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Hi Taffo,

Pre buying question please…

Any chance on making this part of the script embeddable? Like for in the sidebar of a website or email template?

Hi there, this is what i need. I wil contact you via email! Thanks!

Hi, did my email reach you?

Hmm sorry, can you try I did get your last mail and I did wrote you back, I guess you didn’t received it?

Hi. I tried emailing you but it bounced back. My website is based on a wordpress theme. Is there a way to get the smart links to work with that?

Hello, I just wrote you from a different mail. Sorry for the inconvenience!

I want to promote more followers to my spotify playlist but don’t want to unlock a download but a submission form. Is this possible? I seen it done on with something that looked very similar to this. Please reply back I’m definitely willing to buy asap.

Hello! Soundplate did some changes on their own to the code, and of course when you buy you are free to alter it any way you want. They have their own submission system. But currently TuneVoyage can only be used in the ways described here – it unlocks downloads.

Can I get a refund? It didn’t work and I contacted you by email but no reply.

Hi, what seems to be the problem? I didn’t receive any support mails, did you use the form here on Envato? Try my other – and I will see how I can help you. And of course, if for some reason we can’t get it to work on your server you can ask for a refund and I will approve it.

When will the new version be released?

Hello Taffo, Happy new year :-)

It is possible in a future update, to add more artist on soundcloud fan gates please ? Because actually, we have only 2 profiles… Thanks

Hello! I am working on an update already and I hope I can upload it here by the end of the month!

Ok, perfect !

hello, can u help me. my admin dashboard is blank. my php version PHP Version 7.0.22-0ubuntu0.16.04.1

please check email from, my business mail

Hello! I just did. Let me know if you need more help.


djfran Purchased

Can it work without SOUNDCLOUD REDIRECT URI? I have a soundcloud app but I only have the client id and the secret key. website of your app and Redirect URI I have empty

Hi. Unfortunately that is not possible. You can try to contact Soundcloud and ask them if they can change your URI.


djfran Purchased

there is no way to work the reposts?

Hi, reposts only work with Mixcloud.

Hi taffo, im supporting a friend with TubeVoyage and we have a problem. After installation following the instructions, the software wont out login page. We put right email and pass, but still in login page. We delete all and repeat the process 4 times and the problem still. Can u hep us?

the application does not leave the login screen, even if you pass the correct email and password. How fix this?

Hello, I sent an e-mail back to you. Can you ask your friend to contact me via the e-mail form here, so I can verify that he bought a license, before I can help you.

I am working on version 1.3 and it will include a lot of new features and bug fixes. I hope I can deliver it in a few weeks! I FOUND A WAY TO MAKE REPOSTS FOR SOUNDLOUD work, so that will be included in the next update.


djfran Purchased

@taffo I look forward to the new update if you can already do repost I will buy it again


djfran Purchased

by the way this is the source code of in case it helps you

           headers: {
                "Authorization": "OAuth " + SC.accessToken()
           url: '' + _gateData.track_id + '?client_id=' + app.config.soundcloud['client-id']

Hi! Thank you for the feedback once again. I actually figured it out and got it to work. There is a SC.put function in the soundcloud SDK, that I was using, and it seems like it was making an API call via “POST” method. The right way to do it is via “PUT”. That seems to be changed in later SDK versions. I am including quite a lot of new features in the next update and I also want to update the documentation too, so I will need a few more weeks before I can release the new version. I considered a lot of the ideas that people suggested in the past year!

@taffo we have a problem. After installation following the instructions, the software wont out login page. We put right email and pass, but still in login page. We delete all and repeat the process 4 times and the problem still. Can u hep us? the application does not leave the login screen, even if you pass the correct email and password. How fix this?

Hi! Please contact me on my e-mail Let me know what it is the current PHP and MySQL version you have on your host.


djfran Purchased

when will version 1.03 be available?

Hi, I only have to test the repost option a bit this week, not much work left!

Since a lot of people are asking… New version is coming in about a week.


- Upgraded to CodeIgniter 3.1.7
- Follow to download with DEEZER – up to 2 artists!
- Ask fans to favorite up to 2 tracks on Deezer.
- Soundcloud REPOST to download is back!
- Embed store links in oher websites (Smartlinks only)
- Fixed a session bug – admin coudn’t login when using PHP 7.1 or above.
- Show/hide stores and services that you don’t use when creating smartlinks in admin and statistics.
- Arrange the order of services and stores on smart link pages.
- Custom text for buttons on smart links.
- New statistics added in admin dashboard – clicks for current month, clicks for current week, clicks today, most popular smart link.
- Added top countries and top cities that clicks are comming from in Statistics -> “TOP 5 CITIES / COUNTRIES”
- Fixed a bug that prevented downloader to follow profiles on Spotify.
- Added two more social share icons – VKontakte and pinterest.
- You can ask fans to add/like up to 5 Spotify tracks now. (2 more than older versions)
- You can now ask fans to follow one more additional playlist on Spotify.
- Copy/paste directly links from the Spotify windows app. That action adds simething like ”?si=7QL8tqI4TWShuCpUM2XDLw” to the link wich used to cause problems on older TuneVoyage versions.
- Download link of the unlocked file is hidden in source code until after the unlock process.
- Fixed a bug where users can skip the unlock process (download without following) by entering something like ”?gate=youtube&code=1” at the end of the gate link in the address bar
- You can show custom names for Spotify playlists in terms window.
- Ask fans to subscribe to up to 4 channels on YouTube (1 more than older version).
- Ask fans to like up to 4 YouTube videos (2 more than older versions).
- Ask fans to like up to 5 Soundcloud tracks (2 more than older versions)
- Comment YouTube video to download.
- Added AppleMusic and CdBaby for smartlinks
- Font Awesome Version 5.0.6
- Updated documentation
- Fixed other small bugs, that were reported by the users. More optimized code.

hi, got an error after install – with header….

why you dont answer?

Hi! I wrote you back weeks ago, asking for more info. I just received one more mail from you and also wrote you back again. Can you please sent me a link to your installation so I can check it out. Please check your inbox and tell me if you received my messages.

Hello! Reason for 0 byte mp3 file download? Finally got time to set service back up.

Hi, can you send me an example, mp3 file attached on a message via mail?

Hello, what about pricing system ?

The idea is to be used by an artist, band or label, so they can have the smart links and gates on their own domain. Users can not register and there is no pricing system/premium accounts. Only the admin can create new gates.


amatop Purchased

Hi can you tell me the installation issue?

Hi, I received your mail and wrote you back. I guess you haven’t received it or maybe it ended up in a spam folder?

If it is ok with you, you can give me FTP info so I can connect and try to fix this manually. You can send the info on my mail


amatop Purchased

Hi my new email is:, just sent FTP info, ty

Hi Taffo, After upgrading following the instructions (ver 1.3), i can’t login to admin dashboard.

i’ve put right email and password, but still in login page.

Error Alert: The e-mail field must contain a valid email address.

Can you hep me? Thanks!

Hi! Does it show any error messages? What is your PHP version currently?

No, only “The e-mail field must contain a valid email addres” PHP Version : 5.6

I see. Can you try PHP 7? If you still have the same issue, move back to 5.6 and contact me on my e-mail so I can send you a fix.

Can this somehow be used for spotify pre-save campaigns as well?

No, sorry, that is not a part of this system.