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Hi, sorry, but i don’t find where is possibile configure the #hasthag and the geolocation!

Hi there,

Documentation can be found here:

To update the hashtag, simply update what’s in the q parameter. To update the geolocation, update the latitude and longitude as seen here.

$(’.default_map’).tweetMap({ q: ’#newyork’, latitude: ‘40.714353’, longitude: ‘-74.005973’, zoom: 14 });

I hope that helps :)

Cheers, Simon

Sorry, but i don’t find were i can put the tag and latitude/longitude! Is into a specific file?

Hi everyone, i am getting the infinite loading tweets messages on my map, anyone know how to correct this so the tweets load? Thank you

P.S i am running this on localhost

Hi there,

Have you created a Twitter App? –

Cheers, Simon

Howdy! I’m a noob with jQuery. I’m mostly understanding how the script works, but…. in looking at the documentation, I’m confused on the live previews where this code would go to make the map work:

    q: '#newyork',
    latitude: '40.714353',
    longitude: '-74.005973',
    zoom: 14

I just need a hint—does this go somewhere in the HTML, one of the .js files, somewhere else?

If you can help me understand where these lines go, I would be more than happy to create an expanded documentation for you (and for noobs like me) to explain it in a bit more detail.


Just a quick pre-sales question(s):

1. Is it possible to use a username for the map instead of hashtags? 2. If it is possible to use a username, is it possible to use more than one username for a map?

Many thanks in advance,


Hi Simon,

enjoyed your project so far. I am stuck. Hope you can help. I went through the previous comments and some people already pointed out the following issue :


How can I deal with this ?

Thanks bro

Uhm, to make things clear, I don’t get any tweets displayed on google maps. Thanks


This script is terrible. Do not waste your money on it. I have questions that have never been answered, the documentation SUCKS, and the developer doesn’t get back on support.

DO NOT BUY THIS SCRIPT unless you want to waste $8.

Id like to buy this project, but i can see a lot of questions without answers. I dont think the support is great

hello guys, i have created my twitter APP and i have included all these - Consumer Key - Consumer Secret - OAuth Access Token - OAuth Access Token Secret

in config.php, but im still getting the loading tweet. Please Help anyone! :)

Cool code segment; can it be limited to a certain set of twitter accounts? We monitor let’s say 3500 individual Twitter accounts and only want to see those accounts on the map.

Hi, its possibly save data to database?

does not work with me? :(

map is blank when calling tweetmap.js function?