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Greetings I would like to ask what is the Tunevoyage Path that appears when I have to add the database data, and apart when I put the time zone after it stays in black background and does not continue to the step you say to put name and email. What should I do?

Hi, sorry for the trouble! Please drop a message on my e-mail with a link to your installation, so I can inspect

Hello, your system is perfect, but it lacks a design:

like that:

it would be really cool to redo a cleaner / sober design (:.

And if you can added other seller like Itune? or VEVO.COM?

Thank you

Hello, thank you for the feedback. The design is quite similar, but you are free to change it in any way you want when you purchase. You can also add iTunes links, no problem. I will keep in mind your recommendation for a cleaner re-design for the future. Thanks

What are the limitations due to soundcloud no longer providing api keys?

It means you will not be able to make any soundcloud download gates until the decide to re-open the submission form for new APPs and they don’t say when that would be …

Help me please

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Hi! Can you sent a link to your installation, so I can check it out.

Hi! After installing and putting the Time Zone it’s giving me 500 Internal Error in Hostgator; Installing in a SubFolder, any idea of why it could be?

Hi, if it is OK with you, you can send FTP info so I can connect and inspect what the problem could be and try to fix the issue.

Devil2K Purchased

Pre Buy Question: Is it possible to add custom plattform links ? Because I seeling most of the music via

Hello! Yes, it is not really hard to add more platforms. I can help you with that.


stewez Purchased

Hey there, I also have the problem that it goes to a black-ish screen after I select my timezone. I hope you can help! (I sent an email to you)

Kind regards

Hi! I just checked it out. It seems like you managed to install. Let me know if you have any other problems or questions.

Presales Question: I was looking at the Admin Zone. In the “FILE TO DOWNLOAD / CONTENT TO UNLOCK” section. On external hosting I picked yes. In “EXTERNAL FILE HOSTING OR PAGE TO UNLOCK” can I put in website url? So that a person has to follow a spotify playlist to open up a web page (or google form page) to fill out to be added to the playlist? I want to do a Spotify link exchange. Thanks

Hi! Yes, you can put a link to whatever page you want.

I want to use Facebook Pixel as I can insert it?

Pre-sales question. After a person follow my spotify playlist. How do I redirect to where I want them to go after following the playlist.

I found “FILE TO DOWNLOAD / CONTENT TO UNLOCK” and “EXTERNAL FILE HOSTING OR PAGE TO UNLOCK” So I put in the url here. I can mostly likely ftp in the button I want to use like “visit download page”. Correct?

Yes, you can redirect the visitors to any file/page using that field.

Hi there, I need help to add custom platform links

Hi, please contact me on my mail – I can help you with that.

Hello, I liked your Script it is well done, However I have some questions to ask you before the purchase,

1- Can we make a SmartLink for an Album?

2- Can we make a SAAS Solution “Multisite” so that each Artist has its own TuneVoyage on a single installation. Example:,,, ...

3- Can we add custom links with Logo for a less known streaming platform?

4- For the playback API for the demo, like that of SoundCloud ( ) or YouTube ( ) can i add that of its own streaming platform “using an iFrame code”?

Thank you


Taffo Author


1 – Yes, you can. Why not? 2 – Not sure what do you mean with SAAS, but you can install TuneVoyage on as many subdomains as you want. 3 – I am actually working on a solution for the next version. So you will be able to add your own stores. But right now that is not supported. 4 – No. However, the code can be modified easily for that purpose.

Thank you @Taffo

For the SAAS Question, I was thinking of a single installation of TunesVoyage that we can create a network of sites with subdomains. As Wordpress multisite ( ) a single wordpress installation we can create a network of multiple blog. This would be an easy solution for a Label to have a TuneVoyage for each artist without having to install. Like this image ( ). Thank You

No, I am afraid this is not possible with TuneVoyage.

Hi, I really like your script. It is unique here in CodeCanyon. Congratulations!

As I see on your YouTube channel, your great songs has profiles on – for example:

This idea is very simillar to TuneVoyage script but more complementary (for artists).

Any chance to develop script like


Hi. Thank you for the kind words! I do work for Soundplate full time now and I did develop Soundplate Clicks, yes. It’s very different than TuneVoyage, it uses Laravel. It is also way more advanced and complex. I don’t plan to publish a similar script on CodeCanyon, because that will be direct competition to us. It will also be a nightmare to support it for many buyers.

Any plans to implement GDPR compliance (cookies popup…) and custom pages (artist info)


P.S. I am asking because preparing to buy

That is actually a great idea, but I haven’t researched it extensively yet.