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can you help me intergrated Mobfox +Inmobi ?

Mobfox is not available, you can integrate it on your own after buying corona enterprise but I have no experience in that. Inmobi should work: https://docs.coronalabs.com/plugin/ads-inmobi/

Would it be possible to add the ability to change the car and add some power ups :)

You can change the car in current version – there are 3 unlockable cars available. Powerups could be possibly added but I don’t know when I’ll make update it.

That’s great would i be able to add more than 3. And also when you will add the power ups you are also going to add more obstacles right and third your ads popup on a specific time could you just make it after X times of Game Over to prevent the popup while playing. And Thanks

Leaderboard is there ? How can i save my scores ?

Leaderboards and achievements are implemented. Scores are saved automatically.

Hi I am uploading game in play store it shows Upload Failed. You uploaded an APK that was signed in debug mode. You need to sign your APK in release mode.

Hi, you must generate a keystore if you don’t have one (this is Android requirement). After you made it, you can use it for all apps. Check here how to make it: https://docs.coronalabs.com/daily/guide/distribution/androidBuild/index.html#signrelease

How To Reskin This Game ?

go to “game files/Images” and replace those images with your own (similiar pixel dimensions) by COPY -> PASTE.


How to insert adsense code i should enter in game. where to in insert.

I sent you my main + edit files, it worked for me.

Thanks it work for me also. But i it was coming top of the game. I want ad at bottom of the game. Where i can paste this code. Thanks once again.

In the function which shows the banner put y=screenBottom. This function is at the end of main.lua.

how to fixe ?? Échec de l’importation. Vous avez importé un fichier APK avec une signature en mode de débogage. Vous devez créer un fichier APK avec une signature en mode de version de sortie

Thank you :)

can i change texts “Credits” and “Speed racing” on menu?

Sure, those are images, change it in any graphics editor. Look for credits.png and title.png in “game files/Images”.

Hi, it’s a nice game! How can I translate Coins and Best texts? Simply I want to translate it. Where I can find all words to translate? Thanks in advance!

Hi, thanks. If you use sublime text open shop4.lua, menu.lua, play.lua or other files and use ctrl+f. Type displayText and if there’re functions which show text they’ll be highlighted. You’ll see a string as one of the parameters which can be changed.

Hi , i bought Today this Code but until now i have received nothing .I have this Problem : File or directory not found. The resource you are looking for might have been removed, had its name changed, or is temporarily unavailable.Can you help me please .Thanks in advance !

i have send you file. please check.

Please if you have a right solution ,tell me . that does not work .It works just one add (only interstitial or only Banner).Thanks

Sorry, I don’t have enough time to provide more individual help. This solution worked for me so there’s nothing more I can do

Hello, started working on this game, I want to add a Logo screen at the startup and sounds when playing game. How do I add these? Thank you!

Sorry I bough the other version.

Hello Again, tell me please how can code the ANDROID game the way that after corona splash screen to set my splash screen will be shown (simple image after starting game which disappears after 2 seconds), and where exactly I need to code this? Thank you!


Can you respond please ?

Thank you!

That`s sucks! Demo and source code is different versions, there is not so many functions! And also not GRAPHIC content for use game!!!

Firstly – read description, secondly – buy something. It is clearly said that graphic content is for preview only. And what different features are you talking about?? You must set up leaderboards and achievements on your side to make it working

i can’t open with android studio what do I do


I redesigned the game, but its not clear WHEN do ads appear.

I would like them to appear after 4 games, or once in 5 minutes? How do I set them correctly? I tried everything, and I cannot get the proper result.

Thank you!