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Product page advertising:

“Lightbox Control” “Image Zoom” “Full Control” “Responsive”

None of that is true, False advertisement.

Lightbox is trash also, there is no responsive, no arrow control, no zoom inside the light box so why would YOU want to use it??

There is no image zoom either as advertised. Look up another product zoom plugin, this is not an image zoom, opening into a lightbox is not considered an image zoom (you cannot even zoom on the image once the lightbox is open anyways)

Lightbox Control?? I want to try and change it, Nope, can’t do that either as it was advertised

Avoid, plugin maker will not give refund either

if you request for refund in first day then I will think about it to gave you refund.but your points are not right. and you want refund after mmore than 1 week! do you really think that my others buyers are fake? even you are the first one who comes with this type of points.

and I will refund you now and don’t think I refund you for your 1 star review.

don’t worry. my future buyers will still can see your comments for verify your points. ✌


Just purchased your module but its not displaying the product image at all on Google Chrome. Some help in resolving this would be great.

Kind regards Roy

Hi, please create a private topic in our support forum with your login details.

Thanks, Just done that…

Problem Solved :)

Would be nice with an option to have responsive size of the images when getting the lightbox in fullscreen. An option to make the image either 100% width of the viewframe or 100% height. Looking to make it 100% height atm.

Hi, in this plugin have a option for image width on lightbox setting tab. please check it.


a2ent Purchased

Hi, just installed plugin. How do I get video URL’s in the carousel? I don’t see an extra option. Does this plugin provide the ability to add video URL’s in the product gallery?


a2ent Purchased

Nevermind, stupid me. Adding a video also means adding an image and there you can add video URL

so, are you found the way to add video in gallery?

PreSale Question: Hi Can I change thumbnail for bullet display on master picture ?

Hello, yes you can ☺ in the setting page you will find an option for display the bullets under the feature image

any news about rtl?

Hi, what news you want too know? - Twist support rtl ☺

Hello, your plugin does not work well on mobile. Your plugin makes the product and gallery images very large on mobile. Is there any fix?

Hi, which mobile you are using? i can see the demo is working very well in mobile devices

please open a private topic in our support forum.


a2ent Purchased

Plugin goes crazy on Woocommerce update. Please check

Hi a2ent,
please fix these jquery errors and let me know via our support forum if the problem is not solved.

Can you please refund plugin doen’t work like it should thank you :)

Anyone from support there?

Can you just refund?

i installed plugin but where is shortcode to insert carousel???

Hello, are you using visual composer for customizing the single product page? if you don’t use any custom layout then, you don’t need the shortcode. Twist will replace automatically once it active :) if you need more help please open a topic in our support forum

Can you make gallery thumbnail images smaller with this plugin? or hide gallery thumbnails only on mobile?

yes, you can use custom css code for hide gallery thumbs only for mobile.

can product gallery image thumbnails be adjusted in size?

the size is adjusted base on the on the quantity. example if you set 5 images then the image size will small and if you select 3 images the size will be large.

Again, the plugin is not working on my site I did try all the css fixes possible, finally went with another slider because of this, so please refund..

I told you that I will refund you. why you are not open refund request yet? without that I can’t refund you. do you have the refund form url?

Thank you! :) No I haven’t, can you please tell me where I can find it?

Hi, does it work with kallyas theme and is it possible try before you buy? ( or refund if too much issues).

Hi, thanks for your query. yes it’s should be work and if you face any issues than I can support you for that issues.

Hi, I want to set the lightbox width option in percentage. Is that possible? I don’t want to set it in pixel.


frisser Purchased

I use Beaver Builder Themer and it will not autmatically replace the gallery. Maybe make an option to use a shortocode like Visual Composer?

you can use [twist_vc] shortcode in beacer builder too ☺

Can you please keep your change log up to date? thanks

it’s already up to date

oh. I see. don’t worry about it. no plugin files are edit on the last update. I just change the plugin name on last update. you will notify via email when any update will release with changelog

Hi. I need a quick answer here if possible. Is it possible to use this carousel as image carousel slider in regular single post, not just for Woocommerce websites?

Kind regards.

No it’s not possible to use it without woocommerce but it’s possible to do it with some custom works. Thanks

Many thanks for quick reply!

Hi, how can I set the slide to when the mouse is hover on the thumbnails, then it automatically slide/swap the main product image, so w/o clicking on the thumbnail. Your help greatly appreciated.

It’s April already. You mean May?

sorry, yes I mean to say MAY ☺. for 1 sec I just thought February is running now

Thanks. Can’t wait for the new release!

Pre-sale question Hello, I want to ask you, if your plugin does work with product with variations like color etc. I have a plugin for color swatch, it changes the image of product by the selected color. Please, look here – Thank you very much!

yes, twist is comfortable with color swatch ✌and feel free to contact with me if you face any problem.