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for Code Quality

Great customer support from the developer. Got detailed responses to all questions.

Script is very good and very clean code quality.

I highly recommend this script!

I have no programming experience at all — thus, I could not tell you about the cleanliness of the worthiness of the code itself — but I can tell you about the problems I’ve found.

For example, parts of the tool which cannot be translated. Also, it’s somehow screwed greatly with my SEO, as Google thinks now that I have bunches of duplicated content because the tool is somehow generating three different URLs with the same report: one in English, one in Spanish, and… one extra URL all out of the blue.

The design part of the tool isn’t too bad in my opinion, the customizability isn’t either. As you can see in, I’ve been able to customize some good 90% of the platform, which doesn’t seem bad to me at all.

Precisely, lacking experience in programming kind of enables me to speak freely about the documentation. The so-called “instructions” of the tool are not quite detailed, deep or insightful. Besides, they’re kind of obsolete in some aspects. It took me a lot of additional research learning how to set up the tool properly.

But, hey, the Customer Support is not so bad. It is not so good either, though. I mean, I am not asking for nobody like me “at the other end of the line” able (and delighted) to write 4,000 words in a couple hours — there you have, my expertise — to communicate something that could’ve been easily said in maybe 400, but that doesn’t mean that I want to ask up to three times the very same question to keep getting the very same three-words answers. Suffice to say that communication is key nowadays. I didn't pay for customer support — just taking the few months that the regular purchase of the tool entails —, but I would regret greatly having done it.

So my recommendations to the author of this tool is to get a tad better at communicating thru email and also to renew the instructions of the tool insightfully. My recommendations to future buyers is simple: if I've been able to set it up with, anyone can.

for Code Quality

The code quality of this script is terrible. It is written procedurally and not OOP. It is a mess to work with. It is unsecured. In many instances, the queries are not sanitized. When I made them aware of this and requested a refund, they came back and insulted me instead of addressing the issues.

I highly recommend staying away from not only this code but also the programmers. They are very unpleasant. If I were to actually use this code I would have to overhaul it to make it safe and workable. I will probably just create my own script in the future because I know it will be good instead of this piece of junk. It's not scalable in the least. It was a waste of money


Author response

We never provide refund for blackmailing with negative reviews and false accusations etc.. Where we written it is coded OOP? It is coded with procedural method with MVC pattern uses our own private framework structure. Our private framework powers most of top sites on Global ranking that are coded by us.

You have mentioned script is vulnerable and not sanitized etc.. I challenged already, create any injection / hack and prove it. Script is vulnerable then we refund immediately for you :)

for Code Quality

Code quality is clean and high.

What I like most of all I had to communicate with the seller 3 times during my purchase and setup.

He was fast to get back to me answer me questions and help me.


for Customer Support

If you are considering buying this product, consider no more. Buy it, you will love it! It is an amazing value for money. Friendly support and faster responses :)

Keep up the great work.

for Feature Availability

An excellent script by Rainbowbalaji to create a very, very professional website that offers SEO, SEM and SEF services to users.
Very light, very fast, very secure and very, very well coded.
Fully customizable script, with many options, many features, additional themes (after separate purchase) and many additional plugins to be able to install (after separate purchase) to expand the services to be offered to users.
Fully compatible for both Apache or NGINX based servers (also works perfectly with Nginx + Varnish + Apache php-cgi / suphp or Nginx + Varnish + Apache PHP-FPM servers)
Constantly updated and supported with ever new plugins and themes.
Excellent support service.
Highly recommended.

for Customer Support

Purchased product and downloaded and installed. Made a purchase for the addon 50 tools and never received the download. Got a message the next day asking for proof of purchase. Send over proof of purchase with codes and ID. Never heard back. I sent another request for my download that I paid for and still nothing. The website states 2 hours for download and could take up to 6hr. Took my money 40.00 for the addon and still waiting. EXTREMELY DISAPPOINTED.


Author response

Got next day lol!

We contacted you within 30 minutes after received the order message.

You are using wrong/fake mail ID and contact details. So, we can't able to contact you.
Then we tried to reach by PayPal Email ID.

First you should use working mail ID details.

We only extremely disappointed from your behavior.

for Customer Support

Support very bad
When i try to buy addon.
But don't work
He don't support.
Now he disable license


Author response

You have facing issues then contact support team first. If you open PayPal dispute directly then we can't able do any help!!

for Feature Availability


All features are nice, no problem. Really the best one.
Maybe a Wordpress plugin to connect this one to our websites would be nice.
Congratulations for this work !!

for Bugs

Looks good, but that's all. The script is very, very, very slow and makes the strongest & fastest server flat because it is very badly optimized SQL.

It's a waste of time and money to deal with this script.

For over 12 months I've been waiting for the announced addons to be offered for sale, but nothing happens, full of bullshit.

Hide Bad Words (Allow adult domains safely) (Upcoming)
Paid Membership (Subscription Service) Addon (Upcoming)

I will soon delete the script from the server, that's probably also the wish of the support that you buy the script and have to delete it again later, because it is too slow and you can't earn any money with it.

I only say one thing: People: Hands off, buy this junk, only bring trouble!