Discussion on Tweet Poster - Powerful Twitter Schedule Tweets App

Discussion on Tweet Poster - Powerful Twitter Schedule Tweets App

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it is possible to respond automatically to mentions and/or direct messages?

This feature is not added yet. We will add it in upcoming version.

Great to know, do you have an estimate date for it?

This is not fixed yet. But It would take 1/2 months.

Can we tweet 100k+ tweet at once. With multiple account

Sorry, It’s not possible.

Hello, i want to purchase this script, but i need an extra customize feature which is categories, where by the user can create separate topics and under those topics a schedule post is added under each one of them, and each post scheduled under a given topic can be posted on the scheduled time.. thank you i will be waiting for your feedback,

Yes, That is possible but need custom modification. Please mail us.

Hello, I sent a mail and I was getting response all of a sudden, I stopped getting a reply, I don’t know why… I was asked by you guys why I want to categories it, and I replied it’s not a must that is must be categorized the most important thing is that the user is able to create multiple topics and then schedule post under each topics created… Please I need a response to know if this is achieve able… My email is Or do I pay for the extended Lincense then create a support ticket to get this customization… I need a reply… Thank you…



1. How can I see the demo? 2. Is it a saas version? 3. Can I create a saas version? 4. What does this script price me if I do take charge to end users?

1. Demo is Here 2. It’s like a saas version. But not fully supported. 3. If you have prior programming knowledge you can make it. Otherwise, we will make it for you with an extra charge. 4. You may check the license

Hello, after inputting twitter api and secret key the site says they are invalid, what is the problem, I have checked the keys letter by letter and they are okay

your response rate is so low, I thought u have a support system? kindly respond to my email

Please keep in mind that the author’s response time can be up to 1 business day.

Your app is static, I can’t post neither can I follow or schedule using your script, I have told you this severally but you are not helping at all, can you kindly be consistent on you replies? This is really draining

MWNS Purchased

Hello! I have sent you an email, could you answer my question? It is important for me to get your answer. Thank you!

Twitter API issue. Need support. (default password since I can’t change it untile the API were added…) Thanks

We are really sorry for your situation. Please follow this

I downloaded the entire code after receiving the update email, I removed all databases and files, and reinstalled everything, and Changed File Permission of Index.php to 644 ,

but I still have the following issues:

Instant Action Issue: When I pick “Worldwide”, it displays certain results, but when I select “India”, no results are displayed for those keywords.

Followers Filtering Issue : The list could not be generated, This Notification is displayed in blue “Notification Collection job is in progress. Please for few minutes.”

Schedule Follow Problem : I set it to follow 5 accounts per day, and it does it 10 Follow in under a minute, this speed is harmful.

Schedule Tweet Problem : Only when the tweet is actually scheduled is it posted. It never does anything else after that.

Schedule Inbox Issue: After the schedule, nothing happens.

Schedule Reply Issue: Only the reply is posted when it is actually scheduled. Later on, it never does anything.

Schedule Re-tweet Problem 1: Only the reply is posted when the reply is actually scheduled. Later on, it never does anything.

Schedule Re-tweet Problem 2: There should be no text Mandatory in a retweet; otherwise, what is the difference between a reply and a retweet? I Need to Understand.

Cron Job Code is Once a Minute :

Please advise if any changes are required in cron Job Code


Dr. Danish

New version has been released. Most of the Problem has been fixed. If you face any problem, Feel free to Email us.

What fixed sir ?

Please check mail.

sir… how to enter default admin..? iam cant enter to default admin and user ..? tks

MWNS Purchased

Hello, I have applied the update in a complete reinstall but it still does not work. If I have my installation in the root of the server, are you sure that the cronjob should point to the root as such? the schedules, whatever they are, don’t work.

MWNS Purchased

Thank you for your support. It was necessary to add “Sc” to the end of the cron statement. It seems that all the tasks are starting to run.

You are right.

MWNS Purchased

Hello, I have some questions after the purchase:

1) After programming a bot to rt’s an ht, if you want to change the configuration how do you save the changes? there is no save button.

2) In this same option of rt’s, I have done tests and in the “Retweet Text” field I have put a text but when the rt is done, that text does not appear anywhere. Why?

3) I tried to configure paypal, I have put the client id and other required information but when I try to store it nothing happens, and it is not stored. Why?

4) I scheduled a tweet to post but the scheduled time arrived and nothing was posted. why?

5) I have created an auto reply to a specific ht, but when I tweet the ht I don’t get any response even after 1 hour and the interval is 29 minutes. why?

The app on twitter is already approved and all the configuration has been followed according to your documentation.

The cron job is configured and running every minute.

There are a lot of things that don’t seem to work the way they should. Or am I doing it wrong? Stay tuned to reply. Thank you.

MWNS Purchased

Thank you for your good email support, install everything and I will check that everything is correct now. Thank you.

MWNS Purchased

Hello, as I told you, apparently the cron works, but now if I try to schedule any activity I get the blue message that you can see here ... if I run the action without trying to schedule, it works. I appreciate your support.

Please Check mail.

MWNS Purchased

Hello, I installed your script in a folder like but I changed my mind and deleted that installation and proceeded to install it in a subdomain of the same domain. But when I tried it I received the following comment “You are allowed to install this script only for one domain”. What information should I send you so that you can reset my purchase code and be able to install it on my subdomain? Thank you.

Please email us your domain.

MWNS Purchased

Hello, I already sent you an email. Thank you.

Hello after i install the script and try to open admin panel show for me error 404

Please contact us through email.

DEAR, despite the guide, I can’t generate a working twitter app. Maybe the issue can be in the oath path? Can you please help me? The system state “please insert a valid API credentials”. Best, Antonello

Please share the information within this post so it can be useful to other users as well. Best regards

Please mail us your issue.

I had Purchased and Installed on But its not fully working on https

Also When i Try to add api key and secret it shows undefined Error Please Help me ..

I had Purchased and Installed on But its not fully working on https

Also When i Try to add api key and secret it shows undefined Error Please Help me ..

Please mail us.

hello, after installing css is not loading, I have set the right permissions on folders but nothing

Please mail us.

Sir I had Purchased and installed on my hosting server. It started showing Dangerous site by google. Also .htaccess file settings need to be changed.

Can u help please ?

Please mail us.

hello i have uploaded all the upgrades,now site doesnt work.

Please contact through email.

when i drag the sql , it says failed


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