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denspad Purchased

Really disappointed with this plugin. The documentation in the zip fie implies the software was updated in 2013. Placed the short code in my Porto theme and the slider looks awful. Clearly the styles are affected by the theme and it should have been possible to style the CSS so that this wasn’t the case. Basically useless on my site.

Hi there. I was wondering if you could choose the direction of the carousel…or if there was an easy way to customize the code.


Hi I just purchased your plugin. I am trying to show search results from a hastag search, but it only shows very recent tweets(one week or so). I need to be able to show older tweets to.

How can i achieve this?

Hi, we are using twitter-slider with a Divi theme on Wordpress 4.5.3. It appears that there is a bug/conflict with using both user and search together. Right now it’s an either or.

I have the test page set up with 3 scenarios, User Only, Search Only, and User and Search, at

When both User and Search are used together, only 4 tweets show up from the User page.

I have tried all kinds of attribute setting/combinations to no avail. Any suggestions are most appreciated.

Is anyone available to respond to the support I’ve paid for???

Is anyone supporting this theme?

Hi – Please check screengrab here… Can you let me know the Custom CSS code I should use to increase the font size, for the user’s name, their @ username, the tweet wording, and also to open up the space beneath the tweet. (*You will notice the ‘6 hours ago’ / time ago wording is cut off badly.) Thanks

Have spent a lot of time working this out myself – thanks for nothing! Terrible Support.

What am I paying you for with the Support charge?

Hi there.

I am using the “balloon” setting. And I want to make the background completely invisible. I have got almost everything correct but I cannot seem to locate or hide the small triangle that is at the bottom left of the speech balloon. Can you tell me the Custom CSS I should use to hide it.

Thanks! Gareth

Also how do I align the Tweet content in the middle (vertically) of the area?

Any support? I am paying for support and getting none. Please sort it out or I will report to Themeforest.

Hello! Love the plugin! But, Please help! Which fields am I supposed to modify to change the size of the text and also adjust the height of each card. Some of the text gets cut off on the bottom and i also wanted to add some space between the tweets when the font is bigger. Thank you so much for your help. The website is and your plugin is being towards the bottom. thank you for your help!