1. top video can be my channel? 2. channels on bottom can be my teammates? 3. I need to be able to place a wordpress shortcode inside a php file.

Sorry, it is hard coded for the top video to be the live stream and the bottom be the archived videos. There is no way of changing this. -Nolan

Hello I allow me to contact you because the module does not work, I do not have live display and this is quite problematic I saw that you had to code API V2 my Twitch is go to the API v5. Is it possible to pass on the V5 and allow the buyer to include their own API key to unload your and make sure that the module function my version of the module that I bought yesterday is the Version 1.6

Yours truly Theswat

I am sorry it is not working for you. You can contact me at and I will help to get this sorted out. Thanks, -Nolan