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Hi there – love the plugin! Works great. Is it possible to the vertical list load up on the right hand side of the main image instead of the left? Thanks. Steve

Hi steve, By default you can’t add it on the right this moment you can use custom css for this layout. but in next release I will add this option from twist setting panel ☺.

Sounds great!! Any chance of some css code for now to get us by? I tried but didn’t have any luck

please create a private topic in our support I can provide you the code☺

Still enjoying the ease of the plugin, except I found an annoying bug where it seems to be conflicting and causing the mobile menu not to load anymore when your plugin is activated as you can see on

Is this a common issue?

Please enable the zoom option from the plugin and let me know you still have the problem. if the problem is gone then open a private topic on my forum and i will fix it on your server

Thanks for the quick reply – still not working… will raise a ticket on your forum thanks

works with any theme? i means replaces the default one of the theme?

yes, if the theme use default woocommerce hooks ☺

no the theme doesn’t uses the default

oh. than you may need my help ☺

Hello, Does the pro version now support image variation loading after selecting multiple options in variations? If yes I buy it.

Best regards

thank for quick reply. buying it right now

alright, just installed is this normal that first image is centered, second is 10px left, third 20px then the 10th image is not in the window..

Please check your email.

Hi! I wish to show woocommerce product variations (like the same product, but in different colours, for instance) on a grid or carousel, like if they were individual simple products, but they are not, they are variations of a variable product, linking to the parent product.

Is this my plugin?

oh, now I understood. no it’s not possible to add additional variations product into gallery with my plugin.but you can add this function by custom coding on your plugin ☺. good luck

If I could code my own plugin I would not be searching for one here! Thanks!

I thought you will do research about this code and do it your own. btw, I am available for custom work you can check profile page for more details.

Hi guys,

Great plugin!

I have a small issue. I set the number of thumnails on the left to 4. When i add 4 or more images to a products that works fine. But when i add only 3 images, only two or shown on the left. You only can see the third when you press the arrow down.

Can you help me fix this?

please download the latest version from codecanyon

I updated and it works great now. Thanks a lot.


The auto play option is working as expected, however, I want to stop the auto play when a customer clicks an image from the image gallery or when a variation is choosen.

In order words, I need it to switch to manual mode as soon as a customer performs any action in the gallery slider.

Best regards,

okay, I will keep it in my mind ☺ Thanks for your feedback

Would it be possible for you to add this feature on next release?

I will try.

Hi there, how can I enable the video gallery?

Hi, please read the documentation. so you will know how it’s works. after that if still not understood how it’s works just let me know ☺. Thanks

Hello – I posted a support question on your support time a couple days ago. I still haven’t received a response.

please give me your topic url here.

I posted in your support forum like you stated we should do.

Please just search by my username on your support forum.

Customers shouldn’t have to post support help on your support forum, follow up with you, then post the link to the question here from your support forum.


Seriously ! I don’t find anything related your username. that’s why I told you to provide your topic url here. you can see your topic in this link ( if you really post in the support forum

Hi, I have a presale question. I am not using any zoom plugins, but if I purchase this plugin will the zoom function then work? Or do I have to install something extra? I’m a little confused. I can’t finde any zoom in the demo.


Hi, yes you can use default woocommerce zoom feature . you will find zoom on/off option in twist setting panel ☺.

Perfect, thank you.


mexp Purchased

Photo not show for use Yootheme Pro

please create a private topic in our support forum with your login details.

Dear Team i am using the plugin “WooCommerce Single Product Page Builder”

however when customizing the product, the twist settings are not replicated in the product images section! how can we solve this issue? is there any class name i have to put inside the product images section in order for the twist to enable?

please create a private topic in our support forum with your login details.

done, thx