TweetMe! Pro

TweetMe! Pro

TweetMe! Pro for WordPress easily transforms any text portions of your contents in twittable links with a cool style. TweetMe! Pro will encourage people to click on them and so increasing traffic on your web site.

Appearance and behavior

Appearance and behavior of Twittable links are fully customizables.

In the plugin settings you can easily set:

  • Icon style
  • Tooltip on hover
  • Tooltip text
  • Sound on hover
  • Sound type
  • Animation on hover
  • Border
  • Background
  • Font style
  • Capitalize first tweet letter
  • Shortener URL

Shortcode button

With integrated Shortcode button in the post editor, you can add twittable links in one click.

If you need, can customize the tweet url, add other hashtags and specifies a custom username for any twittable links. A characters counter will show you how many characters the tweet will contain.

Default settings

In the plugin settings you can set default username to associate any tweet and choose default hashtags for any tweet.

Choose default hashtags for any tweet, easily caught from your wordpress post tag list.

Extra feature

An extra plugin feature allows you to intercept any hash plain texts in post content and parse them as Hashtag Twitter links.


For any need contact me using the plugin support form here. I’ll be happy to help you.


# Update 1.2 (Giu/22/2017)
- Added Characters Counter feature

# Update 1.1 (May/12/2017)
- Some code optimization

# Update 1.0 (Mar/10/2017)
- Initial release