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Hi Sike,

I’ve activated this plugin but my galleries still show using the default style. Do I need to do anything to tell my default wordpress [gallery] short codes in posts to use masonry from your plugin? (Essentially: the plugin seems to do nothing.)


Nevermind, I figured it out. There was just a delay on the “Tumblr Photoset” content type showing up on my admin panel (probably cache).

Note for prospective purchasers: the plugin works, and displays photos as I want, but it does not extend wordpress’ default [gallery] functionality. It uses its own custom post type “Tumblr Photoset,” which you can then embed into any template/post/page/etc. using an auto-generated shortcode. Easy enough, unless you need to use wordpress galleries for some reason (like compatibility with another plugin).

It does also allow users to set some options, including order and number of photos on each row.

It’s not the absolute most elegant solution, but I’m happy with this plugin! It does what it claims to.

I’m glad you found it, thanks.

What is the….. rel=”lightbox”..... html code for this plug in. I want to add in manually.

Hi you can find it in the shortcode php file.

Hi, first of all – thanks for great plugin.

I have a question – is there a way to add alterante text to img?

I mean

<img ...="" alt="..." />

I do not see any ALTs right now. Maybe I can do it with modyfying plugin code? I’m not a coder so I would be grateful for solution. Thanks:)

image sort

in Edit Photoset when i try to move an image with the arrow icon up or down the sistem doesn’t let me… and it create a white space i use WordPress 3.9.1

please help me thanks Mike


The plug-in works fine until I view it on a mobile device. It doesn’t seem to want to load. Any ideas?



I’m having a problem, I have a few image galleries with your plugin, but recently changed my server for hosting quality problems, but when I realized he was gone all the images from the galleries, would like to import / export these galleries?

Hello, I do not understand how work the Photoset Layout. Can you give me some examples? Thank you in advance for your help.

Hi, the layout is defined in the number string, for example, 2342 stand for first row has 2 image, second row has 3 image, third row has 4 images, and so on…

Thank you very much

Hello, I’m using your plugin and are having a problem after I updated to the 4.0 version of wordpress, the images do not appear and appear when some are “corrupt” does not appear, but the picture there … Could you help me with this problem? Before he usually appeared in all the browser’s.

Hi, can you drop me a line with your preview via the contact form in my profile, then I can take a look.

Hello! I bought your plugin, but faced with the following problem. All photos are loaded at once, rather than as they are viewing. Is it possible to do something like so that they are loaded as the view, but not immediately?

Hi, I get your email, can you drop me a line with your preview too. I can’t help with description only.

I sent a sample to your email


I downloaded your plugin yesterday, to install on one of my website. But your plugin is not working. I created 4 galleries and applied them on different pages, but the galleries some time loads and some time does not. And on moblie devices it’s not loading at all. Kindly advise ASAP.

Regards, Sumegha

Hi, you can drop me a line with your preview via the contact form in my profile page, I can’t help with your description only.


When using light box, is there an option to show a link to full size image? I been looking for a feature in a gallery like this so I can buy, thanks!

Hi! I bought your plugin today and it’s great! Except for one issue I’m having – When I load the page, there’s two or three in the grid that are pixelated and taking a long time to load. I changed the resolution lower but it’s still doing it. It does eventually load but not instantly. I’m sending you a preview because the post does not go live until tomorrow –

I just bought this plugin and I try to upload it, but I keep getting a error message saying unable to create Directory for this plug. Please help.

Hi, please try to unzip the file you download here first? The installable zip plugin file is inside it.

Plugin doesn’t work.

It doesn’t show the preview of the photoset and doesn’t show anything when you paste the code.

If you need more details, please, ask me.

Help please.



I think it could be for the php modules you use. If you can help me with that, it would be awesome.



Hi, you can drop me a line with your preview page and WP account via the contact form in my profile page.

Hello Sike,

I wrote you an email, but I added a link so I don’t know if it is in your spam folder.

Please check it.


I want to say that the plugin doesn’t work for me because I use a CDN, if you upload your images to the Wordpress’ default folder, you won’t have any problem.

But @Sike (the plugin author) doesn’t support me after 12 days I emailed him (as he said me to do).

I think we, together, can make that the plugin works, but if he doesn’t reply me…

Hello! My masonry gallery won’t load when I first click the my link. It only shows up when I’ve refreshed the page or when I open it in a new window. Help please!

Great plugin. Love using it. Quick question, is there a way to modify the thumbnail preview so I’m using a landscape shot with a portrait image on the same row, I can decide what to cut off?

Have the same problem, do you find a solution?

My masonry gallery won’t load when I first click the my link. It only shows up when I’ve refreshed the page or when I open it in a new window.

Hi please send me a preview page, then I can try to help.