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Great code, I was so exited with this code that I bought it without seeing it was a wordpress pluggin. Any ideas if you are goint to do a web pluggin for it?

Any way, good work and good luck with sales

Thank you

I thought about it but i’m a great Wordpress fan and I decided to make WP plugin.

If you are interested in web plugin version with every future updates and support, I can make it but you have to wait for approve it in Codecanyon and unfortunately pay one more time :/

If I do it, it will be based on a new version of this plugin with all updates which which I had planned and I’m working on it.. I wish I could send to you it without pay (Customer satisfaction is important) but I don’t know if Codecanyon allow to this.

Thank you Antzimoon, please let me know if you ever do a web pluggin, I would be interested in buying it

Follow my account and this plugin – if I’ll make web plugin I’ll write there :)

I’d be happy to buy this plugin, but the price is way too high. Seriously, dude, experienced developer’s advice: cheaper plugins make more purchases, more purchases make more money.

Btw. Greetings from Poland… oh, wait! ;)

Holy cow, I didn’t knew developers can’t set their own prices here. That’s idiotic! Anyway, you should try with that:

Thanks a lot! Soon I’ll make update to v1.2 and I hope that my price suggestion will be applied by Envato too.

Here you go – now Tweet Highlit is available for 7$ :)


Great!. In a future, this great solution can have the option for can use the link as short link of


Yes. I plan to add support for I hope that this will be implemented in 1.3 version of the plugin.

The background gets all messed up on hover. What should I do. Here’s the link to the site:

I think the problem is a one of jQuery functions. Look at this page and link’s behavior:

It interacts with Tweet Highlight’s links and messed up background. I think you can do one of this:

1. Safe for Tweet Highlight (but not for your template) solution Find this jQuery function which interact with links, edit it or remove.

2. Not safe for Tweet Highlight solution Try edit Tweet Highlight’s file tweet-highlight.js and change all “a” tags to “span” in 6th line of code.

I’m not sure that second solution is ok. In future version (in this week) I’ll try to make plugin more resistant on situations like that. Please be patient or try to resolve this problem on one’s own with one of these solutions.

Please help me to install de the plugin. I copied all the files in the file “plugins”, but it not appears in my Panel.

Thanks for your answer.

But I include the plugin file x file from my desktop. I do not know the use of ftp ¿Can you help me please?

It’s possible to have a .zip only of the plugin, to charge from Wordpres ?

If you would like to install the plugin from zip file, you can upload it through upload page. Click:

Plugins -> Add New -> Upload

and choose .zip file with plugin. If you have a problem with finding this page, type adequate address in your browser:

Hi! I have a question: Is it possible to set an alternate text with hashtags?

I don’t understand. You would like to have other text when you have a hashtag inside shortcode and other when shortcode don’t have it?

Hi – the plugin doesn’t appear to be working with IOS 8.3 and Safari. The link opens twitter, but doesn’t create the tweet.

Hi! I’m sorry, but I don’t have iPhone and I can’t check this bug. I’m so sorry.

Ahhh I just bought this, why isn’t it in a convenient zip file format?? I don’t want to mess around with ftp stuff.

I tried to follow the instructions in the previous comment, but when I uploaded the zip file that I bought from here it says it is not a plug in, because it’s just the folder within the zip not the plugin files.

Also I see your question about multi-site. Does this not work with a multi-site installation?

Does this plugin still works?