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Looks great and certainly interested in buying, but a few quick questions:

1. Is the button on the website customisable?
2. Can you set display rules for the button – i.e. time of day etc
3. Is it a shortcode you add to display the button / number field?


Thanks for your comment. 1. Yes the button is customisable You can change the text on the button also this button has a class “twilio_call_button” by default it will take the default style of the theme. and for sure you can override this style. 2. Now on this version it’s not available. But we can do this customization for you on your version. 3. Yes there is a shortcode placed on the area you want to display the button/number field.

Thanks Zonnix Support

Planing to buy this but before I will like to see a live version as try


Thanks for your comment. We are now working on setup a demo for trying the plugin till step of making the call.

You will be able to go throw plugin options and shortcodes over the website.

Thanks Zonnix Support

Here is written that it is compatible with woocommerce and here come my questions: 1) Is it compatible with Woocommerce 2.5? 2) Is it possible to send call voice orders to the phone number of the vendors (not sms)? 3) IS it compatible with Woothemes Product Vendors? https://www.woothemes.com/products/product-vendors/

What about to add the option for the VENDORS to click the phone number 1 to accept the order, click 2 to reject the order and click 3 to repeat the automatic voice phone call?


Thanks for your comment Matteo.

1. Yes it is compatible with Woo-Commerce 2.5.

2. When the user entered his phone number and click on the button. A call established between the user/customer and the vendor, If what you mean that the user leave a voice message to the vendor (this option not available on this version .. we are now working on the recording voice message module and it will be available on the next version)

3. Within 2~3 days this option will be available on the current version (thanks for sharing this idea!)

4. Now on the current version the vendor has the option to accept the call by press number 1 or hangup the call to reject. When the “record a voice call” module be ready the vendor will have the ability to repeat all voice message as he wish from the admin panel.

Thanks Zonnix Support

3) I was using PRODUCT VENDORS, but now I am moving to WC MAKRETPLACE, because not only its free, but it is also more easy to use: https://wordpress.org/plugins/dc-woocommerce-multi-vendor/ Do you think that Twilio Easy Call Pro can be compatible with this woocommerce multivendor plugin too?

Will this work if multiple people try to use the button at once, or is it one-at-a-time? We’d want to route this from a website to a call-center (trunk line)

Greetings Timventura,

1- Yes it is allow multi users to use this button at the same time.

2- If you have call-center system … then just insert the phone number in the plugin and any website visitor will use this button he will route the call to your call-center.

Thanks Zonnix Support

Hi Zonnix – Pretty neat app. Almost a perfect install in 5 minutes. It calls phone number 1, asks them to hold (I wrote the message for that), then dials the second number.

When the two numbers are bridged together, it immediately fails and says, “I’m sorry, an application error has occured”. Any idea why this might be?

Also, to enable multi-user support (20 to 50 people using this app at once after a live event, do I need to do anything? They can’t all go over a single Twilio number can they?

Greetings Timventura,

Thanks for buying our “Twilio Easy Call Pro” plugin, and thanks for contacting us.

Could you please send us your PHP version of the server. Also can you send us the logs from Twilio Account https://www.twilio.com/user/account/log/calls select the failed call and send us the details.

Thanks in advance Zonnix Support

Also Yes, your users can make as many calls as they want using only one caller ID.

Hi, This is a Very Valuable Plugin. I run a Used Car Aggregator Portal, where Multiple Dealers offload their Used Car Inventories. Currently I display the Contact Details of all of My Dealers on the Listings Page. However, I’ve noticed a lot of Crawlers and Bots Scraping My Website for Contact Details. As a result, I plan to use Your Plugin to Directly enable My Visitors to Call My Dealers Directly from My Website. Kindly address My following Queries :

1. Do I need to assign a Different New Twilio Number to every Dealer ? Like One Twilio Number for Dealer 1, and another Number for Dealer 2 ?

2. Front-End Dealer Number Input : For My Dealers, I have a Frontend Dealer Dashboard. I want to enable My Dealers to Save their Contact Number in the Front-End, without taking them to the Backend. Kindly let Me know how to achieve this, because this is extremely Important. I want to bring the Custom Taxonomy / Custom Field to the Frontend.

3. Are the Buyer’s Numbers Saved in the Call Log ? I want to use the Buyer’s Number for Re-Marketing Purposes.

Kindly Revert, RebelHustler.

Greetings RebelHustler,

Thanks for contacting us.

1. You don’t need to assign different Twilio numbers for each dealer. Just one Twilio number needed.

2. For sure it is applicable. We can add our custom field to the frontend dashboard. But it will be customized on your version only.

3. Yes all calls are logged in the logs section. It’s display the call has been established between [NUMBER ONE] and [NUMBER TWO].

Thanks in advance

Zonnix Support

Hi do you have standalone PHP version

Greetings Moaciro,

Thanks for contacting us. For now we have only the Wordpress version. But for sure we can do it for standalone PHP version for you.

please contact us at support@zonnix.net for more details


jtny10 Purchased

I just purchased the plugin and I cant seem to figure out where to put the forwarding number? I added my twilo info- I added the shortcode to the site and when you enter in your number it calls you BUT it says “The call failed or the agent hung up” .. what am i doing wrong..


jtny10 Purchased

Found it..

Greetings jtny10



emiosllc Purchased

Hello, can the shortcode for this plugin be rendered within the theme code itself? If so, I will purchase. Please explain how via email on my profile page. Thanks.


emiosllc Purchased

The documentation for this could be better. Trying to figure out how to forward Twilio requests to my business number using this instead of the assigned Twilio number itself?


Thanks for contacting us. When you insert the shortcode on page yoy can assign phone number to that shortcode. This will display a form with call button in the frontend, so here the user will insert his phone number to contact the phone number inserted in the shortcode

I hope it is answer your inquire Thanks


emiosllc Purchased

I think I’m learning how this works… however, there are many typos with this plugin. “Call incoming” is typo’d. Also, how can I customize the submit button and make it look more consistent with my theme?

If you point me in the right direction in regards to the plugin files I can probably figure it out myself.

Great work!