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Won’t an app like this violate Apples terms of service and be rejected immediately?

Hello, as long as you have the right of the content there will no issue but if you want to broadcast the content you do not own probably there will be problem by Apple. Using this app you can stream any video which has .m3u8 format it does not have to be a TV channel.

hello there I need help to add new channels, and also most of the channel are not working, can you please check? Thank you

I couldn’t be able to validate or upload the app due to this error: The resulting api analysis is too large. we were unable to validate your api usage prior to delivery. and i Got an email from Apple telling me; Invalid Swift Support -The SwiftSupport folder is missing. Rebuild your app using the current public (GM) version of xcode and resubmit it.

Please help me with this other wise I can’t upload it. Thank you

Hello. This is only warning ” The resulting api analysis is too large. we were unable to validate your api usage prior to delivery. ” it will not prevent you to upload on app store. For other error you can do download latest XCode version 7.1 and try to re-upload a new clean build. You may google the error i am sure many people have same issue as Apple mess up everything for every new version of their tools. you can check this https://forums.developer.apple.com/thread/22595

I am running the latest version 7.1 and once i upload I got the message from Apple. there is something wrong with the app, can you please try to validate it and tell me the bugs?

Hello, this app suports PVR client?

no. you need to add them into app’s .plist file one by one.

can you make so one?

maybe in future. it is not on my agenda currently. Thank you very much for the feed back.

Hi, I have searched the whole internet and not any of the m3u8 links work, basically the only link that works on all these iptv m3u8 links are the cartoon network links and its in a weird language. Where on earth can I find links that actually work on this app and stream tv? tried everything most of the links on the internet don’t even work. Am I missing something or what because I tried the free iptv link you provided but none of those links work, can you help me or guide me in the right direction because I don’t understand, getting frustrated because I thought I would be able to just add the m3u8 tv streaming links to the plist file and everything would work and I’d be able to stream a channel, but that’s not the case. I would like you to help me and send me the link of a website where I can find real links or instruct me on what to do if I’m doing something wrong.

Hello I updated the source code it will be live soon with updated links. The channels with source are only for demonstration purpose if you want to publish this you need to own the content. unfortunately commercial channels do not share their official IPTV links for others to stream for free.

Hellp bpolat1 can you please let me know if the app can be uploaded successfully to app store because I am having difficulty with it! Swiftsupport folder and I am running the latest xcode, now i am downloading the beta version. Please Help!

Hello, both errors are Xcode’s. I just uploaded exact same code on app store succefully. I wrote detail info. below.

How to use a remote ChannelsList.plist?

Hello. This app does not support remote channel list update. Thank you.

Hello, I would like to purchase this app, but i would like to be sure it can be uploaded to apple store. I noticed you did not answer to both questions related to apple store. Could you please give an answer. Thanks

Hello, As long as you own the content inside the app. i do not see any issue about uploading on app store. if you are talking about if there is any bug inside to code which prevents uploading i can confirm that i just uploaded on app store successfully. The error mentioned above both related to Xcode’s bug nothing to do with source code. I use Xcode 7.1 —> Product -> Archive -> Upload to App store If you want to support iOS 7.0 make sure you add launch image for iPhone 5. if you support version from iOS 8.0 then you do not need to add launch image. Thank you.

Thanks. I purchased the code and it does work fine but i do have some questions, can i have your email so i can explain better? Thanks

Yes sure this is my email: bpolat@live.com

Looks great but one thing missing for me as far as I can tell.

Is there admob integration at all or any plans?

hello please contac me : bpolat@live.com i will help you on admob. Thank you.

hello please contac me : bpolat@live.com i will help you on admob. Thank you.

Hello, my company has a streaming using Adobe Media Server over RTMP. It works in this type of streaming?

Hello i do not know about adobe server. what i can offer that i can provide you code for trial purpose so you can make sure if it is working before purchasing. contact me : bpolat@live.com

Hello. Are you planning to release an update that works with iOS 9.3?

Yes sure as long as i sell source code on code canyon i provide update for future releases. I just test on iOS 9.3 it works perfectly fine. Do you have any problems on iOS 9.3?

Yes, the app does open; but since we updated the old version 9.0 the channels do not play anymore.

you channel links may be expired. This is only source code. we do not provide content. I am testing now on my computer my channels working fine with iOS 9.3 and playing

Hi, would you be available for a custom development of this project? I am willing to pay much more than your baseline price if you are willing. Thank you

yes i am available. please contact me : bpolat@live.com

Great template i love it, clean, neat and easy. if you add ads in it would be perfect ^^

thank you very much for great feedback. I will implement ads in next update.

Can i get the admob version?

Is it possible to change channel without releasing new version of app ?

no. not this version but i am planning to create a new template for that. thank you.

Hello, Please help me, Admob integrated into the app (Banner and Interstitial). Fix: MPMoviePlayerController was deprecated in iOS 9.0 My Email: ngocthinhit2@hotmail.com Thanks.

Hello. It is just a warning not an error, deprecation doesn’t mean that your app will stop working. It means that Apple is gradually phasing out usage of those classes, and that, at some point in the future, they will drop support completely. However, Apple will make it clear when these classes are no longer available. I will replace with new class in future release. You can use current code as long as you want. Thank you.

hi, does this app iOS11 supported?

yes it does. i assist remotely for any issues you may encounter.