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Muito obrigado! :)

Glad you think useful, you’ll be able easily adapt these features to your projects.

Greetings, this looks really nice. However, when trying to demo the project—it says no such site. You might want to check that out? I would love to purchase in the future. Thanks again!

Glad you enjoyed, the demo is running.

Correction. I tried the sample again without the url or full site and just the name of the tumblr blog and it works for anyone that comes afterwards. You would just need to put the name of the blog, i.e. if it’s jazzy little drops you wouldnt put jazzylittledrops.tumblr.com, you would just put jazzylittledrops without the space.

I forgot to mention this, you can search for “abc.tumblr.com” or “abc” only.

Okay I’m not sure what is going on you can private message me and ill give you the ftp user info so you can verify everything but I add everything to the proper folders from the documentation and it just errors out and Ive added the ATHO code from tumblr and everything I’m at my wits end cause I purchased this a few days ago and was trying to avoid bugging you.

Thank You

I can take a look, in documentation have my email, send me your ftp info.

what is your email?

In documentation you can see my email.

bem legal o script, pena que não tem mais atualizações, seria legal, se vc implementasse com a api de informações de blog, de quantidade de posts feitos no dia, e o limite que falta para ser atingido.