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Hi there,

As a previous buyer has asked (but I notice there is currently no response), I would also like to know;

How to remove TuneVoyage in the page description? I can’t seem to find it in the code yet, and would make it so much easier if knew just where to look, I want TuneVoyage | mydomain to not have TuneVoyage in it… Please help.

Kind Regards,


Hi there,

No, unfortunately if I remove anything from the <title></title> tag I just simply get the browser title saying my website name and that’s it, it then kills the functionality of it saying each individual tracks title whilst on their smart links etc.

I quite simply just want to change or remove TuneVoyage from the page title of my catalog, but don’t want it to mean I can’t have the titles change for each link.

I see in certain parts of the code that it refers to $sysname…. so where is that defined? As obviously I’m guessing that is defined as TuneVoyage? Hence it appearing in the title, because you also define that the $br_title = $sysname in another part.



Not to worry, I’ve found it .

So for anyone else wondering, go to application/libraries/Frontend_Controller.php

Scroll down a bit until you find (around line 50);

// System Name

$sysname = ‘TuneVoyage’;

$user_sysname = $settings->sysname;

For now what I have done is just set it to catalog, so for me it now shows as Catalog | My Site.



Hey, sorry. Seems I did not understood the first time. Glad you found a way to fix it.

Hi there, I am actually trying to install TuneVoyage on my website and followed all the steps carefully but after adding the database information in step one I’m getting an error of URL not found for step two. I have tried 3-4 time and also modified the .htaccess file as you mentioned but still unable to proceed further. Kindly can you please tell me why is that happening and how I can resolve this issue?


Hi. Thanks for purchasing! Can you send me FTP and DB info on my e-mail so I can connect and try to set it up manually for you.

Sure, I am sending you the details!

Any plans on a big update soon?

Hello. I am not planning any major updates anymore. I am focusing on a brand new product.

I’m very interested in buying this, but I wonder if it’s easy for me to install and what platform I should use to install this?

You need an Apache webserver, PHP 7, MySQL installed and a domain name.

I followed all the installation steps and it is impossible to install the tunevoyage please can you help me?

I sent you an email I still have no answer

Hi, I actually responded. Did you not get my e-mail? Can you send me the FTP/DB details once again?

I forwarded it, did you receive it?


Devil2K Purchased

I want to do a new clean install but I always got Warning: Cannot modify header information – headers already sent by (output started at /www/htdocs/w005f56b/download/install.php:1) in /www/htdocs/w005f56b/download/install.php on line 194 this error… tried 3 times.. always the same error. Any idea whats wrong ?