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can you provide me some tutor video or support to publish in app stores

yes complete support here available

can you add interstitial for me if i buy your product?

can you add interstitial for me if i buy your product?

hi, can this app load external playlist (m3u or xml) or is just inside app list!

How is the content loaded- Can it be done via xml can’t see from demo.

its data fetch from youtube api.

My friend Does the application works well rtmp You and I do not know inauguration Is it possible you are working the piece after the purchase and Sual last Is it possible to put in a video board setter video site link

yes, its work on rtmp, after that i don’t understand what you want???

The application is very gorgeous, writer and collaborator special thank you

Android Studio ??

eclipse java

Please add interstitial ads, then I’ll buy your product.

not in this time.

Admob native ads implementable ?

Does this app support live streaming from DV Cam & Mobile Cam??

Does it play embedded links ? Is there a backend database?

Does it work on android tv ?

Does it work on android tv ? No support here waiting for answers for last 23 days

yes its support.


cello20 Purchased

“Project has compilation errors”. Haven’t changed anything in the source except the package name and app name. Kindly reply as soon as possible. I need help.