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I download the app but i did not find xcode project ?!!!

Hi, As it’s written in the description – it’s Corona SDK project. Open documentation file and follow the steps, it’s easy to compile.

apple said iad app network discontinued after june 30th will your ads still work after that date or no i would like to purchase this template

iAds won’t work as Apple said but you can choose Admob to serve ads – in my opinion it’s much better choice even now as it provides higher and stable revenue.

yes ur right now developers get 100% revenue :):)

Hello … I have seen your app … Can I purchase this and change designs and name of app and live on App Store .? Does Apple testing gonna approve my app .? If there is no crash and all.?

Hi, sure you can. If you change graphic design the game should be approved without any problems.

Ok and for this app , do I have to add privacy policy page .? Is it mednetory.? , I only know Objectove C , don’t know Cordova 2 D … Do u think I am able to change designs with this knowledge

I didn’t make any privacy policy pages so it’s not necessary. I make games with Corona, not Cordova but it doesn’t really matter – you’ll change designs without any problems (it’s just copy->paste to replace separated png images).

how do i compile the the file for Xcode ?

Please read the reskin tutorial – http://gamingmobile.eu/tutorials/ios_tutorial.html