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I get error for status and log How can I fix?

they are not dublicate and the tweets have images…how can i fix the problem?

what is meaning of these errors? And how can i fix them?

when we sent an image for the tweet to twitter, there was an issue with image, may be it was too large for twitter or something

im going to re pay you on this script. i need bitly only. can you make that happen??

re pay means you paid earlier, and got a refund?

yeah moved on tho. i tried with a new bitly account never worked. oh well. went to phpst at least i can use 4 images

At this author on the site I purchased a digital product Protected Links WordPress Addon, but the file was never delivered. I wrote to the email and left a comment, but he took and blocked my IP address without explaining anything. 7 dollars do not mind, just still there are not decent people. Do not buy anything from him, especially from his wretched site. Bad person

Hi!!! If this is not cheating, then I will ask you to forgive everyone. My email is After payment, I was transferred to a page where it was written something like that I do not have access to the file. I wrote to you on your email. Here is the screen for payment

Well, again, no response or greeting. Is it really so hard to send a link to download the plug-in by email? And for a long time the conflict has been exhausted. Or it does not exist and you just decided to collect money stupidly?

I sent the download in the email, hope you got it

Is this a case of re-inventing the wheel? Twitter already has this feature, all one has to do is enter a RSS feed link into twitter from your twitter account and twitter will do the the rest for you automatically, Twitter tweets news everytime its posted

then what do you think IFFT , twibble etc are doing was providing their services or post to twitter from rss

Seems pretty cool