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Give me the same with facebook share and goole plus that user can choose how network he use and i buy.

I’m working on a full cross-social plugin as we speak :) The reason I did a Twitter-based plugin is because some clients/requests were to integrate locked content via Twitter :) Hope this helps!

It does not work for me in iPhone 5

It does work, just remove the CodeCanyon Frame and visit the actual site link. Sorry about this, I didn’t realize this would affect it! (Just tested it myself on iPhone 5)

This is a great plugin, when you finish the update for Google+, Facebook and Twitter I’m down to buy it. Keep up the great work.

Demo appears to be down at the moment?

Should be up again, I’m having a lot of hosting problems right now. I do however plan to switch over soon to overcome this problem as I don’t like it doing what it wants to do! :)



Great and simple plugin but I can’t change the content=”bla bla bla text”

Tweet this page to unlock the following content.

Will not be overwritten. Can u help me with this?

Kind regards.

Hi! Are you putting like this?

[tweetly title=”Unlock your download” content=”Tweet to retrieve your Download Link!”] Hello World [/tweetly]

Put the Title first before the Content

PS, which WP version are you using? If you make an mod account for me, I can resolve this if the matter persists.

Many Thanks and Regards, James.


Can this be used to lock the ‘register’ page on wordpress? And then unlock and allow registration once tweet has been made? Thanks

Regards Marcus