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How can I use a Zoom Lens option? Can you recommend any update or any other compatible plugin?

Hi,please check your email.

kindly, email me from your direct email, I sent you email but maybe your email address is not working anymore.I got a reply which is “Delivery to the following recipient failed permanently”

Hi tks Niloy follow my other email:

Two Pre-sales questions….

1) On the demo ( it starts a slideshow on hovering over. Is that only on the Pro Version? I don’t see that on the free version for me on a local environment using 2016 Theme.

2) Will it work with the Shop Isle Theme ( or can something to be modified to make it work with that that won’t break updates to either?


1. yes, it’s the Pro version demo :)’s work with most of theme but you may have some CSS issue.if you face any issues with plugin and theme conflict then I can help you .

Thanks. As I figured… sorry I missed the 40% off sale :)

it’s okay. Get ready for 11.11 offer


Zhelev Purchased

Hi, I bought and use this plugin and thinks is good. I have one problem. When click on one of the thumbnale pictures, the main picture get display: none style and hide. On the screen is only a loading circle. Please give me an advice, hot to solve this problem.

please send me an email, with your site url and login access.

Hi. Great plugin! Is it possible to disable the lightbox or to make the large image not be a link at all? Thank you.

Ok, I added this to CSS to make navigation disappear. So it’s ok. .elastislide-vertical nav span { background: none; color: transparent; }

But I would still like to know about disabling the link on the big image or disabling the lightbox. How can I do this?

Hey I figured it out. I put this in the CSS

.twist-main-image { pointer-events: none; }

Don’t worry about replying. Thank you!

You welcome sheryanne :)


Mijaeus Purchased

Hello, the autoplay doesnt seem to work. I added the plugin and some images, for example at but the slider is not rotating the images.

Hi Mijaeus,
autoplay is only working in thumbnails area and it’s will working if you have many images on your gallery.


Mijaeus Purchased

Uh, so its thumbnail slider? Is there a bit of code you can help me with to make it change the main image?

Yes, it is.
But In the version 2.0 i will try to add some more features like Single image autoplay,video gallery etc. :)
Read this article for autoplay option :

is this touch/swipe compatible ? loop / circular ? and hide arrows if its less then 3/2 ? and any zoom ? please let me know…

it don’t have the functions you are looking for in this version but I will try to add them in version 2.0. Thanks

Hello, I just purchased the slider and it does not seem to be working on Safari, please take a look –

FYI I disabled the “WooCommerce Image Zoom” plugin in case that was the issue but the slider still did not work.

Well I’m not sure what to tell you other than that it does not currently work on Mac and Safari, which is disappointing since I just purchased the plugin and now I have to purchase another one.

I am really sorry for this. please don’t disappoint. I will give you refund please send a refund request.

I would much prefer to find a solution to this issue than ask for a refund. Is there anyway you can use a Mac simulator or ask someone who has a Mac?

Nice Work. GLWS :)

Looks good. Best wishes for the sales. DCSF

Kudos! GLWS – DCSF

Do you foresee adding the ability to add videos to the gallery area? If so, when might that be available?

Yes, I’m also thought to add this feature into Twist in future. I am very busy with my other projects right now but I hope I will free in last week of march. so I can add this video gallery feature in last week of next month.


Does this Plugin work with any theme?

Does it work with Visual Composer?

Can a video clip be added in place of an image?

Thank you.

Hi, 1. yes, almost all themes. 2. yes. 3.Not yet, but hopefully very soon.

What does ”...but hopefully very soon” mean?

I mean to say, i will add this feature very soon into this plugin

HI ,

i’m Interested in buying this plugin.Just Few Questions.

Is it compatible with Woo-commerce Theme called ELECTRO ?

Does it comes it properties like Zoom on hover,open in modal box,navigation arrows ?

I am mainly looking this for placing thumbnails in vertical left side? it can be done by this?


Hello, I am not tested it yet with Electro theme.but it should be works. It’s not comfortable with any zoom plugin but build in zoom function is testing on beta mode.I will release it when all bugs are fixed. as you can see modal and navigation are working on Demo can set thumbnails in vertical left side. Regards, Niloy