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I’m interested in your plugin, but only purchase actively updated scripts – do you have an estimated time of a relaunch?

Thank you!

The update finish at 80% ! I can’t give you an estimate, it’s a side project ! But the actual plugin already make a lot !

The plugin uses background-position-x and background-position-y which is not supported by Firefox

thanks for the issue. i fix it this week. best,

Hi. Is this plugin still active for the latest Wordpress version and supported?

May thanks,


hi, the demo link is http://tweetable.handypress.io/ on wordpress-4.5.2. And yes, i still support my products. best,

Okey, it’s a wordpress permalink/htaccess bug when i reinstall the demo, but now, demo is back on http://tweetable.handypress.io/tweetable-demo/

hi, I’ve just installed the plugin, I’ve inserted bitly username and api but when a user try to tweet the phrase in my shortcode, it doesn’t show my shorten post link at the end of the tweet.

Can you help me? Thanks

Yes, can you mail me the website url and admin access via private message. Thanks

Can the @username be added before the tweet if you want to tweet it to someone directly?

Yes, you can add what you want by the shortcode attribute alternate content. like: [tweetable alt=”@jack text”]text[/tweetable]

Thank you sir, much appreciated!

Hi there When i use the plugin it opens 2 tweet windows. I am assuming a conflict… Help pls :)

Hello, can you share a link with the bug ?

I have just bought the plugin but ive added the shortcode to the page and it’s not showing as a clickable tweet. Iv;e deactivated all plugin incase there was a conflict but it still isn’t working.

Check : https://uprisefestival.co/build-alternatives-status-quo/

The first sentence of the first paragraph has the shortcode and the plugin is active.

Hello, your sentence require maximum 140 characters like twitter to be convert as tweetable link. (check the console message).

Yes, you are completely correct. That is the issue. Thanks for so quickly getting back to me

Hi there,

When I press on my tweet link and 2 windows open up. Help!

Hello, wil this work in front end using the normal ck editor ? we have custom post type that user can post front end. it would be nice to have this option form the front end in our custom post types….