Product Gallery Slider for Woocommerce - Twist

Product Gallery Slider for Woocommerce - Twist

Too Many Product Images in your Product Gallery? with Twist, you can Easily add a carousel to your WooCommerce product gallery. Comes with vertical and horizontal gallery layouts and navigation support.

Plugin Features

  • Responsive Layout
  • Navigation support
  • Slider AutoPlay Options
  • Image slider for Single Product feature Image area
  • Lightbox Customization
  • RTL Mode
  • Youtube & Vimeo Video support for Product Image & Gallery
  • Gallery Layout [Vertical and Horizonal Silder]
  • On/Off LightBox Setting for Thumbnails images
  • Working with Most of Premium themes
  • Twist required PHP version 5.5 or + .
  • Twist is conflict with image zoom plugins.But You can use By default woocommerce Zoom Feature (if you are using any image zoom plugin for your shop then please don’t purchased it.
  • At this moment it’s conflict with Master Slider Plugin. But if you temporary deactivate Master Slider and save the Twist Setting then it will be working again.
  • Change Log:

    v2.0.5 – 17 December 2017
    • Added : add new option “Hide Thumbnails”
    • Update: Load plugin js and css files only for Single Product page
    v2.0.4 – 12 December 2017
    • Added : Visual Composer shortcode add for Custom Layout.
    • Added: New Setting option

    v2.0.3 – 17 November 2017

    • Update : Twist Now Pro & x Theme compatible
    • Added: Thumbnails scroll by [New option]
    • Added: Add Gallery Layout Vertical Right [New option]
    • Fixed: Mobile devices Drag option not working
    • Fixed: jQuery Error if Zoom Feature Turn off from Twist settings
    v2.0.2 – 17 October 2017 v2.0.1 – 4 Octobor 2017 v2.0 – 7 September 2017
    • Major Update
    • Added: Support for Default woocommerce Zoom
    • Added: New Setting options
    • Added: Image slider for Single Product feature Image area
    • Added: Lightbox Customization
    • Added: RTL Mode
    • Added: Youtube & Vimeo Video support for Product Image & Gallery
    • Fixed: Variation Product image Conflict
    • Update: Add new Jquery Plugins (Slick & Venobox)
    v1.2.2 – 27 April 2017
    • Fixed: Variation Product image does not change after selecting the attributes
    v1.2.1 – 6 April 2017
    • Fixed: woo commerce version 3.0 gallery conflict
    • Added: New gallery Setting option in WPGS setting for Woocommerce version 3.0 or later
    v1.2 – 22 Feb 2017
    • Fixed – Display navigation icons in product image if the product doesn’t have gallery images.
    • Fixed – Run jQuery and CSS codes only when visitors are open Single Product page( for improving site loading time )
    v1.1 – 01 May 2016
    • Bug fixing and adding new features
    v1.0 – 11 Feb 2016
    • Initial Release