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Your Demo seems to be down.

well, i just checked and seemed to work. any specifics?

nevermind, it’s working again…also, see the private message I sent you

okay, thanks! i replied to PM

Smooth work…


Good luck with selling! :)

thanks for wishes!

Presales questions

1. Is this script comes with admin dashboard? 2. Is this script is equipped feature in this image (upgrad account via paypal and creedit link)


Then, how to do it?

as this is a third party software, you will need to find your way with this.

I know. Because this script created by you, would you tell how?

I would want feedback from users who have purchased tweeps or are planning to buy it. here are 2 versions – 1. login at 2. or login at which version seems better?

Hi, installed everything but getting an error: error connecting to twitter! try again later!

is mysqli available on your server?

yes it does.

can you please the ftp login details and url of your install to my email i can check.

also confirm that you have not made any changes to the script.

Is there a way to sell memberships?

memberships of tweeps? currently its not there

fantastic work, wish you big sales

thanks :)

Very ready to buy this now but i have 4 questions as i already have publisher-V2.0 which does not really work and the seller is nowhere to be found.

i am so yours is my last hope. Would you say that this is an alternative to twitter feed ? Would i be able to see the posted twitts on the dashboard ? Can add Users like friends and they will have their own dashboards ? Do you have a license for to allow us to resell this ?

thank you soooo much


thanks! for your interest. this is an alternative to twitterfeed, but it posts to twitter only, you can see posted tweets in history and/ or errors in case they occur, yes your friends too can signup and can use tweeps as you can, resell the script? no reselling the script licence is not there,

thanks Anu

Hi there,

Great Script!

Pre-sales question: How can this be set up for multiple twitter accounts?

Hi,You can login with as many twitter accounts you want. Multiple ac counts are supported, thanks Anu


leuktra Purchased

We have problems with the installation! Can we ask questions here?

let me know if we shall do a one time free setup for you.


leuktra Purchased


we have Tweeps on another server installed and only two technical problems:

1.) No Retweets are sent. Is it possible only via cronjob?

2.) Tweeps can unfortunately not completely be operated via SSL. This resulted in errors with us! Could you create a SSL version?

Hi, I think tweeps does not have a retweet feature but only sends tweets. I am not very sure about the ssl failure you are facing. i do not have a version specifically for ssl.the cron needs to be set up always for the tweets to be sent.


leuktra Purchased

Hi, I have set now Tweeps get and it runs very, very well! Unfortunately, Twitter turned off always the generated app after at least 24 hours; Although only about 40 Tweets are triggered. How is it with you?

Hi, thanks for your message. twitter does not turn off the tweets. when consecutive errors occur then tweeps stops that feed temporarily for 24 hours and then tweets are sent again in 1 day.

To work around this either you can add multiple feeds so that when one feed generates error others still send tweets or you can change the code where it says 24 hours to say 1 hr or 2 hr so that the errors stop tweets for no more than 2 hrs say thanks, Anu

I like this automated plugin. Could you tell me if I can limit the number of tweets I can send automatically from my blog to Twitter account per day?

thanks :) I am glad you liked it. limit the number of tweets per day?

Yes, 13 days ago you said you’ll send me the php code to limit the number of tweets I send per day. The email address to send this php code to is tlcplaneATyahooDOTcom. Thanks.

I AM still waiting for you to send me the php code to limit the number of tweets I post using this plugin.

i would like to purchase only if there is a limit per day. can u also add a box and i guess a token for random hashtags?

please add a more secure page i don’t want the public in mine. i will use ,htaccess for now

its giving me a error “The feed does not fulfill the ” wtf? it’s not even a full sentence :(

the script has issues! if adding a feed and it fails you have to reload the page to re check it. the url shortener what is up with that?? i added my bit’ly and it chose tiny url instead

requesting a refund!

Active sales? Twits work? Tried the demo, but it doesn’t send. Will help you do that?

@sixthlife also can you provide push notification API?

Another application is to buy sorry.

please check tweeps is working now

looking to buy, hope it will work soon and looking forward for paid upgrades too :)

please check tweeps should send now

you fooled me never worked there is no way to choose it. i didnt want a refund i wanted the script fixed. really sad

the script was for sending rss tweets by the way