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tomEasy Purchased


I’ve followed all the steps to set this up

But when I add it to the page it doesn’t display and breaks the page layout (i.e footer no longer displays?)

Please see here –

It is set up to display via shortcode in page and as a test in sidebar as widget

Can you please advise on what the issue is?

Thanks Tom

Hello MaGeekLab – anyone there?? If you don’t support a product any more, perhaps you should remove it from sale?


Hello why wont you refund?? ENVATO – you are harbouring criminal activity!!!!

This is one of these items you regret to buy!! thanks god never did… just by reading the comments.

Hello i use the widget and i would like to know how i can do to display tweetes dated more than 10 days

Hi Can you please issue a refund – this doesn’t work!

Hey! I’ve bought this plugin how do add the retweets also? Can you just mail me to this email id

Demo page showing fatal error memory

hi ,

I just bought the tweetlab plugin and after entering the twitter keys, and secrets this fatal error occured.

Fatal error: Class ‘OAuthSignatureMethod_HMAC_SHA1’ not found in /www/htdocs/w014d364/ on line 62

I don´t know what to do. Can you please help me.

regards, Dominik

Where can i find a list of display options ie. avatar,name,text etc?

Hi will the Twitter carousel also pull in the images attached to the tweet?

I almost just bought this. Can someone confirm that it’s working before I do? I see a lot of worrying comments without responses.


Gianniw Purchased

Hi I have tried to get TWEETLAB2.0 to work. But after installing the app, activating then adding all the twitter details (which I have successfully used in another plugin (which I deactivated), THEN added the basic shortcode into my wp site [mgl_twitter username=”username of my twitter account”]. I then add ([mgl_twitter search=”#codecanyon”]. I am not sure what you mean by the gl_twitter.

I am lost. I paid good money for this and am really needing this sorted.


I’m using your plugin for my website. Unfortunately, your plugin conflict with my existing carousel.

I have 2 carousels are running on the website, they are also owl carousel.

When I inspect my old carousels, they have extra class named `owl-hidden`.

Can you please suggest me a solution?

Thank you, Son Do


After installing and activating the tweets seems to be displayed vertically, even when i DID NOT select that. Is there a way to fix this?

Hi there! I am having trouble with the app showing links that overlap text. can you help?


We have the TweetLab plugin for Wordpress but we’ve just switched on SSL and it would appear that the img src reference for the avatar image is still being requested by http and not https.

Could you please advise what needs to be done to rectify this.

Many thanks