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Hi, I want to have my own images in flickr, tumblr, etc. where the image can be picked up by this tool:

But, I want to have my own subdomains under wordpress to feed into the script above. Their RSS feed does not show images. Can your script help?

Cheers, J

Hi Jackola,

The Tumblr script can pull image posts. It does not support Flickr images however.


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I’d like to embed a tumblr blog page into my html site.

Is this right get that?

Thank you!

Hi Gabbrr,

Yes, this client can do that.

It would be awesome of this class allowed us to post images to tumblr.

Thanks for the comment Tyriekm, we’re going to add it to the next update.

can i take posts from this script to have them on my footer, to be changed everytime automaticly when new one published ?

Yes, the Tumblr Client should support it.

Man, I think this is exactly what I’m looking for. I want to embed my tumblr posts into my website. However, I believe I am not experienced enough to try and make this happen. Is there a tutorial anywhere for this?

Yes the code comes with a full tutorial to get it up and running for you.


I’ve just downaloded, the demo doesn’t work properly? It just displays the JSON data.


just what i was looking for, thanx!

is that still up to date ?

Will this work on a wordpress page? I want to embed my tumblr blog on a page.