Tweeps RSS to twitter scheduler

Tweeps RSS to twitter scheduler

With tweeps you can automate Tweets from any RSS or Feed source like WordPress Blogs, Feedburner Feeds, Websites with RSS feeds, Youtube, Envato rss feed etc. With Tweeps you get potential to send 1000+ tweets per day for individual twitter accounts.

Tweeps saves you lots of time by scheduling and managing tweets for you.

Image Tweets

Schedule Beautiful Tweets with Images to 1 or more twitter accounts.

Tweet Old Posts

Schedule old posts or revive old posts from RSS Feeds to be tweeted over a period of time.

Schedule Tweets

Schedule Tweets from RSS Feeds spanning single or multiple pages.

Grow Followers

Gain  followers who are real people interested in the your content.

Tweeps Features

  • relevant hashtags picked from categories.
  • Add Prefix or Postfix to tweeted URLS (for affiliates)
  • Customize Tweets By adding custom text
  • Schedule Tweets from RSS spanning multiple pages
  • Possibility to rotate tweets after one cycle of tweeting is done.
  • Filters to ignore a tweet when certain words are found
  • Possibility to format url (for affiliates)
  • Preview Tweet Sample before scheduling RSS

Demo & Steps to test

Steps to Test

  1. Login with twitter credentials
  2. Enter a RSS Feed for example with 5 minute frequency
  3. Check the “Histroy” tab in 5 to 7 minutes to check your newly posted tweet.


Login to Tweeps at to schedule a tweet now.


You can find the complete documentation at Tweeps-RSS-to-twitter-scheduler.pdf