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There haven’t been any responses to comments asking for help for 5 months. Please respond to confirm this plugin is no longer being supported. Thanks.


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Hi, I don’t know why, when I want to read a video in lightbox mode, it automaticaly redirects me to the YouTube page of the video. Here’s my website if you want to see the result :

The plugin is up to date. Can you help me please ?


Does this only work with Youtube? Can it work with Vimeo? Just trying to get the View Count & Video Length feature.

visual composer is needed to work the plugin?

Is this plugin still alive?

Can I integrate AJAX search results?

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Is your TubeLab plugin still alive? I see many people have commented asking questions with no replies. I was about to purchase, but if you are no longer offering support, I will go somewhere else?

Hi, I have a question before I buy it now. You must be knowing that, Facebook doesnt show full image of YouTube share links, like it does for VIMEO links.

So, Im looking for a solution, so that Wordpress can fetch the thumbnail from youtube and make it as featured post image automatically for that WP post

Then when I goto Facebook and share this post link, it will automatically show up the thumbnail image big in FB share image.

But when someone clicks on the post link on FB, it should directly goto my Youtube video instead of going to Wordpress post page with video.

Can your plugin do that ?

I have seen many websites doing this, im not sure, if its your plugin or something else.,

Let me know asap.

Lets say, You have a youtube video – ABC DRIVING.

Now that gets pulled to Wordpress automatically and your plugin will pull its thumbnail full res image and make it as featured image of the post automatically.

So the wordpress post becomes –

So, now I goto Facebook and share this post –

Facebook will pick the thumbnail featured image of this post and show as FB thumbnail.

Now if someone clicks on this post in FB, it should not goto the wordpress post page, but it should directly goto the Youtube Video.

Got me ?

How long does it take for the Tubelab plugin to recognize updates to a Watch List?