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Hello. I loved your work. But url’s aren’t SEO friendly. Please add SEO friendly URL feature

It’s coming in the next update, don’t worry :)

And when will the update last come out in March ?????

I am not good in php install can you help to set up if I purchase right now?

Yes, sure :)


Thanks for purchasing Tumder, please email me tumderproject@gmail.com


I have emailed.

Hello. I loved your work. But url’s aren’t SEO friendly. Please add SEO friendly URL feature

Hello, can i bulk upload *.swf files via ftp and then import and install ALL the games with one button from admin panel? Thumbnails of the *.swf files will be generated automatically?

hi i would like to purchase game but want to know if you could have access to scores on the platform

Hi, yes you can :)

Does this support SMTP for out going mail example user register / sign ups, etc. When is next update coming out or general eta. Thinking of buying this. Also your live demo broken…

We’re migrating to a new server

I am unable to Signup! I was able to install just fine, but when I try to signup or login it continues to fail. When I check my POST request Headers I can see that it returns Status Code 200 OK. But the POST does not seem to write anything to database, my database has no new accounts created! Please advise…

Hi, please check if your db has no incompatible mode enabled like


Thank you! Yes this was the problem! Much appreciated!

The project is dead?

We’re migrating to a new powerful server, don’t worry :)

Hi, is there a hard set delay for user XP and game plays to update? I can see the number of game plays updating when viewing game as admin and checking the analytics report per game, but the number does not match the gameplay number next to the small game controller icon for example. I am also trying to test Top XP earnings but I notice it’s not being updated when user submits report or plays a game, they are not getting any points. Not sure whats happening… please advise.

Hi, please email me to tumderproject@gmail.com :)

I sent support email… thanks!

Actually don’t worry about it! I figured it out thanks! I accidentally commented some stuff out… _

Hello, live preview not work ….

We’re migrating to a new platform

the games of the demo not work?????

Can all the ads in the demo be set?

when you try to dump the screen on mobile phones it does not fit well, you see the screen cut

Hi escatarsis, the games on demo are working but can you send me an email with some screenshots? :)

I cannot add game

Please help, I cannot upload a new game

Hi vuxuanhung, can you send me admin access to your panel?

I sent you an email