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Demo please?

Added One a few minutes ago…. Have fun!

Its time to make an upgrade for this plugin.

Hi there, I like this and wondering if it’s possible to have the short url “http://t.c o/xxx can be hotlink? Also what about having Search by location & trends like this example:

Hi, thank you. Everything is possible… the following releases will include more search options and filters as you mentioned.

Great, can’t wait for next update release. With next update can you don’t or option for widget, I would like see maybe webpage or full website like etc.?

I have set up my keys as in the docs but I keep getting this error:

Error ID: 0-10-travel—recent Error: error setting certificate verify locations: CAfile: DIR/cacert.pem CApath: DIR

Please help

hmmm… you are probably running PHP<5.2.9… no problem: just change in twfinder_php/postDtat.php line 32, 33 “DIR” to “dirname(FILE)”.

Let me know how it works know, by the way im uploading and update that will add web intents to this plugin and some more cool stuff i will include this fix too.

Hey mate changed the Dir in both files, now its not generating an error just the loading button sits going round and round????

you are missing something… check your console.log and contact me via support mail (watch this page tabs)

Hi I want to know the number limit of Twitter API calls before I buy it.

Thank you.

Hi, Twitter’s API (v1.1) limit the usage of the service to 180 request per 15 minutes… But you can increase it to 450 by creating a app key very easily (as mentioned in my documentation)

Each search query is 1 request.

No limit for the web intents (reply, retweet etc).

Have fun.

I want to install in a wordpress page, It’s possible?

Hi, thank you for purchasing. I’m working on the wordpress installation… I will update in a few days.

Thanks for reply so soon. I look forward, greetings.

Hi, I purchased this one. But because I’m a code beginner, I failed to install it in right way in spite of your documentation instruction. Please refer to the link below and correct my mistakes.

Now it works really nice…with your kind help..

Hi, worried about the rate limit I checked on the Twitter website to see if anything could be done to assist, they advise this (Quote from their site) - Caching Store API responses in your application or on your site if you expect a lot of use. For example, don’t try to call the Twitter API on every page load of your website landing page. Instead, call the API infrequently and load the response into a local cache. When users hit your website load the cached version of the results.

Does your app take advantage of this? If not is it easy to implement or will you change it to allow this? Thanks

I think you didn’t understand exactly what they meant. They are suggesting you to locally store Tweets on you server and call the API for updating the local storage. By doing that you are reducing the calls to the API and showing your visitors recent tweets that are stored on your server… This application is to make a live search in the Twitter API Saving results would not help you in this case, you will need to call the API on every search query.

Okay, so it wouldn’t be viable to create a saas website, as the rate limit would be too restrictive? Is there any way to increase the rate limit with Twitter?

Tried the demo – read the excellent documentation – setup my Twitter API keys easily. Bought the product – downloaded – unzipped – entered API keys – uploaded files to server – tried the product and it worked perfectly – all in under 10 mins!

Great product – even better documentation – couldn’t ask for anything more – highly recommended – thank you!

Thank you very much! BTW if you have any idea and suggestion for more features let me know.

Is it possible to integrate this into Wordpress front-end? You said 10 months ago that you were working on a WP version. Any joy? If not, Is it possible you could provide instructions on how to integrate it? Many thanks.

In attention of author: there is no such thing as Moldavian language. This language doesn’t exist anywhere in the world.

:) But you are right it used to be on their languages code for the API – I’ll remove it, its time to make an upgrade for this plugin.

Hi, there. Any update for mobile vertion?

Hi, I have the same issue it says “Error ID: 400” I checked and I have dirname instead or DIR…please assist.

Hi, contact me through support (in the items tabs) – and send me a link to your integration.

Hey dev, nice widget but would kindly need your help with this error when i try to implement it inside my php script:

“Uncaught TypeError: $(...).popover is not a function”

The widget works great in your example and outside my script but that error is anonying.

Can you please help? Thanks!

Hi, i get this error… if i search for example the word hello, i get this: Error ID: 400-15-hello—recent Error: Can you help me?

Helloooooo, i bougth this script and i dont get support. Help PLeaseeee

Still waiting for your response.