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I get this error and the app will not run – Bridging header ’/Users/VladimiVinnik/??????????/Universal Game App/GPSwift2/GPSwift2/BridgingFrameworks.h’ does not exist

See solution in readMe file.

Or write to my mail

The solution in readMe file isn’t helping my problem how do I fix this

Is there an android version?

No, only iOS

Do we HAVE to reskin? Or optional… I have bought over three of your games Id rather not have to deal with new graphics everytime..

I can make reskin, write to my mail about this!

Hi.. I cant seem to find contact email for you. What is it? Also i will need custom work done for some apps..

- But for Reskin I dont Want to change skin for game.. I like your designs.. can i keep them?

Is there interstitial for ADMOB ?

Also how much for you to make an android version?

is there any live demo of the game?

Only video, sorry :(

doesn’t work for me. a ton of issues, even when i fixed BridgingFrameworks.h

See readMe file

How can I edit the slide up and down animation of menus to fade in? Thanx

See it animation in GlobalScene you and call it in another scenes

Hi, I emailed you about 2 weeks ago and never got a response…

hmm, I don’t see you mail, describe it here or write to my mail: vladimir.vinnik.social@gmail.com