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Cluusa Purchased


I’m using Twist to list product images on the page vertically, but all images are blurry. Please check –

I’ve tried to deactivate all plugins to see if there is any conflict with other plugins, and that didn’t help.

What I noticed is that when I deactivate LightBox for Gallery (please check the screenshot: the images looks good, but they can not be enlarged, which is the functionality that I would like to keep.

I would appreciate if you could take a look and give me some insight into this issue.

Thank you!

Hi, please open a ticket in our support Forum


mntooz Purchased

Hi mate, great tool, hopefully this helps us out!

We are using Woocommerce + Elementor + Jetplugins (and the Kava theme) for our store currently. I’ve downloaded your plugin and found the setting but can’t figure out how to enable it live on a product page.

How do I enable the slider in a single product page?

Thank you mate!

Hi mate,
Thanks for using our item.
you need to use this [twist_vc] shortcode in your custom product page and make sure you enable this setting
if you still face any issue just rise a ticket in our support forum and we will reply asap.
Best, Team Codeixer


mntooz Purchased

All good and working. Thanks!

P.S. By accident I saw some comments 2 years ago that this wasn’t working properly on mac and ios, but now it seems fine to me on an iphone. Was it fixed?

Yes, it is working apple devices now :)

Hi, With your plugin activated this error happen when admin try to login:

Error thrown

Call to undefined function is_product()

Please, let us know how we could solve it,


Hi, Please make sure woocommerce plugin is Active. is_product is the woocommerce function. also, open a ticket in our forum to quickly solve this problem.

hello, I just bought your plugin, and I’m using a layout for woocomerce using visual composer, but I activate your plugin and it does not change a striking gallery as I would like. plugin:

my website:


mmm is no longer necessary, error solved.

Great! Thanks for using our item

I tried out the free version with Elementor’s Product Images module. The nav arrows don’t react, clicking on thumbnail images don’t react either. Would this pro version work?

Thanks for your query.
Actually, the free version is not working with custom product page.
But the pro version is works with custom page.

Hello, nice plugin thanks. It is nearly working for me. apart from when I disable “LightBox For Thumbnails” the images on the page go huge and it breaks the template. Any ideas on how to stop this from happening as I’d like the user to click the thumbnail without it going to lightbox.. Thanks you,

please open a ticket in our support forum

done, thank you

Is there a way to add the menutab on multisite? I just added your plugin to a multisite, but the menutab dosnt show as shown in documentation, it dosnt show at all – Did I miss something?

No. you need to setup only 1 site

Ive added license to main in the multisite, but when going to one of the 2 other ones, it says license is needed, and already used in mainpage :)

Hello, please extend your support add-on.
as i can see the support expired 2 months ago.

Every time when I save settings, plugin required activation key again. I tried more then 10 times, can you please suggest me what to do ?


please contact us via support forum.

Pre-sales question. We are using the free version of the plugin but there is a conflict with the jquery version (3.2.1) that we are using: “Uncaught TypeError: a.indexOf is not a function”

Will this error be resolved in the Pro version?

Twist is working with the default jquery version which come with the wordpress core. So 3.2.1 may conflict with pro version (not tested)

Hello, presale question. Do you have any known conflict with Woo Badge Designer? Is it possible to try the plugin to know if it has conflicts with other installed plugin? Thank you

we did not test it with Woo Badge Designer. but if you face any issue then we can help you to fix the problem. after purchase, if we can’t solve the conflict issue(if have) then you will get a Refund from us :)


Swop Purchased

It is NOT responsive. The slider isn’t “image kern (center position) is of”. Please give support on this one to adjust the way slider works on mobile devices.

Please open an ticket in our support forum with your site login details


Swop Purchased

done! opened ticket :)

Ticket resolved :)

Hi, on first, sorry for my bad english.

I’m trying free plugin but images see so bad

And space on featured image and slider.

My question is:

On pro version, can i select the space between in slider and image?

Can i select the size of image gallery?

Can i see admin demo?

Hi, The issue ( screenshot ) is happend because your gallery has different image height. - You can set space with custom css. - all gallery images size will be 100×100 - sorry but i can send you admin screenshots if you want.

I tried with same size and error continue:

If i buy this plugin and i cant solve this problem, i can refund the money?

If we Can’t solve the problem you will get refund