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Hi ! I would like to know if it would be possible to add only the download page to a wordpress theme page ! Thanks .

The only possibility that I can thing of is via an iframe. A better option is to redirevt fans to the download page

This is almost exactly what i am looking for. Is there a chance to get a email collector implemented? I’d be willing to pay extra for the implementation.

Well, yes it is possible… how ever I can not guarantee that Soundcloud will approve an APP that collects sensitive user data (like emails), as stated in the terms of use for their API:

“You must not, and must not attempt to, collect and store the names, usernames, email addresses, or other credentials of SoundCloud® users through your use of the SoundCloud® API, except to the extent necessary for the proper functioning of your app. “

This is why TuneVoyage does not extract e-mails, names, urls or even user names (just the display name, which is not unique to the user). The location of the download is extracted via the IP of the downloader and still not via an API request.

I can make the desired changes for you, but you will have to use at your own risk. You can contact me on my e-mail for more info.

Thanks! i did not though about something like this. How does Hypeedit etc. handle that? In their premium service they all offer email collection.

They had an API key way before soundcloud made the changes. I am not saying it shouldn’t be used like that, but i decided to play it save.

Hi, I was actually coding something similar myself so this could be a good solution. However I found one deal breaker for me I’d like to see resolved before buying this: the security of download links after you passed the download gate:

‘Thank you for supporting! Your download is now unlocked’

[Download button]

After file download: in browser downloads right click file, copy download link.

This link is now sharable without any gates downloadable without any limits. Even worse: strip filename and access all other files without any gates: http://demo.tunevoyage.com/uploads/gates/

In my opinion it’s too easy to bypass all gates. I’d like to see something implemented like this: https://ardamis.com/2008/06/11/protecting-a-download-using-a-unique-url/

I’ll use what I have until this is fixed. Hope to hear back soon.

Great to hear :) will do!

Just so you guys know, the download thing I mentioned before: Taffo already updated the script protecting files and download links perfectly & elegantly :) He even added social share links on the download page. Great idea. You’re the best Taffo!

You are very welcome! I am happy you are enjoying the script.

Really well-made project !!!

Thank you

Awesome system! Super happy with it and can only recommend it everyone! :)

Any progress on the new version whit multi user support ???

Will not be coming soon.

ooh dam! that’s a shame..

Hi there! I’m having a bit of an issue with installation. I tried getting assistance from my customer service (amazing dudes @ hostgator) but whenever we run the install.php and select the timezone, the permissions of install.php are changed to 777, so when the next page loads it shows a 500 error because the file is writeable by group. if you manually change the file’s permissions back to 644 before clicking to the next page you get the following error and the install.php file is deleted: Warning: Cannot modify header information – headers already sent by (output started at /home1/diepreye/musicmanagement.adcdp.com/install.php:17) in /home1/diepreye/musicmanagement.adcdp.com/install.php on line 194

Tried with php versions 5.4, 5.6 and 7.0. Please help! Thank you!

Hello! Thank you for purchasing! Please contact me on my e-mail contact@taffovelikoff.eu. If it is ok with you, you can give me FTP access so I can try and install it for you or configure it manually.

Hello Just purchased this and it looks awesome but having a problem during installation. I have install the sql into the database but keep getting this message when installing: Database is missing… Pease insert install.sql from root directory, then go back and try again.


iriekid Purchased

can this only be installed in subfolder like me.com/sub not me.com/ ???

Yes, it can. Please contact me on my e-mail if you need help with installation.


iriekid Purchased

Anyone was able to install this using the provided files on php 7.0 ? So far i have tried 2 host still no luck !

Please, let me know what kind of error you get. I will help you with the installation.

Hello! Thanks for this great platform!

It is possible for you to add a “Facebook Page” gate please? Because you have made Soundcloud / Youtube/ Mixcloud… But no Facebook…

I agree with you KingstownTown, without facebook, i don’t want to buy it :/

Hi there! Facebook does not allow page likes via their API currently.


That is why this option is missing.

A query the video download application?

Hello! I am afraid I couldn’t quite understand your question.

Awesome! I would like to know if it would be possible to add header and footer menu? (about us, how it work, contact us and etc…) thanks

Hello! This info can be added in the TERMS window, but I agree it’s a good idea to have a footer with some more useful info! I will consider adding that in a future version! If you want to do this yourself one way is to add a new section directly in the template -> application/views/frontend/structure.tpl with some links that lead to some static pages maybe? The contact e-mail (the one you are using to login) is also shown in the terms window.

TuneVoyage uses Smarty as a template engine, so make sure you put any javascript code between {literal} {/literal}

Example {literal} my_function() { alert(‘Hello, world!’); } {/literal}

Just a few words: It’s a very good platform !!! At the install, we’ve got an error, but it was only PHP version (7.1 isn’t compatible for now, you should downgrade to 5.6)! BIG THANKS to TAFFO for his excellent work, very professional!

Also works on PHP 7.0. There is a problem with sessions in 7.1 and above, as I mentioned in the description, but I am already looking for a solution ;)

Is there anyway to make this as a pop-up box or embed instead of a new page?

I doubt it would work correctly, so I would say no.

Hello! I like the project, but it is not working for me. I complete the database screen. After that the timezone. But after the timezone screen, i got the setup screen, but its really buggy for me. (white background, all text on the left side, like a very basic html, not what i’m seeing in your tutorial) After I complete, this screen quit and I got this message:

“404 Page Not Found

The page you requested was not found.”

The site is trying to send me to /install.php. When I try to reach the Admin panel, it says that 404 text again. But when I’m trying /setup, the site take me back to the /index/setup link and I need to complete the buggy setup screen again. When I complete again, everything starts from the beginning. :( Again and again.

I make everything like you in the video, and what in the documentation.

I’m so sad, becouse I trying to resolve this problem for 5 hours. :(

(Sorry for my bad English)

Hello, thank you so much for purchasing TuneVoyage. Can you please contact me on my email so I can provide installation help – contact@taffovelikoff.eu If it is OK with you, you can give me ftp access so I can do the installation manually for you.


medleyr3 Purchased

does this have email

No, not yet, but I plan to add this option in the future.


medleyr3 Purchased

hi. I get the “Warning: Cannot modify header information – headers already sent by (output started at /install.php1 in install.php. on line 194… please advise thanks


djmutagen Purchased

Hello! I also keep getting the 500 error on my website during setup. Permissions seem to be correct as well as database information. Thanks for your time!


Taffo Author

Hello! Thank you for purchasing! Did you tried the fixes mentioned in the support tab? If so you can give me FTP access so I can check it out and see what I can do, if that is OK with you of course! Just send me an e-mail with the details.