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So the final conclusion for my experience is avoid this plugin and developer. Poor code, bad support and extremely long waits between replies, even though I had him on Skype and said many times it was urgent because the client was waiting to see the changes.

When the plugin slowed my site down after changes were made the developer has tried telling my it’s a server issue on my side. It is not.

Asking Envato for a refund now. 0 stars.

4 days with no response to my comment illustrates perfectly the frustration I experienced dealing with this developer. Never any apology. Enough said.

Hi, We have given you support, but you have concluded your this with your comment. Your issue is now your admin panel working slow, we have also already replied this. After that you have requested to refund on Envato.


This is not true. The proof is that the actual plugin doesn’t slow my site down at all. It was the custom code you added after. That is the issue and you can’t see it.

Hello twibd, I’m looking for something like this that we can display a custom author box on avatar hover in comments and bbpress posts. We have a nice author box with a shortcode that automatically calls the nearest author id to display author box box. What are the chances we can come up with a solution :-) We can also call up information via username hover.

Hi, At this time the plugin only support clickable. If you will buy this we can make this with hover. Otherwise you can contact to custom made plugin.


Clickable is fine, so are you saying this is possible? :-)

Yes, please make a ticket with your admin panel details.


Pre-Purchase question. Do you think this would work with Pro Forums with S2Member Pro? To create a login pop up

HI, Thanks for asking per-sales question. Yes of course you can do your login pop up with our plugin for S2Member.


Pre Purchase question. Can i have a pop up on clicking and image. Using the enfold theme for development

Hi, Thanks for asking question. At this time image clicking features not added but we can suggest you how to do this. And this is support with enfold theme.


Hi, I installed your pulgin, but nothing appears in my dashborad. what’s the problem?

Hi, Please make a ticket with this link with your website details.


Pre Purchase question. Is it stopping video when closing the popup or video is still playing in the background ?

Thanks for contacting with us. We have replied your ticket.


It works well now. Thank you for fixing it, and having reactivity on this matter.

Hi, Thanks. No there will not any reactivity on this matter now. We have update the file on codecanyon, they will update soon. Please never forget to give us good review on codecanyon.


Hello. Is it possible to show a button on the page that when is clicked modal opens???

HI, Thanks for asking pre-sale question. This is possible but need some customize or use page as shortcode.


Very good and quick support! thank you

Thank you :) . We always try to give best support for our customers.

Thanks you…

Hello, Before you buy your plugin, I want to know if you can create multiple popup in different languages ??and thus choose their links ( URLs ) ?

Thanks for contacting with us. Yes you can. If you have faced any problem, please email us.


hi, i need a modal plugin for wordpress with this feature: - it works with wp gallery - it can display into the modal window image, image description, image title and an email form field for user that want more information.

has TWI Awesome Modal/Popup these feature? or can i get my scope with little custom code?

Hi, Thanks for contacting with us. We are not clear your question.


if i find a way to configure email form so it dinamically retrive the title of the image i have to build a modal window for each image or i can apply to all images of a wp gallery?

Hi, Thanks for contacting us. You need to make the configurable email form as a shortcode and use this shortcode into our modal shortcode.


Hi does this work with Google maps at all, have you a demo? All the popup I have tried have issues with the maps being initially hidden? Thanks

Hi, Thanks for asking us question. Yes you can set any settings of google map with our modal. You can check this link. We have an example.


Question I want to add the clickable link to the navigation so the pop up happens anywhere within the site….is this possible. In other words, I want to create a login popup triggered from my navigation… I also need to know where to design the form so it is universal across the site.

Ok I sent the email as requested, please advise if you can point me to the request and how we can get this working as needed.

Hi, Sorry for late we got your email as spam. We will contact you as soon as possible.


OK sent admin privledges

Hello, i need to understand if your plugin can be usefull for me. I need to do the following things:
1. I need to show, only when an user click a button, a popup with a Contact Form 7 inside. I need to manage all this things by template .php file, so in the .php file i will generate the button linked to the popup and the popup code where i have to print do_shortcode(“[contact-form-7 id=’CUSTOMID’ title=’‘]”)
2. I need to show, both to scroll and click on a button, an HTML popup with a custom content. Can i do this things with your plugin? Thanks!!

Hi, Thanks for asking us question. Yes you can show any content as well as any shortcode into popup by clicking button with our plugin.

2nd we are not clear about what do you mean scroll ? Can you please give us an example of this ? Please let us know.


Thanks for the replay. I mean, i need that the popup is showed after the user scroll down the page to a certain point (eg 200px, or after the cover picture…).
Could be ok even if i can say to the popup to be showed after 5 second.
What about custom HTML code in the popup?

Hi, Thanks for contacting us again. At that moment the scroll popup is not possible, this is only for click event. Yes you can use any HTML as popup content.


Hi… Does your plugin allow full-screen popups?

I want to insert a store find map inside the modal – so I need it to be full-screen and responsive.

Also your plugin has not been updated for over 12 months. Is your plugin supported and is it compatible with the latest versions of wordpress etc?

Hi, Thanks for asking us. Yes this is possible. And our demo is running Wordpress 4.7.4 , you can also check it from demo. We are working upcoming update hope within couple of days we can give update with some new features. Please let us know if you have any further queries.


for some reason I am unable to install the plugin on my site. When I attempted to install the plugin – I got the following error message:

Unpacking the package…

Installing the plugin…

The package could not be installed. No valid plugins were found.

Plugin installation failed.

Hi, Thanks for contacting with us. You need to unzip the file and get the plugin file into it, you just install this file. Otherwise, please email us your login info.